The first stage of ‘multinational invasion’ is FETÖ: Who are the traitors of the second wave?

The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was the first stage of a multinational intervention aimed at Turkey. Just as the terrorist organizations are spread across the Middle East and are controlled by Western intelligence agencies, used to destabilize and divide countries, have assumed a role, FETÖ is its Turkey leg.

This organization, consisting of those who have betrayed their country, nation and history is a shot at our people who are reawaking after a century. Because they, those who have the same bosses as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), were activated to synonymously open  the “Turkey front” and were tasked with dividing our country like Iraq, like Syria, like Libya, once this front was opened.

A national showdown, a political history battle

The Akıncı trial that started yesterday will be recorded in Turkey’s political history as part of the showdown between the invading forces and the local forces. Because they are a “civil invasion organization” that attempted to attack Turkey and take over the country in the name of U.S. intelligence, European countries and Israel. This cause, similar to the July 15 resistance, is a battle between locals and invaders.

Hence, there is no “coup case.” The issue is not a legal matter alone. It is not limited to the penalty they will get, the law article by which they will be judged or a murder case issue. This is a national settlement of scores. It is a political history showdown. 

Invading forces, not coup plotters, are being tried

This is the struggle of those trying to keep that historical consistency alive against those interfering since the Seljuks. It is the struggle of a nation trying to revive following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and it is the battle of those who try to annihilate everything Turkey stands for.

Because in this case and similar cases, coup plotters are not the only ones being tried; invasion forces are being tried, their hitmen in Turkey, traitors; those who have opened the “Turkey front” in the name of Western intelligence agencies are being tried. This is also a military case, a case of treason. 

Those taking advantage from the fight against FETÖ 

The struggle in the streets of Istanbul on the night of July 15, 2016, the struggle across all of southern Turkey for the last four decades, now continues in court halls.
Those who have turned the fight against FETÖ into an advantage, an opportunity, are traitors of our nation, country and political tradition; and this crime will one day place them in the picture of betrayal.

The national struggle is in every facet of our life, and every corner of our country. The showdown between  local and foreign invasion programs and their cadres is fatal; it is our country’s fight for existence. This battle is not in decline, as it is thought, on the contrary; it’s on the rise. 

Slacking off is suicide 

Any slacking off in the struggle; in court cases, public institutes, in social and economic fields, will be suicide for our country. If, at some point, down the line, Turkey is negated, weakened; if it deviates from its path because of exploitation as the region faces new major threats; it will become impossible for our country to overcome this.

Because what we are battling is not just FETÖ; we battle the powers behind it. Those wanting to make our country kneel are their bosses, their masters. Those wanting to hijack Turkey, to divide it into small pieces and enslave it again, own the PKK and FETÖ. 

FETÖ-PKK partnership: an allegedly ethnic problem

Those currently building up on our southern border, starting to form a front hundreds of kilometers long, preparing for tomorrow’s major attack are the U.S., Europe and Israel.

Do you know why these court hearings are important, why they are considered a national struggle? Because it signifies the end of part of the multinational invasion plans in Turkey. Is it now understood that the true issue of the Western Trojan horses, hitmen intelligentsia who have been processing the “Kurdish question” through the PKK for decades is not a Kurdish issue, that the matter has no ethnic aspect to it?

Can we now see who activated FETÖ, consisting mostly of Turkish members, after their 40-year plan using the PKK failed? Have we not seen, in the solidarity between FETÖ and the PKK, that the matter is Turkey, that it has no ethnic aspect to it? 

They’re preparing for the second wave of attacks

But wait.

FETÖ attacks may have been stopped. The national sensitivity in this regard, the fight and awareness does not eliminate all threats. Those losing their allies within Turkey construct a brand new threat. They are preparing a “second wave” of attacks. They are establishing a new front throughout the Syrian border through the PKK, through terrorism. The delivery of hundreds of trucks, for months on end, loaded with weapons is not limited to Syria.

They are drawing a map which spans to Iraq and the Mediterranean; they are turning this region into a garrison that will divide Turkey and the region. Those making us believe the PKK is an “ethnic” issue make us believe this similarly and unfortunately some of us believe it. 

The second July 15 will come from the south

Let us note openly and clearly, let us record a note in history: These weapons are to open the Turkey front. They are to open the “third front.” Those weapons are to attack Turkey as soon as the map in Syria is formed.
This is why the buildup will continue. Those carrying out this project and those attacking Turkey through FETÖ are the same forces. The U.S. and its partners, which had FETÖ attack our country on July 15, will this time attack from the south, through the south of Syria. This is the second July 15 plan.

I have been writing articles on this threat for two years. I am pointing not to the present but to the future. I am trying to draw attention, not to what exists, but to what is approaching. Public awareness, at least as much as the FETÖ awareness, should be directed to this field.

Who has taken FETÖs place internally?

Do not forget, every invasion, every attack is carried out with cadres situated internally, ready to commit treason. They are carried out through “local invaders.” Doesn’t the new invasion attempt approaching from the south have partners within Turkey?

The burning question is: Who have they partnered up with in this country after FETÖ? Who have they replaced FETÖ with? The PKK is an external threat; in this plan, who will carry out the work with the PKK? Who will be the “local invaders” of the new July 15? 
Who is dragging Turkey into a trap?

Who are the partners of the invasion formed in Syria’s south, the map reaching from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, the new hundreds of kilometers long front on the inside?

Is the fact that we are doing nothing, that we cannot do anything as the threat grows at such a rate and approaches, while the weapons that will drench our cities in blood are being prepared for Turkey, because of our despair, impossibility or because certain groups on the inside are keeping Turkey busy?

This threat is even greater than July 15. This treachery is even greater than July 15. Because this time the attack is going to be a direct one; the bosses of the plan are going to overtly take part in the front. This is the new and approaching danger for Turkey.