The destruction project set up in Paris a century ago was foiled again in Paris yesterday. Mustafa Kemal and Erdoğan: The founding and rising periods... It is now time for the West to regress, and for us to rise

Let’s go back to Nov. 11, 1918, 11 a.m.

Exactly a century ago, a table was set in Paris, and the world's biggest war until then, which razed the world to the ground, led to millions of casualties, wiped some states off the map, pushed some nations outside political history, and led to the establishment of a new global order ended with a cease-fire.

This agreement that ended World War I actually ended the "European Civil War." Soon after, a new "European Civil War" would start and be called "World War II." However, based on the current global order, this second war will not lead to a systemic change and will further strengthen the global power equilibrium, continuing where it left off.

'End of the war for Europe, a destruction project for us'

The table set in Paris a century ago was "the end of the war for Europe, and our destruction.” The decision was made to politically destroy the Ottoman Empire, exile Turks out of Anatolia, and push Muslims out of history.

The decision was made to plunder a vast geography, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, to take it out of the political map, to eliminate the political power that, starting from the Seljuks, turned toward Europe through Anatolia and was stopped at Vienna's gates.

The biggest destruction after the Crusade Wars: that was also a Crusader attack

Our entire "region" was invaded, plundered, divided, insulted, and the world's biggest looting operation was carried out. Centuries-old political and cultural assets from North Africa to the Persian Gulf, from Jerusalem to Medina, from Central Africa and the Balkans to Asia Minor faced great destruction.

Lands were divided as well as communities; puppet regimes and artificial political identities were produced; and minds and hearts were confused. Lastly, efforts were made to invade the heart of the region, the heart of the political power domain, and Anatolia, from all corners. This is the project to “exile” us both out of the region and history.

These lands and this region witnessed the biggest massacre after the Crusades. Because what happened was planned as a new Crusade War, as the revenge of the Crusade Wars.

We withdrew to the 'inner fortress' and waited for this day to come

The sacred resistance of a nation against the entire Western invasion, from Basra to Yemen, from Jerusalem to Medina, from Canal to Baku, from Baghdad to Damascus, from Çanakkale to Kut al-Amara, finally ended with its withdrawal to the "inner fortress," to Anatolia.

The destruction plan was largely accomplished. However, they overlooked that following the Crusade Wars and the Mongolian invasion, the resistance started all over again in Anatolia, and that it would start again for the first time in this territory; they thought they would prevent the "threat" in question by controlling this country that they took under tutelage.

Century-long patience

They were mistaken. Because the resistance of Anatolia, the resistance of the last fortress, had already started right after the "destruction project" in Paris. However, an honorable struggle was again rising from Anatolia. The first aim was to protect these lands and freeze history here. We froze history and they thought they were controlling us. And a century passed in this way. In reality, World War I was not over, it was continuing - and is still continuing today. It is just that we were patient for a century. We put our mind, our vision, our excitements and goals on hold.

And now we have awakened. The founding mind, political gene, and the power to build the region has once again taken action, and we are in the final showdown period.

That table has been set again: FETÖ, PKK, Daesh were set on us

The result of this showdown will determine World War I.

Hence, they set up that "table" again immediately after the Cold War. They took a decision once again to exile us from Anatolia; they tried once more to push us out of history and stop a power from waking up and rising.

This is why the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Daesh, and "native invaders," as well as other various terrorist organizations were released on the ground. All the groups from various political identities which they invested in for years were awakened and made to take action. The July 15, 2016 coup attempt was the heaviest attack of this showdown; it was an attempt to shred Anatolia into pieces.

The final showdown is ongoing today both in Turkey and the region. While investing on the inside of the country with substitute structures, they are building an axis, a front in the region to "stop Turkey."

Mustafa Kemal and Erdoğan: Founding and rising period

But the "relentless resistance" has already started and cannot be reversed or stopped. Because history has turned and a new rising period has started for this country. Just as the War of Independence was a resistance, the showdown today is a fight to rise. Just as Mustafa Kemal was a founding leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the leader of the rising period. Do not weigh this statement with trivial words, prejudices and acceptances. Look at Turkey, the region, the world and history, and you will understand.

The destruction table set in up Paris was overturned in Paris

President Erdoğan did not go to the centenary of the pact that ended the war in Paris as the inheritor of a destroyed state. He went there as the victorious leader of a showdown that has been ongoing for a century. This is the "You tried to destroy and eliminate us, but we are stronger than ever" message.

This is the victory of a century-long patience. This is overturning the destruction table that was set again in the 21st century. This is the disappointment of hopes to stop this country through terrorism, economic attacks, internal operations, sieging from Syria, and setting up a new regional equilibrium.

Their collapse, Turkey's 'third rise' started: this is the most superior political identity

Regardless of what you believe, try to comprehend the Turkey of the rising period. A very powerful "Turkey axis" has been built against those planning to "stop Turkey," and the centuries-old political mind has returned to its own area. Regardless of your political background and identity, there is no other political identity, plan or aim in this country that is greater than this. There is no stance wiser and deeper than this.

Today, while they are being dragged toward the "Third European Civil War," Turkey has become the most effective political language of a vast geography spanning the Atlantic coasts and the Pacific Ocean. While they are regressing toward a period of collapse, Turkey has long entered the "third rising period." This is the issue. Those who are unable to understand this will drift outside history.

Everybody should review their position.


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