The era of ‘defensive politics’ is over for Turkey! This is the rise of a superpower. They know it, so should you! Don’t fall for psychological ‘blind spots’ in the economy, politics, security... Turkey confined to its borders cannot survive. They’re saying, ‘Let’s diminish Turkey’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The era of ‘defensive politics’ is over for Turkey! This is the rise of a superpower. They know it, so should you! Don’t fall for psychological ‘blind spots’ in the economy, politics, security... Turkey confined to its borders cannot survive. They’re saying, ‘Let’s diminish Turkey’

The era of “defensive politics” is over for Turkey. After World War I and the establishment of the Republic, Turkey has moved onto “a new stage” within the centuries-long continuity of state in this region. We have long been referring to this as the “new rising period.”

Having completed its “establishment period,” Turkey got its break right at a time when the global system broke down and the power domain fell apart; it activated its ancient state mind and national acumen, and joined the world’s most important power-building countries.

A new journey, evil partnerships: power-building in every field

Though some among us are yet to grasp this new journey that our nation, our political mind has set off on, though some have desperately formed partnerships “abroad” to stop the process, the trajectory of history is now in this direction, and no power or attempt can stop it.

The “defense era” should not be perceived as security alone. Claim and power-building is in every field. Turkey is a country that has put forth its claims in every field and stands behind them, from politics to the economy, security to diplomacy, technology to humanitarian aid, every area of global trends to the social increase of welfare. it is a country that fills the voids of the 21st century with success and strives immensely for this purpose.

Berat Albayrak, an economic struggle, ‘multinational obscuration’

While fighting terrorism internally and the multinational siege abroad, we in fact faced one of the heaviest economic attacks in history. We put up a fight for economic independence and continue to do so.

It would be giving credit where it is due to point out that a “widespread blinding” campaign that targets social psychology is being organized domestically and abroad and that it is being conducted against Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak’s efforts.

Very few countries have faced such multinational economic attacks. Very few “developed countries” have managed to overcome such heavy attacks. While the Spanish and Italian economies collapsed despite not having faced such attacks, Turkey confronted the economic attacks, sieges that are on par with the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt.

This is firm foundation within, power-building outside: With courage, determination

Such attacks were overcome, an economic collapse was prevented and, as a matter of fact, taking radical steps aimed at recovering, were possible thanks to methods that indicated that a defensive era was over in the field of economy as well.

Had the attacks reached their goal, we would currently not be fighting in Syria, battling the terror corridor, the terrorism within, or in the Mediterranean; it would not have been possible to build a “Turkey initiative.”

In saying that “the era of defensive politics is over for Turkey,” we are talking about a complex and comprehensive new situation. I am talking about first building such a domestic mentality, a political/historical identity that transcends party policies, making decisions in this direction and planning a strong path accordingly, adapting regional theories to the world of the 21st century, and establishing a strong foundation within and a power domain abroad.

Carrying the ‘resistance line’ from inside to outside

I am talking about Turkey, which has been “defending itself within” for decades, defending itself on the southeastern mountains, in touristic Aegean cities, on the country’s borders, carrying “defense/resistance lines” “from inside to abroad,” moving them from the zero point of its borders to all corners of the region.

Fighting terrorism within, securing borders, destroying plans to siege us from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, negating the plans of dozens of countries that ostracized Turkey in the Mediterranean, the formation of a field of initiative from Libya to the Red Sea, to the Persian Gulf, are indications of a strong mentality, of effort, of coordination.

Fixation on defense within is an adventure. This means, ‘let’s shrink Turkey’

The situation in Libya and Turkey’s initiative in the Mediterranean is a sign of this. Nobody should dare try to undermine, weaken, trivialize or promote this as an “adventure.” Whoever says, “What are we doing in Libya?” is forming public opinion for “another agenda.”

An adventure is to withdraw Turkey from these fields, confine it within the borders of Anatolia and render it defenseless.

An adventure is to condemn Turkey all over again to defend itself in the mountains in east and southeast Anatolia, at the zero point of our borders.

An adventure would be to imprison Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Yet, Turkey no longer has the luxury and opportunity to remain in this state.

The division of global power does not give such a right to Turkey, a country that is situated in an embroiling region. Those saying, “Let’s remain as we are,” are willing to have this country be “diminished.”

‘Might is right’ in this era

We are in a time in which “might is right.” We are in a time in which alliances and blocs give no future guarantee to countries. Turkey has no choice but to accumulate power, form an area of influence, integrate with its region, take the offensive rather than a defense against the storms charging at us.

Every country and power, from the U.S. to European Union countries, from Russia to countries of the region, is aware that Turkey is building a spectacular force in its own region and on a global scale. Some applaud this while others are trying to stop it.

If Turkey collapses, the region will collapse. Strong ‘Turkey winds’ are blowing

According to signals from Greece, Egypt, EU countries, and the U.S., they are concerned that Turkey has largely taken over the initiative in the Mediterranean. A strong Turkey wind is blowing, from energy resources to the nautical map, to the re-division of the region. Everyone devoted to this country, heart and soul, should be proud of this.

As the new wave of invasion targeting the entire region is targeting our coasts, nobody should expect us to set up our defense line at the zero point of our borders, at the zero point of our coasts, inside Anatolia.

If Turkey falls, the entire region will fall and will not be able to recover for a century. If the region collapses completely, Turkey will collapse, leading it to wait decades to find the opportunity it has today.

The birth of a super power

Turkey’s Libya, Syria, Mediterranean policies are holistic. If you have no presence in Libya, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, you cannot hold on in Anatolia. The fury abroad and the domestic betrayal are partners. Therefore, Turkey must overcome all this and continue on its path – and it will.

Turkey is no longer introverted but extroverted; it is no longer focused on defense but on the offensive. Turkey’s power-building is salvation for the whole region.

As a matter of fact, the world is witnessing the birth of a new superpower. Look at it from the outside, you will understand!


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