The localization wave will first strike the ‘conservative opposition.’ Don’t underestimate that ‘mind!’

The biggest risk of the upcoming period is “falling offside.” If people, institutions, companies, nongovernmental organizations, religious groups and political movements are unable to correctly interpret Turkey’s great transformation, where it is coming from and where it is headed toward, if they do not invest in this change, which will gain further momentum in the upcoming years, they will fall offside, lose their claims, and some will lose their political and ideological theories.

We can see great structures are eroding while people and circles that act wisely are transforming into great powers and that dramatic shifts are occurring in this context. We can see very strong personalities be forgotten, major companies weaken and collapse, new actors come into play, some of the structures and circles undermined today shifting to the fore and those who hold a significant position in Turkey’s traditional power domain being pushed outside that circle. Because the result of “falling offside” during this period is to diminish, fall into wrong plans, weaken and disappear.

Both traditional political theories and media reflex have collapsed

We will see many examples of this. We will witness changes at an unprecedented speed. The traditional political theories in Turkey have collapsed, the political language has gotten old and no longer has any response in neither he ye power domain not the social domain. Apart from marginal political identities, this traditional domain has collapsed. Political groups or parties will lose ground to the extent they are unable to develop a new vernacular. This is the most important outcome of Turkey’s June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The traditional media reflex in Turkey has collapsed. Both the language used and the political stance have been exhausted. The media’s relations with the state and people have fizzled, with the media gurus of the past forgotten. Because they have no responses left. Because they failed to comply with the state and the public’s general tendency, with the rising wave, they couldn’t read it and re-establish themselves. The localization and nationalization of media will, after a while, start bringing forth its own values and intellectual products.

Everyone must evaluate these from personal, institutional, economic or cultural aspects and shape where they stand or they will stand based on this. The risk of “falling offside” very clearly exists for some groups and institutions that are carrying Turkey to this great transformation.

Those who undermine the “mind” that has brought Turkey to this day will lose

When looking at the objections, criticisms and displeasure arising from these circles after June 24, it is clear that this “state of surprise” is actually the result of not being able to see some things. We see many undermine the “mind” that brought Turkey to these levels in 15 years and constantly emphasize the mistakes.

We see that those who supported the changes of the past 15 years embraced both the change and the country without noticing, they personalized it, they are expecting great rewards and when they failed to settle in the fore as much as they desired, they joined a choir of criticism. You see, this is failing to read what comes next. Those who do this will lose.

Those disappointed after June 24

Because they are unable to interpret the general global trend, that wave of strength, Turkey’s great transformation and a new historic march. They have surrendered to the question marks in their minds, old-school objections and extremely personal criticisms that no longer have a response.

Many are trying to increasingly overcome their failure to understand, to measure by disguising these criticisms as rightful. In doing so, they think they are going to extract revenge by hiding their decades-old expectations, their drive to protect what already exists, and their strictly personal ambition for power.

Especially circles that experienced deep disappointments after the June 24 elections are focusing their reactions on people. As they list their complaints, saying “So and so minister is bad, that manager is bad, how can such an appointment be, what are they doing, is this what we fought for,” we are trying to understand what that person’s expectations might be.

It can crush even the strongest structures

There is now a mind, march, dynamism and wave of change much beyond individuals, institutions and groups. This wave is developing Turkey at an extraordinary rate and will continue to do so. All the classic perceptions and scales of Republican history will also change.

Therefore, nobody should make their plans based on the habits they gained to this date. This is such a wave that it can even crush the strongest structures. It can destroy institutions, companies, power groups networking under the guise of religious movements, media outlets and intellectual resistance groups.

All the world’s central countries are now turning toward themselves. They are returning to their history and claims. They are trying to strengthen their core, and keep the public resolute. They are giving strength to defense lines, taking steps that will keep its economy alive, extraordinarily localizing their social identity and closing themselves off to all “foreign” movements.

This is what Turkey is doing. It is focusing on power, focusing on its core, strengthening the state’s central power domain, gathering its social identity on a national axis, strengthening its defense shields and localizing the political language. But Turkey is accumulating power much faster than most. This extraordinary power core is strong enough to crush everything that will resist against it.

Trying to resist “localization” with conservative identity

This is such an investment in the future that it will put all individuals, political circles, institutions, companies, media outlets, religious groups and small Islamic structures through the localization test. The process and that great wave will do this regardless and will not allow any obstacle to stand in its way. This is an extraordinary shift, a history changing period. It is not going to be possible to resist against this localization under the conservative or Islamist identity either.

Turkey is going to transform into a power that takes large-scale steps and can shape the region. Nobody should think in the current Turkey scale. It is clear that certain groups “among us” asking “What is Erdoğan trying to do?” after June 24 are stuck in serious blindness. I know that all the objections I have heard today are the result of this blindness.

The wave will first strike the “conservative opposition”

Do not try and find notes from old books in this great localization, strengthening and rising period. Do not ever forget that your religious groups may become “alien” in this period. Do not fantasize a power center with your old habits and get caught up in the dream world.

Turkey’s path is becoming local, national, and Muslim. It is a turn to history, a march to the future. Do not listen to the “conservative opposition’s” fancy words and great claims, because this is the group that will first be struck by the wave.


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