So, Saudi is going to execute five people and be done with it! That's not going to happen; it's going to be very difficult to get the prince out of this… A regional war is going to break out if the two crown princes don't go! If the secret deals are disclosed, it will cause unrest on Arab streets…

It seems that Saudi Arabia is going to declare the persons who killed and dismembered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi as guilty, try and execute them, and thus severe Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s connection to the murder.

This intention was revealed in the Saudi chief prosecutor’s statement yesterday and the indictment he prepared. The prosecutor’s efforts are aimed not at revealing the truth, but at whitewashing, saving the crown prince. They are making great global efforts in this direction; a similar "cover up" operation is being carried out judicially too.

The order to kill was given by the crown prince

The prosecutor's indictment is horrific even in this state. Drug overdose, the dismemberment of the body, taking him out of the consulate in this way, et cetera. All this and more are known. The group behind the murder, the connections, the chief and the one who gave the orders, the kind of murder network being run, and the connections between this network and the "crown prince" are all known. Calling it a "connection" would be an understatement - the murder network works directly under the crown prince. It is impossible for them to take action without the prince’s knowledge.

The Riyadh administration that initially denied everything is now, bit by bit, confessing and owning up to the crime in every statement it makes. You will see, in their next statement, they are going to own up to a lot more. As the evidence is revealed, they are going to step back and have no other choice but to own up.

They are all his men, they can't even blink without his knowledge

Supposedly a fight broke out and that is why they killed him. Supposedly the head of the squad that went there made the decision to kill him and they could not convince him out of it. None of this makes sense. The men came from Saudi Arabia to Istanbul to kill, to dismember, to destroy the body - and they brought all the equipment necessary to do this along with them.

The decision to murder him was made in Riyadh; the instruction to kill was received from the crown prince's office or from him, and the entire team is composed of the crown prince's close men, high-level executives. The Intelligence and security are under his control anyway. They would not dare go from Riyadh to Jeddah without the crown prince knowing.

What if evidence that would put the crown prince in a tight spot was shared with the world?

Plans are being made to cover the murder from top to bottom, to save the crown prince by picking out a few scapegoats. The reason the Riyadh administration came to this point is the evidence Turkey presented to the world until now.

Well, what will happen if more is shared? What is going to happen if recordings of conversations, visuals - if any - and many irrefutable pieces of evidence, such as content regarding the crown prince's connection in the conversations, are shared? What will the Saudi prosecutor say then? Will the current indictment not turn to dust then? What theory or claim are they going to be able to make?

This is tampering with evidence; it is eliminating those who may confess

The Saudi prosecutor's indictment is nothing but tampering with evidence. It is the elimination of those who may talk and confess through execution; it is destroying evidence. This is a sham trial. If the truth is going to be revealed, then these people should be tried in Turkey or an international court.

Fortunately the evidence is not in the Riyadh administration's possession but in Turkey's. And Turkey is following a gradual and extremely clever method in this regard.

Tough days await not only the Saudi crown prince, but also Mohammed bin Zayed

Let me tell you what it will eventually lead to: Mohammed bin Salman's connection to the murder is going to be exposed. Information showing that he was the one who gave the orders and that he was not the instigator but the one who directly gave the order are going to be revealed.

All the dirty laundry of Mohammed bin Salman and his boss, United Arab Emirates (UAE)'s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, will gradually be revealed through this murder. Their covert operations, murder networks, terror funding, their dark operations inside and outside Turkey, the damaged they have inflicted upon this country are all going to be placed in front of them.

Secret deals will cause unrest in the Arab street

This is more than a murder case. This matter concerns the future of this region. It is the matter of how the Arab street will react once it finds out the kind of axis established and the regional war preparations made through the two crown princes. It is related to the kind of unrest that will break out once these two people's secret agenda with U.S. and Israeli intelligence is revealed.

Unless Crown Prince Mohammed steps down, unless Mohammed bin Zayed, who has been using Saudi Arabia's power, is isolated, the Arab world, the Arab region is not going to find the chance to escape the regional conflict planned to be started in a couple of years.

The two crown princes put their Arab homelands up for bargain; the danger is great, wake up!

I will say it again: the big trap has been set up against Saudi Arabia. That trap is going to be to spread a war that will be started in the Persian Gulf into Saudi Arabia. Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed are two undertakers of this trap. And this is going to be presented to us very soon.

I am calling on the Arab street, its intellectuals, and patriots to be careful against this threat. The danger is at your door. Your countries, your homeland is up for sale. Wake up!


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