Such small plans for a country as great as Turkey. Talk of a coup, Abdullah Gül’s impeccable timing. RAND coup report, our volunteers. So, who will be used next after FETÖ? Arrogance disguised as humility, conservative pro-tutelage. Former pro-US, pro-UK, pro-German agents have taken action! Will calls be made for the ‘US to intervene in Turkey’? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Such small plans for a country as great as Turkey. Talk of a coup, Abdullah Gül’s impeccable timing. RAND coup report, our volunteers. So, who will be used next after FETÖ? Arrogance disguised as humility, conservative pro-tutelage. Former pro-US, pro-UK, pro-German agents have taken action! Will calls be made for the ‘US to intervene in Turkey’?

Those who had expectations from the July 15, 2016 coup attempt have one again kicked into gear. Those who had their hopes set on the coup that day seem today to be hopeful about an outside intervention.

Those who refrained from speaking up on July 15 have now started to raise their voices. Beyond speaking up, they started to establish fronts, form alliances, move on the ground with old rhetoric.

Those who went into hiding on July 15 have become today’s warriors, courageous, justice leaders. They impertinently started to hand out advice to everyone. They suddenly became wise, just men.

Arrogance disguised as humility, conservative pro-tutelage…

Former pro-US, pro-British, pro-Germans have taken action!

They have been mobilized to establish an internal front, to shape an outside intervention apparatus through arrogance disguised as humility, pro-tutelage under the veil of conservative identity, and blind ambition under the guise of victimized discourse.

All former pro-Americans, pro-British, pro-German agents have sprung into action. Everyone, from those working in Turkish media for 50 years for the U.S./U.K. to pro-U.S./British younger generation, and to those who have been working with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) for two decades and somehow escaped harm after July 15 by hiding their affiliation, have been unleashed on the ground.

RAND coup report, our hitmen…

So, who will they use next after FETÖ?

RAND, which works for U.S. intelligence and has for decades been preparing the infrastructure of an outside intervention (coup) in many countries – including Turkey – prepared a new 277-page Turkey report, and said, “Mid-level officers are reported to be extremely frustrated […] This discontent could even lead to another coup attempt at some point.”

Similar to our own, the old, remnants of the Cold War era, refueled their old dreams. It is true, before this, whenever they made a fuss, something always happened in Turkey. The July 15 coup attempt took place after the last U.S.-borne coup discussion. Let us just say they know something; they are preparing something.

The real question here is not the RAND report but a question from within: Who are they going to use this time? Or, who are they preparing? Or, who are they working on?

Real coup taking place in US, in your own home!

This is the critical point; this is what really needs to be discussed and questioned. The coup is inside. The search for a coup is within. This time, many people and groups that, until now, have appeared to be against coups, seem to have their hopes set on this.

However, it should be noted that the U.S. is in no state to carry out a coup anywhere. This is because the real coup is taking place inside the U.S. – and it is going to continue to happen. Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, we are going to watch all together the blows, fights and executions unravel within the U.S. establishment.

Which other countries will you call on for help to oust Erdoğan?

What other method and who else is left to be used to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? The U.S. was called to help, the U.K. was called to help, Israel was called to help, Germany was called to help. Lastly, even Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were called on to help with all their funds.

The old methods have been abandoned as a means to collapse Turkey. The classic coup and classic terror methods have been given up. The first main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) operation has been conducted. The party was removed from the founding country, from the Turkey axis and was placed in the same axis as the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

Then, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) operation was conducted as a means to weaken the national axis. The party was divided, and the “Good Party model” was formed. Nationalists were placed in the same front as FETÖ and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Social base operation for ‘Conservative Good Party model’

This was followed by action for a type of “Conservative Good Party model.” Erdoğan and his party had to be divided! Both Erdoğan and Turkey were going to be weakened and pulled into a controllable field.

Some conservative groups were also “chipped off” within this scope. Their old objections and hesitations were exploited; efforts were made to form a social base for the “conservative Good Party model.”

