The local ‘superior mind’: The plan has grown, the claim has grown, Turkey has grown… Let the major players come forward!

What’s difficult but that we are obliged to do is to say something about Turkey’s future from now onwards. We have to start the mobilization to produce a superior mind without getting caught up in the past, by breaking out of our shells, without making calculations based on our expectations, and without personalizing anything.

We are required to produce a plan that goes beyond our personal interests and plans, and carry a claim to the future. We have to produce an idea, perspective, and new discourses beyond all the ones to date, equip ourselves in accordance with the needs and conditions of a top league and act accordingly. We have to produce politics, culture, art, aesthetics and value.

Like building a new century, like building a new geography

We are required to adjust ourselves, not others, according to the transformation in the state and society, to starting anew, to re-establishment, to try and take place in this great wave, to produce a goal which will spread that wave to the 21st century and much beyond, to work with all our might to achieve that goal and, with this aim, to spread throughout the earth, to reach the farthest corners of the East and West, to start a fight, like building a new century, like building a new country, a new geography, and like building a new and global power.

What is valuable, what needs to have value, the weight we need to feel on our shoulders is to join the journey to meet the needs of Turkey, which is on its great march of the future, to avoid stumbling regardless of what happens, and to activate a great zeal for the country, the nation and the homeland. It is to take position in accordance with the needs of this top league in politics, the business world, the civil society domain, in intellectual circles and the media and do whatever is required by our share of commitment.

Foreign intellectual identity, structures suffering from a domestic identity crisis

Wasting time with the scores, the fights of the past, strict power projects is now over in this country. There is no longer any chance left in this country to continue with the old style of politics, the old economic outlook and method of doing business.

There is no longer any chance in this country to get somewhere through old methods of journalism, through intellectual identities that are more so controlled from abroad, through personalities that perceive culture as receiving a couple of small undertaker tenders, and through futile men who show off without producing anything, with their backs leaned against politics and the state.

There is no longer any chance in this country to walk alongside nongovernmental organizations whose nativeness is unclear, structures that perceive being a religious group as making adjustments to the state and that have turned being a religious group into a competition to take a share from the state’s power domain, the U.S. or Europe’s project political parties and native elements of invasion.

The plan has vastly grown, the claim has vastly grown, Turkey has vastly grown

Because the plan has vastly grown, the claim has vastly grown, Turkey has vastly grown; the march toward the future has rapidly gained momentum; and the issue is now beyond being Turkey’s issue and has become a turn in the region and history. Similar to all great rising periods, there will be those who will not be able to keep pace with this period: perhaps they will not be able to interpret and understand what it is and be pushed out of history.

Though this may seem ruthless at first, for those who look at the examples in our millennium-old regional history, everything will fit perfectly into place. Because today, the period of the “Third Great Rise” has started; the rules of the game have changed, leading us into the period of great claims, great showdowns and great struggles.

Interpreting the local ‘superior mind’ and global power shifts

From now on, everything in this country will be discussed at the regional and global scale. Nothing will be an internal issue of Turkey alone. The new era that has started is the era of those who look at the change, the power and axis shifts in the world and speak accordingly, not those who look to the past and speak.

Those who want to take place in this race for the future will be required to produce a political discourse that will further grow Turkey’s scale, produce ground-breaking works of art and culture, clearly wage a war against projects that will turn the identity vacuums on the inside to conflict, and develop experiences that will produce a regionally superior language and mentality. The era of projects that will fill the voids suggested to us by supra-nation projects, producing a local superior mind that will format the region and global power shifts has started.

Global geopolitical disintegration: Which game will we be setting?

It is now time to overcome Meral Akşener’s Good Party (IP), the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) chronic fights, the plots and outdated “native invader” slyness of groups that have replaced the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and turn our entire focus to our region and the world, to the East as much as the West.

Those who have something to say and have ideas on where the U.S. and Europe’s trade wars with China will lead to, where the West, which has turned its back on the discourses of democracy and freedom, will head, to which side the BRICS summit in South Africa –which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be attending Wednesday – tends toward in this power battle, what will be of the EU’s future, whether we can produce a common language and wave regarding our region, the kind of power equilibrium that will be produced by the rapidly rising Asian powers, the kind of world that will emerge with the Atlantic Alliance losing its global dominance after four centuries, and the kind of surprises Turkey can make on the list of “rising countries” will be the ones to stand out.

No foreign-linked structure will be allowed

The era of becoming a big-gun, taking shelter under the shadow of the state, institutions, companies, religious groups and nongovernmental organizations has come to an end. The era of becoming a poet, novelist, man of culture with support has also come to an end. Those who have carved out a large space for themselves in power domains through relations alone, without producing any discourses, concepts, projects or plans and turned this into a lifestyle may face surprises.

The “outside connections” of individuals, institutions, political circles and structures I call “conservative opposition” will be questioned; no structure that has foreign support will be allowed to be an active player in this country. Regardless of whether this support is from the U.S. or the EU, whether it is from Germany, France, Iran or an Arab country, these structures will be considered a threat for the great local wave.

Let us enter the era of great claims shoulder-to-shoulder

While we object to being controlled and directed from abroad, we are going to expand to the world, we are going to act on the global scale, and our statements and claims are going to make their actual impact abroad. It is going to be a period in which we expand more abroad, but one in which the area of maneuver of foreign-backed operational structures are limited. Because the goal of even small actions in this domain will be to sabotage Turkey’s great march.

We have entered an age of mobilization in all areas. This mobilization is not because of a lack or difficulty, it’s source is much greater claims. Regardless of who you are, what your political background is, wherever you stood until today, everyone is face-to-face with the test of standing in the right place with respect to nationalization, indigenization, and the great march of history. I am personally calling you all to an age of claims, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. I am calling you all to take place among the leaders of a great foundation. That is all.


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