The attack in Manbij was to tell the US, 'Daesh is not defeated, don’t leave’... Why have we become 'anti-Syrian' in Turkey? Traps are being set against Turkey on both sides - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The attack in Manbij was to tell the US, 'Daesh is not defeated, don’t leave’... Why have we become 'anti-Syrian' in Turkey? Traps are being set against Turkey on both sides

The attack targeting U.S. troops in Manbij yesterday was carried out to tell U.S., "Don't leave." By saying, "Daesh is not defeated here, where are you going," it was made to negate U.S. President Donald Trump's, "We defeated Daesh, we will withdraw" theory.

Those applying the map plan aimed at northern Syria, and those trying to exclude Turkey from the region have launched a new scenario, a new plot through Manbij. This is the plot of those trying to tie Turkey's hands and legs by establishing the U.S.'s permanence. This is a plot aimed at keeping Turkey out of Syria, and efforts are made to turn it into reality by the U.S.'s hand, the U.S.'s reactions.

Hence, to provoke the U.S. for this purpose, they are trying to re-activate a tool like Daesh, which is now out of date. They want to re-activate an organization they formed themselves and used to devastate Syria and Iraq. So, who benefits from this attack and who are those trying to force the U.S. to remain in the region by means of provoking it?

The Daesh attack is actually a PKK/PYD attack

Of course, primarily the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD). Daesh has been taking action from the very start in accordance with the agendas of the PKK/PYD and those trying to build the terror corridor through this organization. The majority of Daesh attacks are actually PKK attacks. The terrorist attacks inside Turkey and the terrorist attacks in Syria are the same. Hence, this attack is also clearly an attack in favor of the PKK/PYD.

This attack is in favor of the established U.S. order, aimed at negating Trump's decision to withdraw. They have been implementing a map project spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean ever since the start, and using Daesh - which they founded themselves - as their excuse. When the issue to withdraw came up on the agenda, plans got disrupted. They tried to get Trump to backtrack on his decision. They are yet to succeed. However they will not be giving up. The U.S. established order is the strongest owner of the, "Daesh is here, do not leave" theory.

Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia: Same target, same method

The terror corridor, garrison state, building a thick wall between Turkey and the Arab world, and the project to divide Syria is a project prioritizing Israel. Israel's security is the determining factor. Israel is the one directing and controlling the terrorist organizations in the region and the established U.S. order in this sense. The plan saying, "Daesh is not defeated, do not leave" is the top priority for Israel. Because it knows that if the U.S. leaves, it will become helpless. Also, the U.S. military presence in Syria is directly controlled by Israel.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia - under Mohammed bin Salman's control - together with Israel and Gulf countries, are building up a horrific anti-Turkey sentiment. These countries, along with the U.S. and Israel, are trying everything to keep Turkey away from Syria. They are the ones providing the PKK and Daesh with all sorts of overt and covert support in this regard. They have mobilized all their resources, from sending the Arab league to the region to money support to the PKK/PYD. Therefore these countries are also on the list of those saying, "Daesh is not defeated, do not leave."

There is no doubt that there is a relationship, coordination between every group on this list. All of their connections are aimed at keeping Turkey away. All these attacks and organizations are aimed at continuing the "Great Turkey Front" project in northern Syria.

Manbij attack and anti-Syrian sentiment

I will make another revelation that will surprise you greatly.

There is direct connection between the "anti-Syrian sentiment" spread through Turkey recently, the attack carried out through Daesh and the need to force the U.S. to stay in the region. Do not ask how there could possibly be a connection between anti-Syrian sentiment and the terrorist attacks. Think of it this way:

The Syria issue is about to reach a conclusion. This matter is going to be over once Turkey's security corridor against terrorism and their false invasion in the country's north becomes clear. No country will have anything left to say about Syria. Let us make that clear.

The 'anti-Syrian sentiment' is a trap and part of the same project

No country intervening in Syria has any connection to the Syrian people. The U.S. and Israel have connections with no group. They are only carrying on their business with the PKK and Daesh, which they brought from abroad. Iran has no connection to the people of Syria. Most of them are Shiite militias and take action together with the regime. Russia has no connection to the Syrian people other than the regime.

Turkey is the only country to have established a deep connection with the Syrians. Let us evaluate the armed forces in the country together. The sole group that has emerged from the heart of Syria is the Free Syrian Army (FSA). They have nowhere to go other than their own country. The members of the other organizations have their own countries to go to, and most are going to do so. But the FSA is Syria's only local armed forces.

They want to take this power from Turkey

Turkey stands with both the FSA and the people of Syria. Only Turkey worked together with the people of Syrian, made a connection and stood in solidarity with them. This is an extreme power. It is an opportunity no other country has. Once the war is over, there is going to be a Turkey that has strong ties with half of the Syrian public. None of the other countries will have such a connection to them.

Thus, a systematic operation is being carried out in Turkey to destroy this power, this advantage that Turkey holds. Sympathy is going to be turned into animosity, and everything Turkey invested in for years is going to be destroyed. This is the plan.

There are 1 million Syrian students alone in this country. There are millions of people. The war will end and they will return to their native country with a great love for Turkey in their hearts. Then what? Turkey is going to be the closest country to the Syria of the future. The heaviest blow to Turkey, which paid great prices, can be to destroy this connection.

There are native agents

There is a direct connection between the anti-Turkey sentiment being spread throughout the Arab world and the anti-Syrian sentiment spread through Turkey.

There is a direct connection between those who set up a game in Manbij and said to the U.S., "Daesh is here, it is alive, don't leave" and these scenarios. In other words, there is a connection between the anti-Syrian sentiment in Turkey and preventing the operation east of the Euphrates River, as well as the plan to negate the safe zone. As you see, those making all these plans have started to strengthen these said plots with terrorist attacks as well.

Everybody has an agenda. I say, look carefully.


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