The new area of outside intervention: Soon they will even say 'Islamist fascists'

Turkey's new road map should be to seek power on the outside and integrity and the homeland axis on the inside. Preparing for the stronger storms throughout the world, reinforcing the field of defense as much as possible, is to know that the strongest weapon is to strengthen the lines of solidarity on the inside.

Because the world is being dragged in to an utmost power struggle, supranational structures are becoming insignificant and collapsing, security strategies are prevailing over everything and states are making extraordinary efforts to expand their game area in this great struggle.

While doing this on the outside, states are again adjusting all their investments on the inside to social integrity and solidarity, giving prominence to political discourse that will keep the masses together. The far-right's rising so high in EU countries is a project. It is a part of the plans to keep communities in solidarity in the upcoming extraordinary period. It is a plan to prepare for extreme threats.

Discovering political genetics, arming oneself with all the weapons

Turkey, which has rediscovered its political genetics and carried its political and social wealth that goes back centuries to today, is obliged to arm itself with all the weapons that it has in this most important transition period in world history. Turkey is obliged to understand this major global change well; to refrain from falling captive to one-sided dependency relationships; to avoid being defeated by the small plans on the inside; diminish their area of intervention from the outside and to make a new historic leap.

There is no alternative to this. There are no other options. Failing this means being destroyed and withdrawing from the stage. It means the closing the page of Turkey's future. For this, we have been striving the past 15 years. We are resisting defeat against the fights of global power. We are paying the price to continue the walk of great history. We are resisting coups, civil war scenarios and treachery.

Like the Seljuks, like the Ottomans

Because we consider this to be a new rising period like that of the Seljuks' rise, like that of the Ottomans' rise, a state of reassuming the role of making history. As we think this way, we look ahead, not in front of us. We think according to not only the history of the Republic, but the millennia-old history in this country. We make plans not according to petty interests, but to the history of civilization.

The world is going to reshape whether we like it or not. Not only our region, but the power map of the entire world is going to change and be renewed. While some nations are going to take to the stage, some are going to be wiped out. Nations that make history are going to return to their past and carry their old plans and claims to today.

All nations are turning to their own codes

This is going to be a world in which no country or power is going to be able to remain standing by leaning on their alliance alone. Hence, this nation is rapidly turning back to its own political genetics and codes. Just look around you. Look at the world, you are going to see the same search and preparation in all countries. Because there is no other way to this and there will be no other way to it in the world of the 21st century either.

This is why we do not look at the War of Independence alone. We must look at Çanakkale, the Qut al-Amara victory and the Gaza/Jerusalem wars as well. We have to lay the entire history from the Mongolian invasion to the Crusades on the table. Re-establishment is not possible any other way.

Keeping silent is destruction

It is not possible to start a new rising history any other way. While all nations and states are doing this, while they are entering this path, trying to expand their gaming area in the new world, our keeping silent would be division and destruction.

Our political genetic is Ottoman, is Seljuk up until the Republic. Our region is the Middle East, up to Central Asia. A Turkey that is distant from the region and political identity to which we belong, far from the communities with which we are together, will not be able to remain standing. We are obliged to hold on to the perception of our region, the perception of our history and our common past experiences. Our future will be shaped together by the leaders of today and the leaders of the past.

A new political language must be produced, it must be the common language of Turkey

Then we are required to develop a new language; to produce a new political discourse that will lead to deep tremors and awakening from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific coasts; to turn Turkey into a common language. And while doing this, we need to avoid steering into paths that are not native; falling for the discourse imposed on us; indulging in ordered projects; tolerating new operation fields within Turkey.

While doing this, we are required to avoid estranging the people with whom we are going to walk this great path and avoid placing foreign elements in the “local" category. Because the result of this is like death; it will be like the end of history for us. This period is a time of making strong decisions and making progress with strong people. The homeland axis should stand out more than ideological identities, the great historic walk should be the goal, the idea of our region should expand us much as possible.

Squeezing in to the category of 'Islamism' and eliminating

I believe that the people, the social segments that form the backbone of this walk, that have been walking shoulder-to-shoulder, looking at the journey of centuries without pursuing any plans, are facing a new operation.

There is an effort to marginalize the conservative local branch by squeezing it in to the definition of “Islamism" and turn it in to two threats together with the nationalist circles and eliminate it. Yet, these circles are the backbone of Turkey, of the current great walk, a history based on centuries. Them being exposed to operations like foreign elements is the biggest trap set up against this new big goal and the new rising history.

This operation is completely conducted from the outside and the roots of those who planned the operation and perpetrated the July 15, 2016 coup attempt connect in the depths.

They are each like neocons: Same project, same service

If you look carefully, this is the common language of those who produced the term Islamophobia: the Israeli far-right and the U.S.'s neocons. It is the discourse of those who produced the term “Turkophobia" to provide a source for the recently rising racism in Europe.

Even though these circles are on the inside and very close to us, even though they are constantly stuck on the discourse of “being local," they are actually making room for the new multinational intervention and are, in this aspect, “foreign elements." The global capital circle, the operation field they belong to are unknown.

The new operation state carried out through these circles is aimed at eliminating this country's backbone and at weakening that front of resistance. If they do this, the actual operation will follow after that.

Their bosses are those who associate 'Islam' with 'terrorism'

Pay attention to the course of the language they use. Very soon, they are going to give prominence to terms such as “radical Islam," “Islamist terrorists" and “Islamofascism" and like neocons, they are each going to attack through such terms, every circle the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) considers as enemies.

Let us look back at the 1990s in which the U.S.-led global mind associated Islam with terrorism. The start of the crusades against Islam throughout the world was through this language of terror. How similar they are!