Take this man away from here already! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Take this man away from here already!

We were supposing that we got over the ''Custom-made Presidency'' era.

We were thinking that the custom-made establishment era had passed.

We were saying that ''Project names'' had no ''response in the society of Turkey'' anymore.

We believed that the ''traditional interference'', which is oriented towards designing Turkey''s domestic policies, had finally come to an end.

Turkey had progressed extraordinarily. Prosperity level had surprisingly increased, it''s regional and global effect had become a situation, which couldn''t be foreseen by anyone. The common opinion was that in the middle of the 21st century, Turkey will become one of the most stable and energetic countries in the world.

Political power increased greatly. Turkey had become a politically stable country, which is supported from the inside, rather than being pressured from the outside. Depending upon these, Turkey continued to make its own way… Thus became a political character country, in which powerful political figures, powerful political projects and powerful social support had become prominent.

But as Turkey achieved this, and started to direct itself towards wider goals and its self-belief and self-confidence increased, the circle around Turkey had started to tighten. In every geography that Turkey had reached out towards, fronts were constructed against it. The ones, whom have been administrating this geography for the past two hundred years and whom, at the same time, also directed Turkey as they wished and forcefully brought countries on their knees with internal conflicts, had taken a stand against Turkey everywhere.

Enthusiastic masses and project men

There are two main streams and two main resistances in Turkey. And between those two resistances, there is a great reckoning. There is a rising up which is local, is genuine, feels the power of the past, looks forward with self-confidence, tries to raise itself and its environment, speaks the language of Anatolia and pleases them greatly, and doesn''t want to experience the century-long helplessness never again.

Opposing this, there are ones who want to see status-quo continue and fight for a project Turkey with project-men, project political expressions and formations.

Our ''traditional allies, friends'' are the architects of this project and they are the power behind this tendency. In other words, the reckoning, between Turkey''s independency struggle and the environments that highlights dependency, at the same time, is the date of the national struggle against them.

In the past, there was a center-perimeter struggle. The oligarchic structure, which keeps the ''stability of the state'' under inspection, had intimidated that perimeter, by walking up to anyone, who asked for a piece of this power, with rage. At the root of the coups and internal conflict, there was always a ''protecting the state''s stability from the environment'' reflex.

Nowadays, with the enthusiastic participation of the environment, an amazing time leap is being carried out. The fight here is to reinforce the Baas mentality, restrict Turkey, and prevent Turkey from entering the regional and global equation as a new actor. As I always say, ''Turkey''s friends'' are the only ones behind these conspiracies.

This same intention is behind the Gezi incidents and December 17 scenarios also. Now, we are, and will be, watching the same fight through the Presidential elections. Wait and see how many more pictures, images, ideas and projects will come to light!

Who discovered you, who ordered you?

They had discovered and nominated a person, whom they didn''t even know till yesterday, who experienced failure at every establishment, who tore down the reputation of the Islamic Collaboration Organization (ICO) when he was the General Secretary there, whom even the Saudis were begging everyone to ''take him away from here already'', as the Presidential candidate. It''s impossible to understand these great struggles without interrogating this will power that made this person a candidate.

Who is the project man? What is the new project enforced on Turkey? Who appointed this custom-made Presidential candidate? Who made opposition parties accept this name in less than no time? How?

Parallel to the elections or after the elections, what kind of a political formation will be experienced? Is it possible that the ones, who ordered a Presidential candidate for Turkey, have a plan for the political formation post elections?

Personally, yes…

I even think that alliances might have been formed. As CHP and MHP are losing their political identities, they had involved and mixed a lot of political circles in this cauldron. Post-elections, they will form a brand new political front…

Of course, this is the project. In other words, their calculations are as such. How much of it will be actualized or become successful? It will only be successful as much as the custom-made Presidential candidate.

They are painting the ones, who are outside of AK Party, or everyone, except Tayyip Erdogan and the ones who are following his path, in the same color. Hence, they are building a single front.

In my opinion, this front will not provide success in the Presidential elections. In principal, it will carry out whatever role is given to him after the elections.

In other words, a new project for the Turkish political life, will take place after the Presidential elections.


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