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The front within is supporting UAE, global projects to topple Erdoğan

The refusal of Canan Kaftancıoğlu, the Istanbul chairwoman of Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), to call the Turkish Republic’s founding father “Atatürk (the father of all Turks) and instead refer to him as “Veteran Mustafa Kemal” caused a dispute within the party!

As a matter of fact, it did not cause a dispute but slightly unveiled the “CHP project.” You cannot even begin to imagine what we will see when this veil is completely lifted.

How strange. It has basically become verboten among the administration of a party established by Atatürk to mention the term. Even the fiercest Kemalist CHP members are not openly reacting against this ban. Even those meddling in Turkey’s affairs through Kemalism have become unable to defend Atatürk in their own party.

Canan, Kılıçdaroğlu were both appointed to their positions by the same powers

Even the CHP deputies criticizing this situation refrain from mentioning her name openly. They cannot do this because they are very well aware of the powers backing her. They know who appointed her to her current position. They cannot do this, because they are afraid. They know that if they were to do such a thing, they would never again be in the CHP.

They all know that the powers who assigned Canan to the CHP and those who brought Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to the head of the CHP are one and the same.

Forget the charade, look at who changed the CHP axis

They are all aware of the CHP project, who it was designed by and how, that the CHP is no longer Turkey’s founding party, that it has been drawn from the center to the axis of organizations, what its end game is, and what roles have been assigned to the new structure within Turkey.

Thus, do not take the ostensible reactions seriously. There is no sincerity there. Everyone is playing their own role. This is only a charade. Canan most likely exposed a matter that was forbidden to be discussed, that is all.

What is more critical is the shift in the CHP’s axis. If the Atatürk debate is going to part this door, let us discuss what the CHP project really is, for all of Turkey to see.

What is the CHP project? How did they substitute it in place of the HDP?

ever since 2015, I have been writing how the CHP project became a matter of national security and that this is how it was plotted:

1- The game started with the CHP project. This was the plan to move Turkey’s founding party with Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu from the national axis to an anti-Turkey axis. A multinational plan was developed against the Turkey axis, against the homeland axis.

2- Turkey’s central power domain would thus be weakened, all identities would clash, opposition structures would unite under a single CHP-based umbrella, and both armed and unarmed organizations would be camouflaged.

3- In this context, a Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) identity was formed under the CHP identity. A sectarian and ethnic identity-based administration was formed. The EU particularly substituted the CHP to replace the HDP. This is because the HDP influence was no longer adequate for the impact they anticipated within.

How did they turn the CHP into a national security issue?

4- A front was being established to clash with Turkey’s political backbone and the centuries-old ongoing political legacy. This front’s political mind was paralyzed and substituted with a multinational mind in order to render Turkey susceptible to foreign interventions.

5- The HDP, which has become the extension of operations to siege from the south, intervetions from the West, and attempts to invade from within and cause internal conflict, was not a political issue but one of national security. Whoever is protecting and looking out for this structure, which thrives on violence, whoever is veiling its political discourses, that structure is also a national security problem. This is how the CHP’s new role was determined.

6- While the European Union was implementing its agenda with the HDP, from now on it will be doing it instead with the CHP. The CHP’s axis has been shifted and put in the void left by the HDP.

Who’s running the ‘front’ within? Extremely critical!

7- Turkey’s main opposition party bringing the extensions of a terrorist organization aboard government administration and prioritizing them among their candidate order is extremely critical for our country.

8- Similar to the southern terror zone established along the Syria-Iraq line aimed at hindering Turkey, one other front was established within the country through the CHP. The connection, the transitivity between the south zone and certain CHP administrators is no longer concealable.

9- Ever since Kılıçdaroğlu came to the head of the CHP, he allocated all his energy to fighting Turkey, and never stood on the Turkey axis; he repeated the statements of everyone against Turkey.

Cooperation with the UAE to eliminate Erdoğan

10- Strangely, the CHP, normally disassociated with the Arabs per its nature, has recently been speaking through the political mouthpiece of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), supporting all regional and global projects aimed at eliminating President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

11- The response to the question, “who determined the CHP’s candidate list” for the March 31 elections should be sufficient to explain everything. Who were their masterminds, where were those mysterious centers? Was it all for EU interests, U.S. plots, or maybe money ties?

The real trap has been set against CHP members. There are no ties left between CHP-Atatürk

12- The greatest game was set against CHP voters. They still think the CHP is the same party, but the CHP long ago lost its political identity and left the political equation. The current CHP is another political party. It represents the multinational mind and its priorities, not Turkey.

13- I had drawn attention to all these matters in 2015 and wrote articles with the headline, “CHP will be drawn away from the Turkey axis.” This has now become a reality. There is no longer any connection remaining between the CHP and Atatürk. They are likely going to try to bury Atatürk into history through the CHP.

14- Thus, Canan’s statements simply parted a veil. Once that veil is completely lifted, you will see the true aim of the CHP project.


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