Stand firm and don"t be scared - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Stand firm and don"t be scared

We don"t envy anyone anymore. We don"t covet their acts. We don"t desire what they possess.

We don"t feel desperate when we see their so-called attempts to mark a period. We don"t get upset because of that. We don"t feel sorry for our country or people.

Deutsche Welle"s words, Financial Times" comments, BBC or CNN"s recaps don"t echo on Turkey"s streets.

It does not bother us if a man from a worthless office talked from Washington, or Brussels. We don"t care about his analyses or conclusions. We even mock the ranting of their ambassadors in Ankara, who are playing the tutelage authority.

We don''t take seriously or listen to those in the west who are inspired by the western capitals who in short, try to shape Turkey, dare to educate it, belittle it, judgingly convict it, and try to discipline, or threaten it.

Don"t be spoilt or flaunt yourself

Just trust yourself

As we stop listening to them and taking them seriously, we see that they don''t really have any power in their hands. Then we figure that their force is only what we impose to them as regulations and those days are in the past and they are losing power day by day.

We realize how today some deluded people are consoling themselves with the old victorious days of this past and they are in an enormous farce. We find what a big prestige they are finally losing in this country.

Yes, we discover our power. We realize our opportunities, deficiencies and talents. We are doing so with our own observations, thoughts, and ideas. It"s not ordered facts by others or memorized, crammed-down-the-throat facts.

As we see these things take place we discover ourselves, we realize how tens of years of our history were stolen. We conclude in what a big torment our people and country went through and how our minds were captured.

We realize for how many years we have been made to get at each other"s neck and we know now for whom we have fought and in the name of whom we have died for.

Turkey met honor with dignity and modesty finally. The first time after a century, it met with power, courage, self-confidence and uprightness. Without becoming conceited or belittling others, Turkey learned to trust itself. As this was the case, and a new period began, while we are living a historical break point for the 20th century, the history will take note of those who say "bad" to what is good for this country. History"s notes will tell with whose statements and anger they move by and with whose truth and how they did wrong to Turkey. History will write about how they got stuck in shameless hypocrisy always saying "no" and had spread evil all around the country.

They even made an airport project into a coup scenario. From traditional opposition forces to the institutions led by international intelligence organizations, they became so sinister that they built a social opposition over the greatest airport construction project ever.

In this globally experienced economic war, they took the side against Turkey. They poured onto the streets because Germany was unsettled, because Israel was disturbed. From politics to media and NGOs, they literally terrorized streets.

From building bridges to airports, channel projects, roads, schools, hospitals, cities, and raising living standards - they opposed to all of them. Why? Because all of these are positive projects that would embrace people"s heart, boost their self-confidence.

Big steps, brave men

That"s what they opposed so that the global powers could govern Turkey easily, get its people to fight each other and make them fall to their knees with despair.

They did so that the people could not open their eyes or wake up. They wanted them not to discover their own identity or history. They wanted them not to stand upfront or stand against the wrong.

All these evil activities have their clients in Turkey. It"s a dirty coalition between the untouchable inside and outside created against the "Old" Turkey. It forces a bad fortune, a new untrue history to this nation. They point to Egypt as an example for Turkey. Their plot is to turn Turkey into a Baath dictatorship sort of country. They propose a Middle East regime model for Turkey.

Of course, they are going to attack and set plots and make projects over projects as long as we try to get rid of this trouble. Our "traditional western allies" on the other hand and their Middle East dictator counterparts, along with their Baasist mentality people in Turkey are on the same page, breeding evil thoughts for Turkey. Heaven knows why, they gather in the same spot.

If you are a powerful, prosperous country, then your culture and esthetical values are powerful, too. If you produce persistent works, make big projects; you will leave a legacy that will influence the flow of history. Look at the history; this is how it took place.

Only after a century, we learnt how to walk with our heads high. In the streets of Germany, France, the ex-Ottoman regions and Anatolia, this is how we are now. It"s been quite long that we dealt with those who consider it forbidden for us to view ourselves with an unspoiled, non- arrogant and modest honor.

Let"s keep it up, then. Once we lower our heads, that"s the moment where history will turn against us. With such conscience we must not mind traitors, crazed and jealous, small-minded people. We must strengthen Turkey and write its new history.

As we know, the world"s history is going through a historical break point and that Turkey is having a radical change. We realize that World War I brought the collapse and this era will bring the rise.

With big steps, let"s take care of the brave people.

Let us keep our straight path we know. Let us step firmly on the ground so that our knees will not shake and our resistance will not break.


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