The man who said, ‘The lights are on’ threatened Turkey. He threatened us all. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The man who said, ‘The lights are on’ threatened Turkey. He threatened us all.

A man said, “The lights are on.” He was well aware of what he was saying.

He was trying to draw attention to Turkey’s most humiliating, most insulting flaws. He exhibited the most despicable state of symbolism.

He sparked minds and memories. He announced his longing for the old, the bad, for bigotry, and tutelage regimes.

That night he tampered with Turkey’s nervous system: He caused fear, terror. He reiterated the events that transpired on Sept. 12, Feb. 28, and July 15. He said, “We will do it again, watch your step!”

A man who was once in the highest institution of the legal system threatened the whole country that night. He did not use a tone specific to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), but rather a putschist tone.

A primitive hope, vicious wish: They thought, ‘what if’, ‘maybe’.

Journalists became rather excited, as did former putschists; political parties pursuing a short-cut to power through by-passing the people’s will grew animated. A primitive hope, a vicious wish was activated. Emotions such as anger, fury, revenge were all aroused.

They all waited in anticipation thinking, “If the Constitutional Court’s lights have been switched on, so will the General Staff’s.” Those who were awaiting the results of the secret coup on July 15, 2016, thought, “what if,” “maybe.”

But it was done away with an apology. It was covered saying, “The people misunderstood me,” and the people were blamed once again.

Those keeping him in his position and protecting him knew very well what he meant. They knew the message very well. They did not even feel the need to think that we would infer that they are preserving this message while simultaneously protecting him.

The man who volunteers for every assignment

But is that all?

The Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) leader makes threat every time he speaks. He attacks Turkey whenever he is attacking President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

He builds partnerships with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group, with FETÖ, with the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), with Europe which is making calls to “stop Turkey,” with the princes of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, who are building a “front against Turkey.”

When Turkey is in question, he cooperates with everyone who opposes it. A sense of revenge, a sense of evil; he is calling this country to account. He continues to stand on covert fronts with the dream of an intermediate regime.

Whether it is the PKK, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the U.S., or France, it does not make a difference – he joins them. He volunteers for every task in this area.

You are not ‘national’ at all: Which power brought you together?

But is that all?

Who established the “People’s Alliance”? For which power, which will, which agenda was it established? The misfortune that its name contains “people” aside, this is an entirely anti-national axis and multinational project. It is not national at all.

Who brought together all these political parties, terrorist organizations, tutelage institutions, and those striking Turkey in the Mediterranean and the Aegean on the same front? To whom does this project belong?

You abandoned this country. As if that wasn’t enough, you attacked it from within

They never displayed a national stance in any regard. They cannot, because the agendas that were handed to them do not belong to this country. This country is not at the center of their political approach. This structure was developed to institute a new sort of tutelage. They never supported Turkey in any of its struggles to date.

A war breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan; they support Armenia. A struggle is put up in Libya; they speak in discourse of the French. They become pro-Baath in Syria. They are able to stomach being on the same front with the PKK. They take position on the opposite side, regardless of the front.

They abandoned Turkey in the most critical period of history. They never boosted this country’s strength. In fact, they tore it down. They took it upon themselves to stop Turkey from within.

Accept it, there’s no longer a Turkey your minds can control, your imaginations can bear

Do those saying, “The lights are on,” not see that this nation never sleeps? Do they not see how it is resisting, the path it is taking, and the struggles it is putting up? Do they feel no shame about provoking the people with discourse belonging to the FETÖ and PKK terror groups?

This is beyond simple impertinence. It is beyond momentary inconsideration. It is a mental state. It is not personal. It is an operation that is underhandedly spread and organized against Turkey’s great march.

Do not forget, that era is long gone. The world has undergone a radical change. Turkey made a major leap in thought and power. It is no longer a country that your minds can control or your imaginations can bear.

Regardless of who’s help you seek, you will never be able to stop this

A century on, Turkey has become extraordinary. It has become one of the world’s central countries and is a driving country in its own region. It will never again be trapped within Anatolia. Its people can never again be oppressed by U.S. tutelage or European control.

The history-making, region-building political legacy has taken action. You will never be able to stop this. Regardless of who you call for help, regardless of your dreams, regardless of where you draw your strength from, regardless of whose agenda you follow, and regardless of whose revenge you are exacting, you will fail.

Keep your lights on so we know who you are. Let it be known, we are wide awake

Those who open the doors from within, those building “internal fronts,” those exacting revenge on this country, those who solely strive for harm, those who are deprived of the love of Turkey, those who have mobilized to weaken the confidence in Turkey, should be told:

A rising era has started despite your efforts. Turkey is building an extraordinary power despite you. Turkey is drawing its own path for the first time despite your efforts. Turkey is becoming the biggest power post-Ottoman era despite you.

We know all those disturbed by all this. So, why are you disturbed?

Please keep all your lights on so that we know who you are. But be warned, we never sleep!


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