Additionally, well-known conservative figures were also used within this scope. Projects upon projects were implemented – and continue to be implemented – through certain journalists. Social values, sensitivities were abused under the name of “justice,” with crypto pro-FETÖ and crypto pro-PKK sentiment unleashed.

An alliance was established through political parties. Then, this alliance was made to adopt the PKK-FETÖ discourse. An election partnership was shaped between political parties and terrorist organizations. Now, they are trying this through conservative groups. They are completing the missing pieces in the picture.

Is what the RAND report refers to as “mid-level officers” the military leg of this umbrella? Or are they the FETÖ members who are still among the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)?

Mr. Abdullah Gül’s impeccable timing. Who planned it?

Moving on to a different topic, let us look at covert, skilled, “innocent,” fair criticisms!

For starters, the “systematic criticism” targeting Erdoğan, his family and friends, and his party is part and parcel of this joint operation. To put it bluntly, it has been launched as a “political project,” and the discourse and language have been planned accordingly. Those who carried this out developed this language by means of exploiting everything including areas of weakness, sensitivities, frustrations, ambitions and expectations.

Just as talk of a coup is spreading within, former President Abdullah Gül dives in with an interview.

The timing is impeccable! As someone who has been following “game set-ups” for so long, it is hard to miss this cheap timing too. It does not take much to realize that the timing of the interview was no coincidence.

It is apparently ‘obligatory to switch back to parliamentary system’! Who says so? Whose demand, whose plan is this?

So, apparently it is “obligatory to switch back to the parliamentary system”! Why? Who wants this? Why would you want such a thing? Why is the parliamentary system so sacred for you? Do you want this or others do?

The sole political circle in the world that is making the parliamentary system subject to political debate and demand today is in Turkey. The world is headed towards the unknown, all political systems have collapsed, while our own people are dreaming of going back to the 20th century.

So, apparently Parliament’s influence has been weakened! I thought much greater political concerns, concerns for the country were being discussed. Apparently, this is the way the world and Turkey’s situation is perceived! The justification does not validate that statement at all.

Extremely dangerous; a national outburst is out of the question.

That this statement, speech that came at a time when a possible coup is being discussed is extremely dangerous. The justification does not seem plausible either. It is as though a different part of the picture is being completed.

To say it more openly:

Running Turkey has become difficult because Turkey has grown immensely. It does not accept tutelage either. Are those who want it to be run as in the past that are provoking these outbursts?

Unfortunately, coup talk, the formation of public opinion, calls and parliamentary system discourse outbursts all seem as part of the same program. Their intended destination is the same because this is also an attempt to intervene in Turkey’s rise – and it is in no way a local idea.

Both those outside and within are striving to downsize Turkey.

It is not an easy task to run a great country like Turkey that has accumulated surprising power and makes this felt. Such is difficult for the U.S. as it is for the U.K., NATO and Israel. It is difficult for their funding and operational source Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In fact, it is not difficult but rather impossible!

The pro-tutelage outside cannot make it listen or kneel. Old-school politicians within cannot run this massive country either; they do not have the experience and political saviness required. If you notice, they have nothing to say about Turkey’s next step. They are always making efforts to turn it back and, determine all their alliances and political agenda in accordance with this.

How strange; both those outside and within are concerned with downsizing Turkey and pulling it into a field where they can control it with ease. They at least want to push it into the narrow area it had in the past.

There will come a time for them to call on the ‘US to intervene in Turkey’

Whose statements and theories are being repeated? Whose, which powers and groups’ intentions are being promoted? Will it not be questioned? Will a country that has experienced such difficulties not realize this?

Are we so blind that we cannot see this ploy? Be ready for the great Turkey. Get used to it. Leave the 20th century behind.

There may even come a time when these groups say, “The U.S. should intervene in Turkey.” They can openly do this. For example, I would not be surprised if columnist Ahmet Taşgetiren wrote such an article.


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