That traitor in the US said, ‘They are going to regret not dying.’ Turkey prevented three attacks and defeated three terrorist organizations, all within the span three years. When FETÖ failed, they used the PKK, then Daesh. These are the ‘last of the foreigners’ within the country. Only three years left to 2023! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

That traitor in the US said, ‘They are going to regret not dying.’ Turkey prevented three attacks and defeated three terrorist organizations, all within the span three years. When FETÖ failed, they used the PKK, then Daesh. These are the ‘last of the foreigners’ within the country. Only three years left to 2023!

Turkey neutralized three great threats within three years. Plans to strike Turkey through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), and Daesh all went down the drain, as these threats largely neutralized.

This great struggle, which we call the “War of Independence,” while some do not believe or support it, struck a heavy blow to both local threats and negated the plans of the powers behind them in as short a period as three years.

They drew another Sevres map

On July 15, 2016, we encountered a “multinational intervention” conducted through FETÖ. The U.S., Israel and almost all of Europe were behind this intervention. FETÖ’s partnership network within the country was quite vast.

The idea was to implement such a 21st-century Turkey project. A smaller, less influential, more dependent Turkey was going to formed. A map exactly like the Sevres Treaty had been prepared. It was the gravest foreign attack since the War of Independence, since World War I.

We prevented it. Furthermore, to a large extent, we took this weapon from them. The U.S. and Israel experienced the shock that even their greatest weapons were useless against Turkey. Though, three years later, FETÖ continues to exist, it can no longer be used as “leverage” in such a large-scale plan on the multinational power map. They had their names written in the wrong pages of history as traitors.

They struck us through the lie of ‘strategic partnership’

We had been fighting for four decades against the PKK within the country. Those breeding terrorism to the utmost for the ethnic map were supposedly Turkey’s allies. They were striking us through “friendship,” through “strategic partnership.”

They regionalized the mission they assigned to the PKK with the invasion of Iraq and the Syrian war. The moment the Syria issue ended, the moment it reached its goal, the next step was going to be to open the Turkey front, and a new invasion was going to be launched.

FETÖ was aware of the PKK plan too. That traitor was saying, ‘They are going to regret not dying’

The terrorism within had turned into a regional weapon. The U.S., Israel and Europe were partners, and along with certain Arab regimes, they were preparing to strike Turkey as one.

The nefarious words of the terror leader Fetullah Gülen in Pennsylvania following the July 15 coup attempt have not been forgotten. He was threatening our country and nation and saying, “They are going to regret not dying.”

He was referring to the hundreds-of-kilometers-long “Turkey front” established in Syria. That traitor knew very well that there was going to be an invasion, occupation attempt targeting our country from this front.

After FETÖ, now PKK’s weapons are being taken away

Turkey carried on a relentless fight against the PKK for the last three years. It largely alleviated their plans to strike from within. A major intervention was launched against the PKK/YPG, the West’s mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.

That “multinational project” was expelled from our borders through military interventions such as the Euphrates Shield, Afrin, Claw, and the most recently, Operation Peace Spring. This outcome was achieved through both military efforts and negotiations with the U.S. and Russia.

The PKK/YPG wil never again regain its old strength

The fight is ongoing, and will continue. Turkey will never again be threatened like this. After FETÖ, the “second great weapon” was taken from the U.S., Israel and Europe.

This weapon was also being rendered useless against Turkey’s power rise. The PKK/YPG will never again regain its old strength. It is going to be further destroyed and cannot be used as effectively as it was in the past.

When FETÖ failed, they used the PKK, then Daesh. These three terror groups all have the same boss, who was also defeated this time

This success was achieved in the last three years. Daesh was the third weapon utilized against Turkey after the FETÖ and PKK/YPG terror group.

Just as they re-told the lie that they are “fighting terrorism,” and globally drowned the world in terror, those saying they are “fighting Daesh” were indeed the ones that had founded and were controlling the terror group itself. It was founded and unleashed on the ground for a map that would include Syria and Iraq, and later, a portion of Turkey.

Daesh was working in cooperation with the PKK and FETÖ; they were acting together toward a common goal. All three terror groups had the same boss. All three were tasked with the same mission. All three were positioned to strike Turkey as their main goal. All three had made their gravest attacks against Turkey.

Everybody knows that none of these three have done anything to disturb Israel. All three were tools the U.S., Israel and European countries used for showdown against Turkey.

FETÖ’s commissioned officers were working with the PKK, Daesh

Coordinates were given to Daesh terrorists striking Turkish tankers by U.S. intelligence during Operation Euphrates Shield. FETÖ’s commissioned officers that carried on joint efforts with both the PKK and Daesh throughout the Syria-Iraq border, were doing this within the context of a project.

Daesh had no other mission than to open up an area of maneuver for the PKK. This too was happening within the context of the same project.

Turkey was the only country to really fight against Daesh. Turkey was the country that broke the organization’s back in Syria. The U.S.’s fight against Daesh and the structure they call a “coalition,” was solely a camouflage for the great project.

A new networking, new front after Baghdadi?

The U.S. killing of Daesh leader Baghdadi is sign that the plan through this organization has been reset. Perhaps a new organization will be founded or a new front will be opened in another region.

This is also an indicator that Turkey’s pressures spoiled Daesh plan in areas close to our border, and that the Daesh weapon too has been taken from their hands.

Turkey prevented three attacks, defeated three terrorist organizations in three years

Thus, the defeat of the July 15 coup attempt is a great turn in history.

Three major attacks have been prevented in three years.

Three dangerous armed organizations have been defeated in three years.

All covert relations, alliances, secret wars and dirty plans by the U.S., Europe and Israel in our region targeting Turkey have been revealed in the last three years.

In these three years, it was fully revealed that the West’s war with Turkey was actually behind terrorism, and that they had struck us with the “friendship” in relations.

They had come to destroy, but Turkey revived. They can no longer use terror to make us kneel. This dirty game is over

Turkey consolidated incredible strength in the last three years.

They came with the purpose to destroy, but Turkey revived.

They came to shrink Turkey, but it gained strength instead.

They tried to carry the war inside the country, but Turkey expelled it from its borders.

All this was accomplished within three years, after the July 15 coup attempt.

They can no longer get this country to kneel through terrorist organizations; they cannot achieve anything through this sort of “leverage.” They cannot continue this war through terrorism and certain organizations. This game is over.

They’re going to try civilian protests. They’re going to try ‘unarmed terrorism’

They no longer have anything left to do with armed organizations. This is a sign that FETÖ and the PKK are going to further weaken and lose strength.

They are going to try once again to launch civilian uprisings and street movements. They are going to try to embroil political tensions again. This is the aim of the alliance built on the axis of the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) and main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

This is the reason behind the municipal elections, the reason why they developed the “Ekrem İmamoğlu model.” This is the reason why those stating, “Torture started in 1453” meet up at certain locations.

They are once again going to attempt to provoke the nerve ends within. They are again going to bring to the stage the “native invaders.” They are going to lean on ethnic and sectarian identities.

These are the ‘last of the foreigners’ within the country. Only three years left to 2023!

They are going to activate once more the “last of the foreigners” in the country. They are going to promote this not through ethnicity and sects, not through harsh political discourse, but through a language containing a “touch of conservatism.”

But this is also going to be useless. Turkey is purging its surrounding areas. It is building a global power. It is intervening in all regional map drafts.

It is never going to allow armed or “unarmed” terrorist groups to be used as tools of foreign intervention.

There are three years left to 2023. If Turkey accomplished all of the above in the last three years, who knows where it will be in the next three years; and everybody should very carefully make their plans.


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