So, what now? Will Trump’s announcement be enough to quell the crisis? Trump’s madness, Iran’s fury: Is this an Arab-Persian war rather than a sectarian crisis? Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are all ready; the game is set in motion - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

So, what now? Will Trump’s announcement be enough to quell the crisis? Trump’s madness, Iran’s fury: Is this an Arab-Persian war rather than a sectarian crisis? Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are all ready; the game is set in motion

Will U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement last night aimed at calming the crisis halt the process that led to Qassem Soleimani’s death, the “controlled crisis” between the U.S. and Iran, which turned the proxy war into hot conflict?

Iran’s missile attack the previous evening on the U.S. bases in Iraq turned the proxy war into a battle between the original parties. Both the U.S. and Iran with the latest attacks have declared that they are in a “new phase” now.

The indirect war between the U.S. and Iran, the covert negotiations here and there, the “indirect partnership” in invasions have ended. At least, that is how it seems for the time being. Regardless of efforts to quell it, the next crisis will be formed upon the current point.

Will Iran’s deep mind strike Dubai?

By killing Soleimani, Iran’s security brain, its imperial figure, Trump drew Tehran into a state that the U.S. had not predicted. He tarnished its dignity, targeted its deep mind, its central power domain.

As for Iran, it directly targeted the U.S. itself, its military base, military presence rather than its allies or partners.

While doing this, it also repeated the methods of “indirect war” and declared that it will strike Haifa in Israel and Dubai in the UAE in the case of a new attack.

Trump’s madness, Iran’s fury: Will the US launch a new attack on Iran’s mainland?

Of course, Trump’s attitude is directly linked to the impeachment process and the upcoming U.S. elections, while Iran’s attitude is related to the intense anti-regime protests and comforting the public after Soleimani’s assassination.

However, it is not all limited to this. Though it appears to be so for the time being, this is not the case in the broad context. It is not limited to Trump’s madness or Iran’s fury.

As expected, this is not going to end here. It is going to continue from where it left off, whether it be today or some time later. Had it not been “quelled,” the U.S.’s new attack was going to be on Iran’s mainland. Because immediately after the missile attack, the U.S. administration said, “The missiles were fired from Iranian territory.”

The Language of symbols: Both countries are testing each other’s lifelines

The two countries are testing each other’s lifelines. The statements from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and, following the assassination, those from Washington and Tehran have all been based on symbols.

The U.S. stating that it has determined “52 targets,” that it is going to strike Iran’s cultural assets, was indicative of the 52 embassy personnel who were taken hostage during the Iranian Revolution and the sites considered sacred for Shiites.

Meanwhile, Tehran recalls the number “290,” making a reference to the Iranian airliner the U.S. downed, and the 290 people who lost their lives in that incident.

In this showdown everything is fair game; both the U.S. and Iran are bringing up every crisis that happened since the Iranian Revolution. Is it possible to consider these words, these statements, these threats as bluffs, as “empty threats” alone?

If these are their final words, then I fear something else

If their last words had been said, the next step taken would have been much more destructive. Obviously, there are aspects to this new crisis that both the U.S. and Iran need.

Currently, anything is possible. It is said that the two countries’ showdown “will end somewhere,” that both countries are continuing the “indirect and familiar” chess game in the Middle East for their own purposes. There are many other claims and they are all likely.

Yet, my fear is entirely different. All along, I have been trying to write articles in a cautionary nature to draw attention.

This war will not remain between the US, Iran. All plans are regional!

If this crisis develops in accordance with our concerns, it will not remain between the U.S. and Iran alone. It is going to strike all countries and regions between the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the East Mediterranean. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the UAE, Lebanon and Bahrain are going to be at center of the war.

Perceive it directly as a U.S.-Iran conflict, a Hezbollah-Israel conflict, a Houthi (Yemen)-Saudi Arabia conflict, an Iran and Saudi Arabia-UAE conflict, a sectarian conflict, an Arab-Persian conflict. Understand the regionalization of the conflicts to date confined within country boundaries in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

They’ve been preparing for this since the 1991 Gulf War

This is the fear. This is what has been planned all along. This is the final goal. Even if the current crisis is overcome, this is the scenario they will be presenting to us.

The U.S. bases in Iraq being hit, Iran’s most important man being assassinated in Iraq, Tehran showing Israel and the UAE as targets, declaring that “every country allowing the U.S. to use their bases will be targets,” Hezbollah and other pro-Iran organizations making statements that the war is going to be “everywhere,” are the first signs of this setup.

This was what they had been planning for the region since the 1991 Gulf War. They implemented it country by country, front by front. Now, they have reached the end. They are fixated on the final goal. They are preparing to strike the final blow on the region.

This is no sectarian crisis but an Arab-Persian war: Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE are all ready, the set up is complete

This blow is an “Arab-Persian war.” It is a regional war scenario planned to be promoted through sectarian conflicts. It is a dark scenario that is going to be staged through the Iranian-Saudi conflict and spread throughout the region.

Iran is ready for this. It is ready with its influence that has spread across the region, its imperial ambitions, and the predominant role of its sectarian identity. It will justify the war as “fighting against the U.S., against Israel, against its puppets in the region, and against imperialism.”

Two Arab crown princes have been brought forward for this doomsday scenario

Mohammed bin Salman being proclaimed crown prince in Saudi Arabia, then the “adjustments” made thereafter were part of the preparations for such a war. A sort of “neo-Nasserism” identity is being spread through this crown prince. Bin Salman will not disobey the U.S., the U.K. or Israel.

Salman is planned to be the one to dive into a showdown with Iran through Arab nationalism, in a manner that goes against all of Saudi Arabia’s traditional policies. Hence, the conditions for the “obvious setup” seem to be ready in Saudi Arabia as well.

The UAE’s reckless, pro-violence terror baron Mohammed bin Zayed is one of the fiercest pioneers of the Arab-Persian war. The set-up is largely being pushed through him. From Egypt to Libya, Sudan to Yemen, he is everywhere. He has covert operations and terrorist organizations affiliated with him. In collaboration with the Saudi crown prince, he is setting up the whole Arab world to fight against Iran – just as the U.S. and Israel want.

The ego of Tehran, the ambition of those two crown princes

If these two crown princes cannot be stopped, if Iran’s imperial ambitions cannot be pacified, Western armies will be trampling all over the region’s cities. It seems the Arab world is ready. Now, Iran’s sensitivities are being tickled, Tehran is being provoked, while its ego is being fed.

What will the next step be?

If the U.S. had retaliated against the attacks on its military bases, it would have been directed toward Iran’s mainland. Then, to retaliate, Tehran would have fired a missile at a Gulf country, at Dubai, for example. That is when the storm would have been unstoppable.

Carrying the war to the heart of Islam

The U.S. does not seem to be acting with the same impulsiveness as Trump; it must have an agenda. From now on, it is going to expose Iran to attacks it will have to respond to. This is then going to lead to a chain of attacks and, thus, reactions.

Their sole plan is to carry the war to the heart of Islam; to strike it right at the center; to render Muslims unable to raise their heads from shame. This is the grand plan. The rest are sub-elements of this scenario. Both Iran and Arab countries are ready for this ---unfortunately!


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