The ‘founding mind,’ the ‘founding generation’ have taken action: This is a long-term struggle

You can no longer stereotype Turkey. You can no longer condemn it to that dependent relationship, that axis through threats, blackmail or forestallments. You cannot define its internal political structure, its power calculations or security concerns; you cannot be the one to draw its economic road map. You are not the one to decide what is good or bad for Turkey and who is friend or foe.

You can no longer make adjustments to this country, conduct operations and try to redesign this country through native unarmed terrorist groups or bring to power your desired political cadre, poison our people with fancy words, form fronts and apply infighting scenarios through ethnic and sectarian identity.

You are trying to do on the outside what you couldn’t on the inside

There is nothing left for you can do in this country through terrorist organizations. You cannot intervene in this country’s internal structure by organizing suicide attacks in the streets, by eroding our borders, by provoking ethnic terrorism in a part of this country and using it as a weapon. Even if you make plans to shrink Turkey in this way, you cannot apply it.

You are attacking from the outside because you cannot do this. You are attacking through Syria. You are establishing a hundreds-of-kilometers-long “Turkey front.” You are carrying terrorist elements from the U.S., from European countries to that region. You are amassing thousands of truckloads of weapons. You are attacking Turkey through the PKK and Daesh.

Our soldiers and tanks are being hit by US soldiers

You are planning what you failed to do on the inside on the south side of the border. You are using a lie like fighting Daesh as a cover and getting Daesh terrorists to attack Turkey. You are preparing the PKK like an army and waging war on this country.

U.S. soldiers are making threats to us at our borders and showing their weapons. Our soldiers are being hit by U.S. weapons; our tanks, helicopters are being hit by U.S. rockets, and those rockets are being launched by U.S. soldiers in PKK uniforms.

Our business with you was over that night

You attacked Turkey through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). You tried to shred it to pieces. The lesson our people gave you that night was a legend. What we call a turning point in history took place that night. That night, the relations between Turkey and the West were reset.

Our business with you was over that night. That night, it was engraved in our nation’s mind that the threat came from the West, from the U.S., from Europe, from NATO, not the east or south. You lost us that night.

That night, the attack was controlled from U.S. bases; the terrorist groups attacking Turkey today are being controlled from U.S. bases and this is where the weapons traffic is determined, where the orders are given.

That night, you failed to collapse Turkey internally. Now you are trying a new method. You are establishing a front right outside our border and preparing to attack Turkey. You are going to fail to do there what you failed to do internally.

We disgraced you inside, we will defeat you on the outside too

Understand this now. Read history, study Turkey and understand the geography. It is not possible to bring a nation that has been making history on these lands for thousands of years to its knees through these scenarios. It is not possible to push this country into a corner through one or a couple of terrorist organizations.

Today, we are in the second stage of what we realized on the night of July 15, 2016. Just like we thwarted the attack from the inside that night, we are going to thwart it from the outside today. This is the Turkey there is now.

Whether you like it or not, there is a Turkey whose national political gene has taken action. There is a Turkey that is in a position of offense, not defense. There is a country that knows who is against it and makes preparations and decisions accordingly.

There will be no US soldiers left there

The country that you condemned to unilateral dependency for decades, which you slammed from wall to wall, which you isolated from its geography, which you made an enemy to its own past and had in the palm of your hand no longer exists and will never exist again. There is a Turkey that knows the world is bigger than the U.S., that there is a map and mind beyond Europe.

This is the big, multinational scenario against which the operation in Afrin was launched. Action has been taken against not only the PKK and Daesh but against a great plan that will encompass the 21st century. Whether the U.S. likes it or not, that region is going to be cleared of terrorist groups, tools of invasion and foreign intervention elements. You will see, not a single one of the U.S. soldiers putting on a show on our borders today will remain there.

This is a long-term struggle of the 21st century…

Whether the U.S. likes it or not, Manbij and then the east of the Euphrates River is going to be cleared of these elements. Nobody will take to heed their distraction tactics and slowing down guarantees. Because the danger is near and has been fully identified. The scenario has been clearly revealed; there is nothing left hidden.

Turkey is putting up a great fight both internally and in its surroundings. This is a long-term struggle. This is a fight that will leave its mark in the current century and shape a brand new Turkey. This struggle was started with an awareness that has been ongoing since the Crusades.

Neither the U.S. nor Europe have any power and impact left over Turkey. They will come to realize the cost of losing Turkey and replacing it with terror organizations once they lose the entire region.

The ‘founding mind,’ the ‘founding generation’ have taken action

The “founding mind” that has brought Turkey back on its feet in every crisis has taken action once more. The course of history has been changed for a great start, for a great rise.

This generation is a founding generation. The current generation, with its political leader, cadre, military, police, business world, media and nongovernmental organizations, represents the “founding mind” that will leave its mark on the centuries.

And our people are fighting a noble fight. This fight is in Afrin today and will be in the east of the Euphrates tomorrow. But it will always be outside our borders.

We will continue with patience, determination and enthusiasm.


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