The new goal is a 'local superior mind.' Turning back would be suicide. A thousand-year-old Turkey now exists

As a new page to the future is opened, as new events take place, great turns kickoff, historical breakthroughs stand out, as a nation takes off on a new march, as a country and a state produce a new and "local superior mind," as everything is adjusted according to this new future, some stumble, become weak and are unable to renew themselves; they get left behind and dragged outside of history.

They are unable to interpret, understand or grasp; they constantly rake up the past, trying to guarantee their previous comfort with old objections, trying to produce "rightful outbursts" against innovations, and they keep hovering over what they think is absolutely right.

This is a new establishment, a great wave. The role undertaken by everybody will change

Yet Turkey has become an entirely different country; it has turned into an entirely different force and set off on an entirely different path. The state changes, societies change, the language of the ruling government and opposition changes, domains of power become more centralized, political parties change, nongovernmental organization structures change, religious groups change, the media changes, and structures of capital/power change. The matters everyone undertakes, the issues they are required to undertake or mobilize for change. All these changes are adjustments for a brand new establishment.

Because, this is a new establishment, a new construction of a power; this is a new political and social wave and it is great. This is the quest for a region, the effort to build a region that will not fit within the borders of Anatolia. This is a march of history; it is a project to add something new to the Turkish Republic a century later; it is a plan to start a much longer marathon once again and that plan is being implemented today.

Turning back is suicide now. There is now a thousand-year-old Turkey

This country's fights will also become rougher, its claims will grow bigger and showdowns will become aggravated both regionally and globally. Because the scale is now larger, because our country's power of influence and interest has increased. Most importantly, our claims are greater, the road to turning back from these claims has closed and the bridges have been burned. Because turning back is suicide; to turn back is to shrink, is to become divided or be excluded from history.

The millennium-old political experience, cultural identity and richness in Anatolia alone has rekindled the cooperation of nations and brought them together again. The Turkey of the 20th century no longer exists and will not exist in the future either. A thousand-year-old Turkey now exists; a state that views the region and the world through a power that is a thousand years old is taking shape.

The new intervention will target a 'local superior mind'

The objections within the country today, the criticisms, the new secretly forming political wave target this "local superior mind“; it is this great project. The attacks, threats, blackmail, sanction warnings coming toward Turkey in waves today are all targeting this local superior mind, this great project.

The forces that are bringing the "plan to stop Turkey," which is being brewed abroad, are one and the same, but those who have accepted the tender on the inside of the country have changed. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) has been replaced by others. Since it would not be possible to create a social wave through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) cryptos, since a social opposition cannot be produced through the old marginal political fronts, since FETÖ's operational ability is largely destroyed, since an intervention through political parties will have no impact, efforts are being made to network an opposition through substitute structures.

"Opposition" is not a crime but a right. What we are talking about here is actually "intervention." It is the amalgamation of a foreign operation and a native structure of invasion.

Thus, the "intervention" will be against the wave of being local and national.

Seemingly conservative lines of resistance: This is not a religious group discussion

The presence of the new, internal opposition formation will soon be felt; it will be set up on everyday complaints, decorated with essential conservative discourses and made to look local; claims such as "Erdoğan's mistakes," "the injustices of the presidential system," economic problems and "one-man discourse" will be highlighted.

To put it clearly: unfortunately, conservative segments are going to be used effectively in the shaping of this new opposition and some groups will be turned into tools of a foreign operation.

A resistance line disguised as "local and conservative" will be formed against the leadership, the mind and cadres that are transforming Turkey, that are leading a new and very strong establishment like the Seljuks, the Ottomans and the Turkish Republic, and that have started to form a new global power. I am watching the infrastructure for this being formed; I see that a preparation is in question. While producing and using the terms of "conservative opposition" and "conservative intervention" and making warnings within this context, I am actually not only talking about religious groups. Religious groups will always be around and they should be.

These are efforts to prevent the 'third great rise'

But when the structures we refer to as religious groups ask for a share from the state's central power domain, whether knowingly or not, when they become involved in the tender of a foreign intervention prepared against the country's great projects, they become a "national security problem." That is when the danger has started, that is when these structures are no longer "religious groups."

Therefore, a sort of test of nativeness is necessary for all to measure their loyalty to the country, the homeland, the state and nation. Because we, who have given rise to the Seljuks and Ottomans on this territory, we, who succeeded to turn Anatolia into the "last fortress" while they tried to destroy us with World War I, we, who are working to give rise to a new power on this territory with experience and claims, we, who are fighting for a new "star country," are going to face new form of threats.

Because we have a great Turkey cause

This time, they are going to come at us with structures "against us" that appear to be "from among us." This is why local resistors, institutions and circles are already being covertly targeted. From this moment onwards, every circle that opposes Turkey's great march will have assumed a role as a "foreign threat, a "native invader."

Therefore, there is no longer any political identity other than the "Turkey axis." There is no ground to fight outside the homeland axis. This will be where we all stand. Because we have a major Turkey cause and no covert plot will be tolerated.


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