The operation east of the Euphrates is a National Struggle, it is the battle of Çanakkale. The Turkey, Ottoman and Seljuk minds have taken action for the first time.

Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates will be the most effective geopolitical intervention to eliminate the biggest threat against our political history, country and the region.

This intervention is the most powerful regional defense, resistance and reckoning for the survival of Anatolia, for the defense of the region a century later against the new invasion wave. It is for this reason a National Intervention, a War of Independence, a Çanakkale mission.

What transpired a century before in Kut al-Amara is what is taking place today East of the Euphrates. The enemy is the same, the defense is the same, the threat, occupational characteristics and fronts are all the same.

We can’t be Turkey if we don’t do this

Because the intervention east of the Euphrates is a defense of the same region that we defended from every corner a century before. Starting with the Euphrates Shield, and continuing the Afrin intervention on this path, is the greatest dream leading to the liberation of the region and the establishment of a new geography.

This dream, is being carried out by Turkey from a defensive perspective. This country, is in the process of defending not only itself but the whole region with a mentality of “historic depth.” This country is one that gave its all to establish a region that belong to us against those who have been attempting to redesign the region since the First World War.

Turkey couldn’t have been if this weren’t done, Anatolia could not have been saved. If this weren’t done, if Anatolia had come under threat, no structure would be left standing in the region.

Some regional countries are being mobilized "collectively" against Turkey

Because the threat is now coming from every direction, and local actors are serving Western armies in this occupation. Some regional countries are being dispatched, just like the PKK and Daesh terror groups, to the font, serving a single “organization” mission.

UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed together with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman are the two most important regional actors in this Western invasion. The role undertaken by these two “crown princes” against Turkey is the same one played by the PKK and Daesh.

The two “crown princes” will also intervene

The East of the Euphrates intervention will also be one against the occupation project of the so-called “crown princes“ and those who represent them. Not only the PKK will be defeated in the region but also the two “crown princes.” Because they’re nothing but two hitmen that were dragged to the field to start a regional war, to divide Syria and to open the “Turkey front.”

Any structure from outside the region in the East of the Euphrates is an “occupation.” It is plan to occupy the territories of a Muslim country together with a foreign army such as the regional PKK terror group, spanning hundreds of kilometers on Turkey’s southern borders.

The Turkey, Ottoman and Seljuk minds took action for the first time in history.

In fact, Turkey has been surrounded since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The external powers have been dispatching foreign powers to the south of our country from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, forming garrisons, planning to build a corridor from the Mediterranean to the Caspian thus creating a new political map, carrying out a demographic purge in the region and building thick walls between the Arab world and Turkey.

These were all known, but for the first time in its history in this country, a national mind, a state mind goes beyond short-term relations and intervenes in this game with historical depth and forward-thinking. The Turkey, Ottoman and Seljuk minds have taken action for the first time in history.

For the first time, a political leader and the political intellect he represented, had realized the continuation of the First World War and had the courage to put an end to it.

The fight will grow on this land, it has always been like this

None of the conflicts in this region are internal. None of the issues that Turkey has been fighting are local. Neither PKK nor Daesh are local or matters of terrorism.

Both the Syrian war and the occupation of Iraq were wars on a global scale. Bringing these two crown princes to the fore and the July 15 coup attempt are both a part of a reckoning on a global scale.

From the Iranian border all the way to the Mediterranean, we’re there, we’ll be there

This intervention can never be underestimated, neglected, or postponed. It is also a reality that can never be escaped even with the possibility of it being averted. Because the “multinational” project underway here is an open threat to Turkey, the region and the entire Muslim world.

No country from outside the region that spans from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean or those countries dispatched by them or a terror organization should have control over in the region. This is indispensable for us.

“Even if it seems like suicide”

No matter the cost, “even if seems like suicide” these interventions must be carried out. Because, this is a past reckoning, and is a guarantee for the future. We’re in the era of foiling hard games. We're in the era of “You’re as powerful as the strength you project.”

Turkey is on the right track. We have to back our country on this path with all our power. Because our front is the “Turkey Axis."


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