That corridor is a destruction plan: Do they think us fools!

Is there absolutely no connection between the new map that the U.S. has formed in northern Syria through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which overtly targets Turkey, and Masoud Barzani’s independence referendum plan?

Wasn’t that map from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean? Who identified this zone? Who planned and applied the northern Iraq status quo after the invasion of Iraq? Who did the planning for the Syria zone after Iraq, and who is implementing it? Aren’t those who turned Iraq’s north into the main base, a garrison to intervene in the geography, and those who turned northern Syria into the main base, a garrison to intervene in the region the same forces?

Two countries were destroyed for that map, two more are next

Doesn’t the policy, which was meticulously processed and implemented step by step, since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the policy implemented in northern Syria today complement each other?

Isn't all of this for work for a single map? Two nations were destroyed for this map.

Is it not clear as day today that two more countries will want to be destroyed and that preparations are being made for this?

Doesn’t one need to get beyond siding with something or being against it, and contemplate over this fact? Is there anyone in this country who can claim that Turkey is not one of the two countries that is wanted to be destroyed in the next step? The fact that they cultivated and armed the PKK in Turkey for years, that they shed this country’s blood was always hidden behind a smoke screen.

They are going to open the ‘Turkey front’: Do they think we are fools!

Let’s say we took the bait. But do they not transfer the hundreds of truckloads of weapons to the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) right before our very eyes? Are those heavy weapons, those missiles, missile bases, and training camps for Daesh? Are we fools!

They are establishing a hundred kilometer long front in front of us. They are preparing an army. They are settling in the free zones of the border. Military experts, security companies, retired soldiers from the U.S. and Europe are all settling in these regions and forming the backbone of the PKK. They are preparing for a bigger war.

These plans and buildups are not for Syria, open your eyes. They are all for Turkey. The “Turkey front” is the next curtain to be opened after Syria. This matter is no longer a problem that can be tolerated, avoided or solved through “strategic partnership” diplomacy. Decisions, plans have been made, action has been taken and no one has the intention to stop – this is certain.

The self-defense reflex must be activated

At such times, countries’ “self-defense reflex” stands out. No relationship of alliance, no multinational discourse or agreement is a guarantee for that country’s security. You need to do what you have to on your own. Because there is no other “imminent threat” than this and that threat has reached your borders.

In such atmospheres, you can partner with whomever you can cooperate with, and this always varies. Because no relationship guarantees permanent partnership. In such situations, you lay all your plans on the table and re-assess. You do this without being a slave to old habits, relationships, friendships or enmities.


The same circles are executing a blackout

Had the July 15, 2016 coup attempt succeeded, Turkey would have been in pieces today. The Turkey front would have been opened and the new map of Turkey would have been shaped. Thankfully it failed, but now they are trying to reach the same result with another scenario, with pressure completely from the south.

Just as Barzani’s troops passing through Anatolian land to enter the region during the Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) incidents was presented as “reasonable” through strong public initiative; today the big threat in question is being blacked out by the same skilled circles. We know who carried out the public operation for this back then.


We haven’t been able to overcome the common-topic articles

Looking now, I see the same circles make maximum effort to keep Turkey’s attention far from this “imminent threat.” Those who should be discussing this in media and warning the people are making the most of their days with common-topic discussions and applying a kind of mental blackout.

It seems that Turkey’s “vital” problems don’t bring in money or fame, which is why we are unable to read a single sentence on this danger from great, smarty-pants writers.

Look at the ordinariness, not a single sentence

They are taking on a role to weaken the situation, drown the warnings by making shallow, lowly, ignorant accusations such as the “Iran axis,” “Russia axis,” “sitting at the table with Assad,” against those who write on the topic, who draw attention to it and admonish on it. There is such a huge game being played in Syria that “Assad” is no longer even a factor. The disease of being unable to think like a “citizen of Turkey” is at astonishing levels.

Our intelligentsia, writers, TV commentators neither follow nor understand the region or the world. There is almost nobody left who can produce even a sentence beyond newspaper or TV news.

Yet, there is no such thing as an “axis” left in the world. A stray power battle, activity is shaking not only our region but all countries – as a matter of fact, it is shaking the center powers. There are no more international borders, balances or practices. We are being dragged toward an extremely dangerous world.

A sort of bandit world disorder is in question. It is not even possible to predict the kind of price this state is going to cost which country. This is why we make great efforts to draw attention to the price that Turkey may be forced to pay.

The corridor is a plan to occupy the region, destroy Turkey

That corridor is a plan to destroy Turkey. It cannot not be completed, that map cannot turn into reality. This is a national issue. It is something beyond individuals, circles and political understandings. Explaining this map through the Kurdish ethnic identity is nonsense. The threat is targeting all countries, the region.

A multinational power is settling in the region; a foreign occupation is in question. Everybody who partners with the foreign occupation in the region is an invader, an occupier, an enemy of the region. In this sense, the PKK/PYD is the invasion force, they are the hitmen of the Western occupation.

We must warn our nation, stand strong

There are turning points in history. They affect all corners of the region and everything is reshaped. All maps take new shape accordingly. We are experiencing another turning point after World War I. This period cannot be allowed to be a new destruction, division, collapse – it shouldn’t be. On the contrary, we think it should be the exact opposite, a new rising period – and it will be.

Then we need to leave aside our minor prejudices, minor plans and mobilize. We must warn our nation, develop a statement, a discourse that will stand against the new occupation aimed at Turkey and the region, and stand on solid ground. This is a responsibility we cannot escape. Anybody who reads even a little about the world war periods will see the kind of destructions such minor neglect, indecisiveness leads to.

Storm before 2019, the national resistance axis

That corridor is the greatest threat we have faced throughout the era of the Republic of Turkey. The next step is the “Turkey front.” We cannot transfer our self-defense reflex to the U.S. or any other country, and fall for the trap of the “corridor’s internal partners.” On the anniversary of the Manzikert victory, centuries later, we should take into consideration this historical/political genetic, and decide accordingly.

We need to pay attention to the new regional coalition, the pre-2019 storm prepared for Turkey, the new map and the “Turkey front” operations in northern Syria and be alert.

Do not forget, this is a national struggle, it is the issue of Turkey’s survival. A national resistance axis must be formed.