The Jamal Khashoggi murder belongs to a Daesh mentality. From how many countries were assassins brought on that plane? A UAE-Israeli sabotage: is this a Russian plane scenario as well?

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's violent murder at Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate is an example of barbarism rarely seen around the world. It is a Daesh mentality, it is method like those used in the prison of Abu Ghraib.

If the way he was killed is as stated, we are face-to-face with the horrific truth of how a state, an administration works like a terrorist organization.

This massacre is a clear example of how those opposing the Saudi Arabian administration - especially Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - are silenced and eliminated, how businessmen and men of religion are held hostage and blackmailed, and what more might be done from now on.

What does the murder in Istanbul say and to whom?

Khashoggi being murdered in such a way in Turkey, in the heart of Istanbul, is a heavy blow to our country's honor. It is turning Turkey into a center of intelligence operations, tarnishing it with a terror operation, and attacking its status of being a reliable city, an area of freedom.

Because Istanbul is a safe haven, a shelter, and area of freedom for Arab and Muslim thinkers. This murder is an attack on this characteristic of Turkey, of Istanbul. This may have been the goal. The Khashoggi incident is a sign that, from now on, new operations will be conducted in Turkey on Arab thinkers, on those who oppose.

This is an Israeli method: From how many countries were assassins brought on that plane?

They want to make sure that they cannot stay in this country, take shelter in this country. This must be taken into consideration and measures should be developed. A sort of intelligence hunt must be conducted to reveal covert operations. Sending assassins by plane, abducting and murder is not something Turkey can tolerate.

Taking hostages, abduction or murder are clearly the methods of Israeli intelligence. Mohammed bin Salman and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed are already working together everywhere with Israeli, American and British intelligence. Were all of those who arrived to Istanbul by plane that day Saudi Arabian? Or were there Israelis, Emiratis or Egyptians as well? This needs to be brought out into the light.

It should be found out if this was a joint operation. Because these countries and intelligence tools are cooperating in the entire region. They are trying to design in the entire region in accordance with U.S./Israeli interests. They carry out civil wars and covert operations in the whole region together with terrorist organizations.

They are taking action with a ruthless anti-Turkey belligerence in the entire region, trying to form the psychological grounds of a Turkish-Arab war, and to build an anti-Turkey wave.

A UAE-Israel sabotage: is this a Russian jet plot too?

U.S.-Israeli intelligence control Saudi, UAE and Egyptian intelligence. There is a rough murder even beyond intelligence here. It seems as though some are trying to use this murder to drag Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations to a point beyond repair.

This is the UAE-Israeli mindset. Despite all of Salman’s absurdities, Ankara acted carefully and prevented a crisis until now.

It was patient, mature, and always had the hope that relations could improve and strengthen. It especially always upheld the sensitivities of Saudi Arabian citizens.

Now, the timing of this murder reveals the thought, “Was there the likelihood of such a rapport that it was sabotaged?” Is someone sabotaging something? Is this why the Jamal Khashoggi incident was planned? There are too many questions. Are we facing an incident similar to the U.S., Israel and terrorists of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) downing the Russian jet?

What are they up to in Turkey nowadays?

Zayed and Salman are two leaders who have devoted their entire existence to hostility against Turkey. They breed all kinds of terror organizations in the region against Turkey, and provide them with money and arms. They are trying to form a wave through anti-Turkey sentiment.

This understanding backed the July 15 attack. It backed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and continues to support it. They are the ones giving the greatest support to the terror corridor in the north of Syria. They were involved in every multinational plot aimed at toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The secret behind FETÖ and the Dubai meetings is yet to be resolved.

Nowadays, they are underhandedly supporting and financing a new “opposition and intervention” structure. This is the angle the “conservative opposition” and “conservative intervention” plans – to which I have long been trying to draw attention – need to be viewed from.

Who is imposing the ‘Arab-Turk war’ on these princes?

There is no “Iranian threat” behind Salman paying $4 billion and asking U.S. troops to remain in Syria, but animosity toward Turkey. Because the U.S. and Israel established a new anti-Turkey axis through the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The $100 million paid for the PKK/U.S. presence in Raqqa is a part of this.

A serious international planning that is aimed at forming an Arab bloc that will openly target Turkey is in question. These two leaders are also among those striving for our failure in Afrin.

Zayed will pay the price for these enormities

Zayed arming Daesh in particular, arming the PKK and encouraging them to attack Turkey, and feeding the terror corridor in northern Syria, is great treachery to both Turkey and the region. The day will come when he will pay the price of this treachery, this evil. This monument of evil’s operation plans in Turkey are being watched very closely. They will see, in a few years, when the multi-front war that will start in the Persian Gulf in a few years’ time surrounds their countries, that they do not have enough strength against Turkey. They are the Trojan Horses of the region’s great enemies on the inside of the country.

Khashoggi’s killing is an Israeli, Saudi, UAE scenario

This is the start of a bad future. It will continue – on Saudi citizens today, and on other countries’ citizens or politicians tomorrow. The crew and mentality that poisoned and killed Yasser Arafat is also behind the Khashoggi assassination. Murderers like Mohammad Dahlan are behind this. Because, the Dahlan crew was working on Turkey a year before July 15 as well. Even though the journalist killed opposed Salman, the prints belong to Mohammed bin Zayed. He is Salman’s boss. And U.S./Israeli intelligence are both their bosses.


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