The countdown for the east of the Euphrates has started. Our main defense line stems from Aleppo to Mosul. An operation targeting three regions, that map is going to be destroyed…

I have written the most articles in Turkey about the east of the Euphrates. I was the one who utilized the term "terror corridor," and wrote dozens of articles in an attempt to draw attention to the matter while it was not on anyone’s agenda.

I was the one who highlighted the nature of the Syria war, the point it has reached, the "Turkey Front" project as a siege plan, and that the new map plan a century later is the first step of Turkey's division.

I became a target because of those articles

Putting aside that I was accused of war mongering, trying to force Turkey into a war and thereby becoming a target, I know that I am subject to a covert embargo.

I am someone who follows, understands and is aware of who is responsible, whose covert plans these articles target, what their secret agendas really are, that they are preparing other offers by meddling with the political mind - at which points these offers and the "terror corridor" and the "east of the Euphrates" projects meet - how this traffic is connected to the July 15, 2016 multinational intervention, and the kind of actions being used nowadays to stop Turkey from taking action in the east of the Euphrates.

The goal of the Turkey axis: Our stance is our identity and character

I personally believed that it was immoral to choose a political identity and side beyond Turkey's national interests, the millennium-old historic march of this homeland and nation, and the struggle put up to this end a century later today. I have not and will not uphold any agenda, plan or future idea above this. Because I have seen where all the other political ideas stand within this great showdown; I have seen both domestic and foreign stances.

Our sole plan above all plans is the "Turkey axis" struggle. Our homeland, region, history, future and perception of the world must be forged accordingly. The position we take while on the sharpest intersections of history is our identity and character.

Nativity and foreignness: This struggle is a national struggle

I believe that the "nativity" and "foreignness" criteria are determining in terms of other ideological identities defining this position, and that even the terms conservatism and Islamism need to be questioned within this context. I discerned that the majority of these identities are used as "operational areas" for multinational interventions.

The "terror corridor" and the "east of the Euphrates" are national issues, and are part of a national struggle; they are like Turkey’s War of Independence. Because it is a foreign intervention, an invasion, and the interference is directly targeting Turkey. The U.S.-PKK-Israel axis in the region is the construction of a front. Just like the developments before the invasion of Iraq and Syria war, it is the preparatory work of a great project, and that project is Turkey.

Our main defense line stems from Aleppo to Mosul

Therefore our defense lines are not at the zero point of our borders, but the entire region located above the Aleppo-Mosul line. Following the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations, the zone spanning from the east of Manbij, the Euphrates and the Iranian border must in no way be controlled by an organization or a state from outside the region.

No political mind should or can allow the opening of a Turkey front stretching for hundreds of kilometers before our very eyes. There should and can be no silence in the face of one of the most piercing map projects that will rip apart Turkey and the Arab world from each other. This is not a Kurdish matter or a terror issue, this is a Western invasion, and it is the same ploy to divide that was used during the time of the Crusader invasions.

Centuries old wisdom and mind will intervene

This is why I say, "Regardless of the cost, even if it means suicide, an interposition is necessary." If the region of tomorrow is being constructed, Turkey and the region's dynamics must keep their own geography designs alive and come to their senses to avoid experiencing the collapse a century ago once again.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasizing the east of the Euphrates repeatedly in recent days is the manifestation of the wisdom of Turkey's political mind that is sourced from the depths of a century. The plan has been understood, the game has been realized, the position has been determined, and an operation will be conducted. This interposition is a responsibility that Turkey can never abandon. It is a responsibility toward future generations, toward Anatolia, our region and history.

An operation targeting three regions, that map is going to be destroyed

It seems a process is going to start "suddenly" and the multinational plans in the region are going to be destroyed. Attempts to push Turkey outside the game through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Daesh and domestic influencer groups will not yield any results.

We are in a period in which the "strong will win." We are at a time when we need to be on the field. We are in an era where you can reach as far as your hand stretches. Therefore, this game will be annihilated. Turkey is obliged to negate the map project whose Mediterranean door it closed, whose East door it blocked. This is possible by destroying the map design from three regions: Tel Abyad, Ayn al-Arab and Sinjar.

Nobody should fret, as no country will attitudinize because of Turkey’s operations. Neither the U.S. nor Israel or any other country in the region will dare to attempt something like this. The regional and global conjuncture has destroyed their courage.

Watch the “replacement groups” in our midst, you will see what's happening!

Yes, the preparations are complete and this operation will be conducted. It is time to show once more who makes history in this region, who builds a geography, and who has the power to draw maps.

Observe who "in our midst" switches positions after the operation targeting the east of the Euphrates begins, and who takes action for their secret agenda. They will not be able to hide themselves. That is when you will clearly see who filled the void left behind by the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) after July 15.


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