The Mohammed bin Salman project has collapsed. The Turkey leg of the axis has been revealed! There are preparations for a new 'multinational intervention'... Bombs in the US: Worse will come!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's political future is over. Salman's plans to lead his country, become the regional leader, shape a new Saudi Arabia in accordance with U.S.-Israeli expectations, and design a new region through this project have, for the time being, gone down the drain.

There will be much stronger evidence revealed regarding the connection between Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's brutal murder and Mohammed bin Salman, and the world is going to find out all about this. The news of explosives in the U.S. yesterday is a clear sign of how huge the incident is, the kind of global project the Khashoggi murder has shaken.

He had started a 'man hunt' throughout this dual region

We are going to find out a great deal about how the orders to murder Khashoggi came directly from Salman, that they have lists with figures similar to Khashoggi, that they started a sort of "man hunt" not only in Saudi Arabia but throughout the region, that they were following a path similar to the "secret torture centers" introduced post-September 11 and the "CIA jets," that they are doing this in coordination with U.S., Israeli and Egyptian intelligence, that United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed is the main manager of the traffic in question, and that Salman is acting under Zayed's control.

Many dirty files will be revealed, with topics ranging from money trafficking to terrorist organizations along the UAE-Saudi Arabia-Egypt-Israel-U.S. line, from civil war and invasion plans to regime change projects, from covert attacks and plans targeting Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to abduction and murder. They had established a new equilibrium in the region.

Once the documents are revealed, the noose around their neck is going to get tighter

The equilibrium was established on behalf of the U.S. and Israel. They had swiftly started overt/covert operations in all countries in the region. They were going to build a new tutelage, severely harm those against the equilibrium - and as a matter of fact, they were going to dismiss them. This was not their project; they had only received the tender and became the main undertakers in the region.

After this moment onward, the Saudi administration cannot carry this crown prince. The U.S. cannot establish a regional equilibrium through a person who has been tarnished and wounded to this extent. The U.S. and Israel are going to have to give up Salman whether they like it or not. They will lose serious ground in the region if they continue to support him.

Once the records and documents in Turkey's possession are released, the noose around Salman's neck is going to get tighter. The Zayed connection is going to become clearer. It is going to be revealed that Zayed, who is behind everything from the Qatar issue to the terror corridor in northern Syria, from the Libya and Yemen wars to the plans of the new front to be opened, is a trap for the region, and that Salman is a trap for Saudi Arabia.

Great regional war plans revealed

The Khashoggi murder revealed a massive plan targeting the entire region, including Turkey. There were those who were in the know, but it was difficult to explain, because much was carried out through covert operations. The likes of Mohammed Dahlan, U.S. mercenaries and security companies, and structures such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Daesh were re-assigned in accordance with this project.

The murder also exposed a major war preparation that would spread through the entire region. As soon as the Syria issue was over, as soon the fate of the project aimed at the east of the Euphrates became clear, as a matter of fact, before these were completed, a massive front was going to be opened from the Persian Gulf.

An Iranian-Saudi war was going to be broken out, an Arab bloc led by Salman and Zayed was going to settle scores with Iran. No country in the gulf was going to be left out of this war. This plan was the plan to carry war to the heart of Islam. Salman's withdrawal will at least delay this war.

Is it not yet time to question the project's 'Turkey leg'?

This is where the clues related to the project's Turkey leg are revealed. It was obvious Turkey would take a stance aimed at protecting the whole region. This could have ruined plans. Hostility was put between Saudi Arabia and Turkey to prevent Turkey's areas of intervention, and to prevent the Erdoğan-led political mind's intervention in this project.

Anti-Turkey sentiment, discourse that "Turkey is a threat" was promoted in the Arab streets. The campaign was again made through Salman and Zayed. If thick walls are erected between Arabs and Turks, it was going to be the Arab world left defenseless, with this war ending in Saudi Arabia's destruction.

For a few years I have been following how this process was cultivated. I have been following the clues to the Turkey leg of this plan for a few years. I had been following and seeing the "oppositional" formation that was underhandedly carried out, the kind of dialogues made with the masses, and the kind of "multinational intervention" scenario played out under the guise of "opposition."

Turkey saw the project, and certain groups took action in panic

The parallel between the "Salman and Zayed axis" and this activity was quite interesting. A "multinational attempt" that has a conservative touch, includes crypto Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) members, and uses FETÖ logistics could be sensed in every area.

Turkey was quick to realize a comprehensive project targeting Erdoğan and itself that was carried out both in the region and inside the country. The Khashoggi murder unveiled the project. While some continue to discuss the criminal dimension alone, a major regional plan is on the verge of collapse. Turkey is currently the only country that has enough power capable of collapsing this.

I notice that the more the noose around Salman's neck tightens, the more Zayed's dirty files start to surface, FETÖ, the PKK, Daesh and those managing the Turkey leg of the said axis are suddenly starting to get active again.

Their first target was the People's Alliance

1- The most important goal of the Turkey leg of this axis is the collapse of the People's Alliance. They can do nothing while this alliance exists. The collapse of the alliance will quickly be followed by new steps.

2- After that stage, intervention opportunities in the north of Syria will be eliminated, weakened, and as a matter of fact, the Euphrates Shield and our presence in Afrin will be questioned nationally too.

3- The fight against terrorism will lose its impact in the country and be weakened, it will assume FETÖ-like roles, and Turkey's national backbone will be severely weakened.

4- The consensus between Turkey and Russia will be ruined, damaged; the Syria file will once again fully turn to the U.S./Israel/PKK/Daesh axis.

There are preparations for a new 'multinational' intervention both in the region and in Turkey

5- What's most important is that the "opposition and intervention" networking that is being carried out underhandedly, which some already see, is going to become blatant, with a serious disintegration being encouraged from politics to NGOs, from the media to capital, and the mind of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) voter will be severely confused.

6- It is true that these are all part of the Turkey leg of the said axis established through Salman and Zayed. Their areas of "operation" in Turkey need to be paid great attention. The more Salman is cornered, the more this plan has sped up.

7- Erdoğan and Turkey should take advantage of the opportunity gained with the Khashoggi murder and negate the anti-Turkey axis established in the region. The forces behind the "setup" carried out in Turkey will also be revealed within this context.

8- Because they are both preparations for the new "multinational intervention." I will say it loud and clear: The new multinational intervention of the post-July 15 coup attempt has been revealed. I hope it will be prevented.

The bombs in the US: The worse may be yet to come

9- Let us add that the consecutive bomb reports received from the U.S. are not independent from these incidents, that they are adjusted to changing the agenda, to save the great project implemented through Salman and Zayed, and that there are attempts to attack the world's extraordinary awareness.

I would say that if this does not work, take into consideration that something more serious and shocking will happen. There will be operations carried out locally and from abroad. But we are very strong. They are going to witness another counter-coup.


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