The Battle of Manzikert: A conquest that ‘opened and closed an era.’ A millennium-long ‘relentless resistance.’ Turkey is building the ‘third wave’ today... This is history’s biggest political movement. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The Battle of Manzikert: A conquest that ‘opened and closed an era.’ A millennium-long ‘relentless resistance.’ Turkey is building the ‘third wave’ today... This is history’s biggest political movement.

An “initiative” was made on these lands 948 years ago on March 13, 1071. A “door” was opened. The spiritual wave that spread to the Taurus Mountains, to every corner of Anatolia so far, had turned into a political will, a power, a milestone in Manzikert that day.

The conquest of Anatolia, its independence and Islamization was materializing as the political grave of the biggest world empire of the era, the East Roman Empire, was being dug in the Manzikert Plain.

Manzikert: the conquest that ‘opened and closed an era’

The real start of an era was Manzikert. Because this is where the real “beginning” was. The conquest of Istanbul was the “second stage” of this. Up until Istanbul, for about four centuries, blood was shed, lives were lost, and there were severe consequences paid on every inch of Anatolian land. These were all means as an end to reach the city of Istanbul. Perhaps the third stage would have been Vienna.

Today, there are martyrs’ graves and cemeteries in all corners of this country. Everywhere you dig, you will find traces of those who paid a price to turn Anatolia into a homeland.

No nation has paid a price non-stop for a millennium

This homeland paid prices like no other nation ever has. The Crusaders came, so did the Mongolian invasion and World War I. The greatest fronts of crises that shook the world were all connected to Anatolia.

They did not give up for a millennium. We are continuing to pay the price, resist, and stand firmly on our feet for the last millennium. We were attacked from the East, from the West, and from the south. We have been under attack for a thousand years. But we are continuing that millennium-old “relentless resistance.”

Every collapse was followed by a greater rise

These three great shock waves changed the world. We were on the verge of non-existence, we were banished from history, and we were revived. We always started from scratch. We always tried to build history anew, shape the region. We never surrendered to those who tried to prevent Anatolia from being “us.”

The region’s destiny, our nation’s destiny always gave us the opportunity to make fresh starts, and opened new doors. After every great collapse a greater rise was made. After every great collapse, history brought to us new heroes and leaders. A destiny became manifest through these leaders, doors were opened and fresh starts were made.

The ‘third great rise’ started a century later, today

These are the days the new door opened, a new start was made, the new rising era was started. Thus, we are under attack from all directions. This is why July 15 coup attempt happened and why it is continuing.

This is why they are trying to siege us. This is why they are trying to close in on us through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group in northern Syria, and directly in the East Mediterranean. This is why interventions are being made in our region and efforts are being made to gradually move the war inside Turkey.

The third great shock was World War I. The third great rise after that started a century later, today. The struggle in Manzikert and the struggle today are one and the same. The cause in the conquest of Istanbul is the same cause as the one today.

There is no political goal, political identity greater than this

Today we are resisting for the same reason that we have been resisting in Anatolia for the last millennium. Those who were martyred in the plains of Manzikert and those who fell martyr while resisting against terrorism and the multinational powers supporting terrorism today are martyrs of the same cause.

It is time to turn toward new starts, not losses or exhaustion. It is time to recall fresh starts and carry them to the present. It is time to take them as a basis and draw our path based on them. Because this age, this time is a breaking point in history, this how it makes a maneuvering area for us.

There is no political goal, political identity greater than this. Our personal goals, passions die with us. But this march, this principle, this cause has continued throughout generations and will continue to do so. Your political ambitions, plans of personal interest will be forgotten, but the steps you take on this path will be remembered forever.

It’s best to embark on a path with a dedicated nation

Regardless of who stands where, regardless of which page of history they take place on, they will be significant to the extent with which they strengthen this initiative. Regardless of whether you are a Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporter, a Republican People’s Party (CHP) supporter, a Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) supporter or a Good Party (İYİ Party) supporter, it is where you stand in the millennium-long march that counts.

It is not your religious movement, organization or nongovernmental organization, your wealth or social status that is important, but how present you are in the fight this nation put up on these lands.

It is best to embark on a path with a dedicated nation that has faith, and continue on the path with them. History is made and regions are built through the struggle of dedicated people, those who have connected these lands like a nervous system, through their silent but relentless resistance. This is how the great cause continues. This is how new starts, great marches continue.

The greatest political movement in history: The third wave will also draw strength through dedicated people

All rises continue with the sacrifices of dedicated people. Every inch of land in Anatolia is a legacy of these sacrifices. This is how all waves that changed the country, the world are.

The third great wave will also draw strength through dedicated people. This is the grand plan. We have seen many examples in the last 15 years of how those who could not digest this plan or who have taken position against this plan have vanished into oblivion.

Today, a new door has opened, a new start has been made. This is the sole truth beyond all words, claims and actions. Those wearing the shroud in the Manzikert Plain and those taking position and paying a price for this cause today are one and the same people. They are history’s greatest political movement.

We are the Seljuks, the Ottomans; we are Turkey.

We started anew, we are continuing on the path.


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