The election decision saved our country. Their scenarios blew up in their faces. Both the world and Turkey are on alarm - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The election decision saved our country. Their scenarios blew up in their faces. Both the world and Turkey are on alarm

Turkey had to make this election decision. It had to determine the closest date possible. It had to remove the election issue from its agenda as soon as possible. It had to move away from the danger of being hung up on internal political issues. It had to switch to the new system at once, not delay the transition and prevent any voids that may arise internally.

It had to close the internal and external operation gaps. It had to eliminate all ambiguities, strengthen the state’s central power domain, protect social dynamism and block new “multinational interventions” being conducted under the name of “opposition.” It had to increase its ability to take “extraordinary” decisions against “extraordinary” developments.

This is a global state of emergency, Turkey has seen the danger

Scheduling the 2019 elections for June 24, 2018 has nothing to do with internal political concerns or the likely results of the election. A decision has been made based entirely on national security issues and, a decision that will shape and determine Turkey’s political future has been made by taking into consideration major plans in an extremely intelligent manner and with the sense of responsibility.

Our nation, our country, our state is facing great threats. Not only Turkey but the whole world is expecting great storms. The world is in a state of emergency. A destructive wave that is going from the U.S. to Europe, Russia to China, to every corner of the Middle East is growing and it is uncertain to where it will lead.

We are surrounded by fronts, a war may break out in the Mediterranean

Almost all states are preparing against this danger; they are completing their elections at once and almost taking alert. We see that many countries are going to snap elections for this very reason. We see that many countries are focused on national security matters beyond internal political issues; they have turned toward defense and are seeking ways to emerge from the nearing storm with the least damage.

The war has spread throughout our entire region. The area surrounding Turkey has been turned into fronts. As a matter of fact, none of these crises are local, they are all of a global scale. Great powers are clashing; it is now known that this may result in the division of some countries, that there are such plans too.

We are at war in Syria. We are making efforts to prevent all attacks against Turkey. There are some scenarios linked to the aftermath of an "accident" in the Aegean Sea. All scenarios lead to clashes. The Eastern Mediterranean too is about to turn into turmoil. Syria and Lebanon may turn into a fireball through natural gas, and the Mediterranean may turn into one through the standoff of central forces.

This is not an election, it is an issue of existence

July 15 was an open attack. It was planned to divide Turkey. There are new ones; they haven’t let go. They are going to strike through the economy, they are going to strike with “native operators,” they are going to strike from the south and the west, and they are going to strike with scenarios similar to July 15. Turkey is going to resist; they are going to strike; we are going to resist; they are going to continue. This is a century-old struggle and we are fighting in the “relentless resistance” front.

Making a decision by June 24 is completely a national security issue. This is not related to the elections, election results or internal politics concerns. This election is not limited to the context of democracy alone, it is an election related to a country’s, a nation’s formation, its spread to the 21st century, its standing up and continuing its rise, returning to its history-making role, and activating its centuries-old political genetic.

We are going to make a critical decision against new July 15s, against ‘secret mappers’

We are going to make one history’s most critical decisions on June 24. We are on alert against the storms that have been coming at us in waves. We are focused on an existence. We will never step back. We will stand resolute; our knees will not shake; we will not stumble. We know what kind of resistance line this election, this election decision forms.

Turkey must rapidly switch to the new system, accumulate power, be prepared, speed up its decision mechanisms, be able to make extraordinary decisions, and escape the obstacles of circles and people that are dragging it down.

It has to take action against the treachery of the native partners of multinational interventions. It has to take action against those waiting for new July 15s, those who have taken tenders in this direction. It has to take action against “secret mappers,” those targeting the national state mind, and efforts to sacrifice our country to multi-front scenarios.

The millennium-old political mind has taken action

Because the state mind that represents the will that has been making history for a thousand years in just this region has taken action. Because it has seen the threats, opened its eyes to the dangers and has decided on what it needs to do. After this stage, none of the political plans on the inside have any significance left. The internal political plans aimed at muddying this mind are illegitimate.

They applied the actual scenario on June 7. They were going to prevent the Justice and Development (AK) Party from coming to power alone, force it into a coalition with the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), take it hostage through the coalition partner, and negate and deactivate the figures and cadres determining Turkey’s new rising history.

Had Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli not locked all the scenarios on the evening of June 7, had President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan not decided for an election on Nov. 1, today we would be living in a country taken hostage, exhausted and perhaps divided. Perhaps dozens of armed organizations would be prancing around on the streets and we may have even be dragged into a civil war.

All their dirty scenarios blew up in their faces ‘yesterday’

Despite this, July 15 could not be prevented, they did it… Had they succeeded, our streets would have turned into a bloodbath today and Turkey would have turned into Syria. That night, our people changed both the course of Turkey and the world’s history. Then they started to strike from the south. This was also negated by the latest Afrin operation. Now, they are trying to drag Turkey into a war in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Aegean.

The danger is great. The danger is not related to internal politics, it is related to this country’s existence and future. The majority of those who disregard this are lying, they are muddying are people’s minds; do not take them seriously.

Yesterday, the scheduling of elections to June 24 after President Erdoğan and Bahçeli’s meeting was a great shock for them. All their intervention scenarios for 2019 blew up in their faces. They are going to have to design new ones, but they are not going to be able to get them ready on time. From now on, all their operations are going to be hurried and they too are going to blow up in their faces.

Our country’s future has been saved: This election is not only an election

Our people must know that we are going through a period as critical as the War of Independence. The world is in a global clash as vast as World War I. Attacks on our country are intensifying from every front. This election is in no way an election. It is deciding on Turkey’s future.

Everybody is obliged to take place on the homeland axis. Take a stance against those who cooperate with terrorist organizations, structures, groups and individuals flirting with those intervening in our country. Don’t forget, while the whole world is steering toward a state of emergency, we have no other choice but to protect our country.

We are either on the homeland axis or on the side of multinational scenarios now. We are going to continue to walk with great steps on the foremost line of this front. We are calling everybody here.

A historic decision was made, our deep political mind was activated yesterday. And most likely, Turkey’s future was saved. Let it be known.


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