The election in Istanbul has been rigged; it isn’t legitimate... The ‘theft’ uncovered so far is sufficient proof to annul the city’s results. The High Election Board should perceive the danger. Elections should be renewed

It has now become clear that the elections held in Turkey’s Istanbul were “rigged” and that “theft” was involved. This defect can no longer be hidden.

It's not exactly rigged in all sense of the word, but it was certainly an "organized intervention." It's now clear that the election results in Istanbul are corrupt and illegitimate.

A structure which appointed its men in the most sensitive positions of the government for years by stealing exam questions is at the heart of such an operation that requires such delicate work.

This is an intervention and it is Turkey’s common problem

What we are discussing is not who won or lost. It is not the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) or the Republican People’s Party (CHP) either.

It is not about who will become mayor. Much beyond all that, we are trying to uncover the truth.

What we are discussing is an “intervention,” and this is Turkey’s common problem. It is an intervention carried out from within but planned abroad, and configured through the groups that have been utilized in interventions to date.

A game has been set up against not only the electorate of the AK Party, but also against the electorate of the CHP. An intervention has been made in the CHP through Ekrem İmamoğlu.

Turkish democracy has suffered a fatal blow, and an entity has intervened in democracy. Those who used that entity on the July 15, 2016 coup attempt took the first step through Istanbul. Their plan is not Istanbul alone; the next steps are more or less clear.

What has been discovered so far is enough to annul the election…

The shifts in the records, the invalid votes alone showed that thousands of votes were stolen from the AK Party. The fact that 15,000 votes were stolen is sufficient to show that this election is corrupt.

This change alone reveals the doubt, the heart-breaking theft, and the covert intervention. Think about all the incidents, think about what else may have happened. Perhaps thousands of votes were rigged. This is strongly possible in this state.

The facts uncovered so far are enough to annul an election. Nobody should try and gloss over these as innocent mistakes, because such a thing is not possible.

The High Election Board should perceive this danger

Therefore, a re-run of the elections in Istanbul is mandatory. The public conscience has been debilitated. Turkey’s High Election Board (YSK) should perceive this danger, otherwise it will go down in history as a corrupt election.

Even if İmamoğlu takes office as mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality despite these facts, he will not and cannot ever be legitimate.

He will go down in history as “The man who became mayor with stolen votes.” Because it is clear that votes were stolen for İmamoğlu. It has been clearly revealed that the ballot boxes were intervened in in his favor.

Who nominated him as a mayoral candidate, who imposed him on us? Where part does the FETÖ terror group have in it?

I personally believe that İmamoğlu being nominated as a mayoral candidate for the CHP, his campaign, and lastly the period leading up to the vote theft need to be investigated to the finest detail.

Additionally, the theft at the ballot boxes, the pre-election scheming, how and through whom these plans were made, and the part that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) played in all this need to be investigated in detail.

Whose will, whose project nominated him as a candidate? Who imposed him on the CHP?

Why the Gezi Park blackmail? Who is threatening Turkey?

How were pre-election operations of those who determined Ekremoğlu as a candidate conducted?

How did those who made him a candidate intervene in the list of the officers presiding over the ballot boxes, and how did they organize the shift of registries?

How did those who nominated him as a candidate give prominence to a revolt-like blackmail such as that of Gezi Park, in the fear that their electoral corruption will be revealed, and rebuild the social media networks of the Gezi Park event period?

Did İmamoğlu have any relations with FETÖ in the past or present? How devoted to the CHP is İmamoğlu, or was he brought all the way here as a project for an alternative agenda?

Something beyond the CHP winning Istanbul’s mayoralty was planned and applied here. Truths that will shock even the CHP voter may surface.

Do we need greater proof than this?

The AK Party requested a redo of the Istanbul election yesterday. Nationalist Movement Party Chairman Devlet Bahçeli wanted the election to be renewed.

The more the truth is revealed, the public conscience will start taking action. Let us see what those who think that this is solely about the CHP and the votes say then?

I repeat, it has become clear in the findings until now, about 15,000 votes have been stolen in the “network theft” in Istanbul. Even this is proof that the election in one province is illegitimate and that it should definitely be annulled.


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