The İmamoğlu project has collapsed. This wasn’t about the elections; it was a project targeting Istanbul. The next phase would target the whole of Turkey! Probes into spying, terror and national security should be launched. Let’s see who will flee to the US this time!

A coup, a multinational intervention was conducted against Turkey during the March 31 local elections. Those who failed to successfully carry out the July 15 coup attempt, those who failed to strike Turkey through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria, have this time carried out an operation through the elections.

Months before the elections, PKK and FETÖ elements ran a comprehensive organization trying to sabotage the will of our people.

Those behind this plot and those behind the PKK and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are one and the same.

This wasn’t about the elections; it was a project targeting Istanbul.

Their next step would target the whole of Turkey!

The issue wasn’t the elections, nor was it who would be mayor of Istanbul or even which party would win. It was much greater than that; it was a project targeting Istanbul.

Those who planned to tear Istanbul away from Anatolia during July 15 implemented a project through Istanbul once again. Had it succeeded, phase two would be Anatolia.

Ekrem İmamoğlu had been selected for this project beforehand. In this form, Ekremoğlu isn’t even of the Republican People's Party (CHP); he is but a tool in the operation of the multinational will. This operation targeted not only Turkey but the CHP and its electorate alike.

Those who are blinded by hatred for Erdoğan, where is your patriotism?

Those political parties blinded by hatred for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have, unfortunately, laid the foundations and paved the way for this project attacking Turkey.

The electorate of the IYI (Good) Party and Felicity Party in particular have been played; they have surrendered to the will of the Western masterminds behind the PKK and FETÖ.

By breaking the will of a nation that managed to rise again after a century, by launching a historic fight aimed at taking it once again under tutelage, a part of this country’s national elements has been comrpomised.

Turkey’s national sovereignty has been compromised

Those who unleashed İmamoğlu on the field, making intricate plans, and directly intervening in the ballot boxes and the officers presiding over them, won.

This organized crime was an intervention against democracy, national will and the will of the electorate. It is an intervention targeting Turkey’s national sovereignty, territorial integrity and its future.

The CHP and İmamoğlu himself knew of the intervention in the elections and about the electoral fraud from the very beginning. İmamoğlu was personally involved in the organized theft; he was at the very heart of it.

A will beyond Turkey, beyond political parties was attacking our country, our nation, and our past and future.

Probes into spying, terror and national security should be launched.

A deep and comprehensive investigation should be launched to probe spying, terror and national security spanning the operational and organizational period before, during and after the elections.

Within this context, an investigation probing İmamoğlu is essential. His ties to the PKK and FETÖ, if any, must be revealed. Nothing will be brought to light unless this organization is fully unmasked. If serious evidence surfaces in light of such an investigation, it will reveal the true nature of the İmamoğlu project.

I personally believe that this is the second plot targeting the CHP after the “Baykal plot.” After Baykal, Turkey’s founding party was removed from the Turkey axis, and it was revealed that the real target of the operation was Turkey itself. And it is so again.

Investigations like the July 15 probe should be launched

This matter is not so innocent as to be limited to local elections alone. Our matter is not limited to political parties or their mayoral candidates. This country faces a far more serious challenges. Hence, our people should keep their eyes open, and foil this game, no matter the cost.

Those who stole exam questions, who stole the rights of this country’s children have been unleashed in a multinational intervention during these elections, pilfering votes and extorting the national will.

It is for this reason that an investigation, similar to the July 15 probes, on the organized intervention of the March 31 local elections is essential. Because the essence is the same; the target is once again Turkey.

Let’s wait and see who will flee to the U.S. this time

Turkey’s High Election Board annulled the results of Istanbul’s mayoral election by detecting this blatant fraud and organization. The right choice was made on behalf of Turkey and in the name of our country.

Nothing and no one is superior to Istanbul, to Turkey.

If anyone starts a street movement following this step, they will have taken initiative against Turkey and reveal the true dimension of the multinational intervention.

Let’s see who will flee to the U.S. this time and who will be given asylum there!

They seized Istanbul. We reclaimed it once more...

Let me repeat myself once more: Those who failed to seize Istanbul on July 15 laid siege to it on March 31. It was not the CHP nor was it Ekrem Imamoglu, but the forces behind the PKK and FETÖ terror groups that took hold of Istanbul. And once more it was reclaimed.

Remember these data replicating incidents? They were conducted to provide fodder for the cases filed against Turkey in the U.S.; that data was going to be shipped there.

Turkey is no banana republic.


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