The dollar and economic vengeance: 'Native operators' didn't lose time to take action. This is the most immoral kind of attack!

Do you think the attacks made through the dollar are based solely on an economic reason? Some circles that are preparing the psychological infrastructure of "certain things" through great economic inferences, giving advice, underestimating Turkey, and rhetoric that "everything is going bad," actually appear to be the native "operators" of the operation being carried out through the dollar.

We are face-to-face with an economic war. This is an attack of vengeance. This is the effort to make Turkey pay for not being able to make it surrender. It is clear that all the "sanctions" decisions are political. While the countries and circles that planned and implemented the July 15, 2016 coup took those who shot at the people under their protection, they want to sacrifice those who activated a country's reflexes to defend itself.

It will continue even if you release Brunson. This is the most immoral kind of attack known to man

This is the most immoral kind of attack. An attack of vengeance on the inside, pushing to impose sanctions on Iran abroad, Turkey turning toward a vaster region of the world at a higher level - especially toward the rising Asia markets - are the reasons behind these attacks. They tell us, "You will pay the price if you say no to unilateral dependency." They say, "It didn't work through terrorism, it didn't work through coup attempts, it didn't work through civil war scenarios, so now we are going to do it through economic blackmail."

They are conducting an economic attack, applying a war strategy to obtain political results. This pressure will not stop no matter how much you say, "We can make things better with the U.S." The attacks will continue even if you release Pastor Andrew Brunson. Because a deeper-rooted disintegration and showdown is in question. This is a fight that is focused on Turkey's perpetuity.

Internal blinding

The economic attack is only the current chain in the major operation that has been carried out against Turkey intensely in the last decade. It is part of the plan to "stop and shrink Turkey" that started with the Gezi Park terror, continued with the December 17-25, 2013 attempt and turned into a suicide attack on July 15, 2016. Know that anybody who says that there is no such thing, are either very ignorant or involved in these attacks.

Some people coming out and trying to explain all these incidents through economic indicators, reasons, and incompetence alone, as if none of this exists, is an effort to "blind internally." If those doing all this are not individuals but rather "groups," they have either largely received a tender to carry out an "internal operation" or they are making a call in this direction.

Do we not see the Turkey leg of the global economic war at all? Do we really not understand the Turkey leg of the political, geopolitical tremors? How is it that while the U.S. is taking revenge on this country, some are able to market this as the incompetence of the economy administration?

Are the Chinese, Russian and German economy administrations also incompetent?

Is the hundreds of billions of dollars’ of U.S.-China trade wars the result of the incompetence of China's economy administration? Do you not understand that the showdown, which you are currently following through the "economy-trade," will soon shift toward the zone of geopolitics-security? Do you not understand that it is going to spread from the Pacific to the East African shores and cause wars?

Do you think that the great economic conflict between the U.S. and Russia, the decisions to impose sanctions are the result of the incompetence of the Russian economy administration?

Do you think the Russians know nothing about economy that their economy is paying these prices? Or, why doesn't Russia accept the suggestions and pressures coming from the West and relax? Why is Moscow so hard-headed? Do you think the source of the tensions between the U.S. and Russia is strictly the economy?

Germany is not abiding by the U.S.'s embargo decisions. Do you think the Germans know nothing about economy? Why is Germany, which is an ally of the U.S., which has been under U.S. protection since World War II rebelling? Don't they also know that a German rise in the political area is liberation from U.S. tutelage? Is this strictly an issue of economy?

They tell us to 'surrender'

I wonder what kind of operation those who side with the U.S. and the attackers, instead of with Turkey, are involved in. They told this country to surrender on July 15, but it didn't; they tried to make it surrender during the Gezi Park terror, but once again, it didn't.

Those who kept quiet as terrorism settled in southeastern districts told us to surrender while the state, the country and nation took action and fended them off. Turkey did not surrender. Let alone surrendering, it went beyond the border and ruined major plans to destroy Turkey's future.

They will say release FETÖ terrorists as well! So what, were we going to hand over this country?

The U.S. is imposing sanctions on Russia, listing one sanction after another on Iran; it has entered a great economic war with China, it is at odds with the overwhelming majority of the world and is rapidly becoming a lone country. The same U.S. has now started to apply similar sanctions on Turkey. It will soon ask for the critical members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) too. Let alone handing them over itself, let alone asking for Brunson to be released, it is going to ask for the coup-plotters who were imprisoned for waging war against this nation to be handed over to the itself.

So what, were we going to hand over this country to the U.S.? Were we going to give up all our claims, give up being a nation, a country and gift this country to the U.S.-July 15 partnership?!

According to those who are striking our country internally through the dollar, yes!

Beware of the newly and slyly launched 'intervention' structure

Do not just consider the course of Turkey-U.S. relations. Consider the U.S.'s conflicts with the rest of the world. That is where you will see the real picture. That is when you will understand the nature of the showdown we are in.

Make sure you do not forget what happened on the night of July 15. Do not forget how a nation negated multinational scenarios within a few hours. Be careful to avoid being part of the newly and slyly launched opposition operation. Because this is not an opposition, it is being shaped as an intervention coalition - as a pro-Atlantic intervention unit.

Against whom? Against a political genet, a nation that has made history on Anatolian soil since the Seljuks to the era of the Turkish Republic and which is now laying the foundations of a new great rise. If you don’t comprehend this, you will lose. Take note!


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