The fourth War of Independence is also going to be won with a 'Counter-Coup.' Early labor, secret partners, time for a 'cleanse’ in the economy

Turkey is going to overcome the economic siege targeting it and the U.S.'s all out economic attack with a new "Counter-Coup." This our country's fourth War of Independence in the last five years. But the real showdown is going to take place inside the country. Like after every other attack, a great "cleaning" operation will take place after this attack as well. We are going to witness changes in the capital structure, economic power shifts, the strengthening of companies that demonstrate national resistance, and the weakening of those who are partners with the multinational intervention.

How? Let us explain…

Because our country has renewed and further strengthened itself after every great attack. It has been reinforced, strengthened and made unshakable in whichever area it was attacked. The transformation that was continuing gradually in its own process has been accelerated with the consecutive waves of attack and, while overcoming the attacks itself is a triumph, reinforcement in that area has been a second victory.

So much so that, we are able to do the "cleaning" we could not do at the speed and determination necessary in the normal years with a lot more determination after the "tribulations" we face. This is what it means to turn every "tribulation" into something good.

The first attack was the Gezi Park terror: It ended in two victories

The Gezi Park terror is the first example of this: marginal and divided minority groups have been used in the project planned and managed by certain capital circles, U.S. and European intelligence circles to change the regime through street terrorism, cause internal conflict using the sectarian identity, and condemn Turkey to the U.S. axis, the Western axis all over again, thus bringing the country to the verge of chaos.

However, the attack ended in a fiasco, the state's core became even stronger, for the first time our people witnessed what multinational attacks are and the kind of interventions made so blatantly, which has paved the way for social solidarity.

The Gezi Park terror resulted in the strengthening of the state's central power domain, the further maturation of the political mind directing Turkey toward the great march, and most importantly, the elimination of those marginal groups. This is a cleansing operation. It has turned into a purging operation to eliminate the resistance of the structures under the control of foreign elements and Turkey has staged its first "counter-coup."

The Dec 17-25 financial coup attempt and major cleaning

The second example came with another foreign intervention. This time, a financial coup attempt was made on Dec. 17-25. This was also a multinational intervention. The U.S. administration activated the Fetullah Terrorist Organization and pressed the button to "stop Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan."

Using extraordinary media support nationally and internationally, a grave attack was made by promoting the theme of "corruption," something people are most sensitive about. Erdoğan, his family, friends, everybody supporting Turkey's great struggle and fighting in the frontlines were targeted. After the attack, the government was going to be overthrown, Turkey was going to be condemned to the Atlantic axis, everything gained to date was going to be seized and the capital structure was going to be reshaped.

This too failed. Since that day, both the government and the people have better understood the kind of multinational front they are facing. Let's think why a large portion of the capital groups that supported the Gezi Park events and the Dec. 17-25 coup are not around today. Because they have been purged. The second attack had ended with new purification, with the development of economic sensitivity and cleansing. Another calamity was overcome with "two victories."

July 15: The biggest purge operation in history and the third 'double victory'

They did not give up, because Turkey had to be stopped. The world had to unite and stop this country's rapid rise.

They took action for a third time. They instructed FETÖ to conduct another suicide attack. The biggest multinational attack in the history of the Turkish Republic was launched against the country in coordination with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations. This was a destruction operation. They were going to avenge their Gezi Park and Dec. 17-25 failures. An all-out intervention started against our country. That night, the Atlantic alliance attacked everyone on the homeland axis. Death squads were even sent to martyr the president.

Demonstrating a glorious resistance, our nation beat the world's biggest forces in the matter of a few hours. This was a miracle. Turkey had become a country of miracles. The biggest attack that started after World War I was negated, as if taking revenge for World War I. FETÖ and the PKK were not the only ones defeated, the U.S. was also defeated.

This was also a "double victory." Both their invasion forces and their inside assassins had been defeated, and a major cleansing operation was launched against the foreign intelligence networks in this country, their extensions, gangs and operators in every area. A major purge operation was started in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the police, in all major state institutions, in the media, capital circles and nongovernmental organizations, and the operation is still ongoing.

Three 'counter-coups,' three great showdowns

If it wasn't for July 15, such a systematic cleansing was not possible for this country - it would not have been, could not have been possible. FETÖ terrorists would still be in charge of the most critical institutes. The PKK would still be carrying out heavy attacks. The siege from Syria would have been successful and the Turkey front would have been opened.

The first three attacks resulted in three great victories. As a matter of fact, after every attack, the state, the nation and the ruling government became even stronger. History, the political gene had taken action and every attack from the Atlantic circle was now ending in a much graver counter-coup. All three attacks, all three struggles were national struggles.

They're attacking a fourth time: The economic war will also end in a 'Counter-Coup'

Now, they are conducting a fourth attack upon the defeat of the first three attacks. Turkey is under U.S. siege with a complete economic war. Sanctions, increased tariffs, threats from the White House, the extremely immoral targeting of Turkey, causing social unrest by collapsing the economy and plans to activate the political groups on the inside of the country with which they are in contact...

Pastor Andrew Brunson, the spy, is not the issue. The issue is not only the dollar. This is the fourth major attack that has been initiated through the economy. The U.S. has openly declared war against Turkey. There will be new moves in the attack, and the conflict and separation will further deepen.

But it will soon be understood that Turkey is not only Turkey. Looking at the reactions from Russia, China, Asian countries and Germany, the Trump administration has found itself in an economic war with the world, while it was initially intending to bring Turkey into line. A global front is taking shape against the U.S., and this front sees the U.S. and its dollar as a common threat.

There will be a serious cleanse in the economy, capital

Now, a new national struggle, a new war of independence is being carried out against this economic siege attempt and attack. Turkey's state structure, political mind, resistance and the administration's will are all strong. There is no longer a Turkey that begs for help, or asks for mercy. This war will be won. As a matter of fact, we will win a "double victory." Just as a purge was conducted in those areas in the first three attacks and victory, just as the state and nation re-established themselves and the areas of weakness were strengthened, a new cleaning period will start.

What's certain is that this attack is going to be the opportunity to nationalize in the economy and finance; a very serious cleansing, purification process will start. There will be serious changes in the capital structure and those showing hesitance in our country's national stance, those doing business with intervening circles will weaken.

Early labor, secret partners, companies that have national resistance

National, local companies and capital structures that are globally leading Turkey's showdown will gain strength. That is how it should be. Because, while putting up the struggle of the century, no state will allow areas of weakness, no power will allow secret partners, no country will tolerate those who use its economic power to conduct interventions.

Economic war plans targeting Turkey have been made to go through "early labor." Pay attention to the nationalization, the purification that will take place in economy and finance now. This is where the real reckoning will be happening…

Turkey's capital structure must be re-determined, very radical changes should made. "Local foreigners," "native invaders" that form an area of political power through the economy must certainly be eliminated. This is an opportunity to switch to national economy.


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