The new wave of colonialism will be wrought by Muslims... Who’s acting as a buffer while Turkey builds ‘fortresses’? Beware, we’re speaking in the language of victory, not destruction. The ‘last great game’ will fail too. Don’t compare President Erdoğan to Sultan Abdulhamid II! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The new wave of colonialism will be wrought by Muslims... Who’s acting as a buffer while Turkey builds ‘fortresses’? Beware, we’re speaking in the language of victory, not destruction. The ‘last great game’ will fail too. Don’t compare President Erdoğan to Sultan Abdulhamid II!

An astounding new rise, a wave of localization and resurrection, and a quest for power so strong that it will reverse history has emerged from Turkey, its nearby region, and Africa.

The political discourse instituted by Turkey not only centralized itself but even turned into a common language, a pursuit, and a political objective, from Central Africa to the Pacific coasts.

Turkey, in this sense, stepped up as game-changing nation and overturned all power maps that have been shaping the global order for centuries, and struck heavy blows on the colonial tradition.

Showdowns of past centuries is the reason behind their fury

This is the basis of the fury oriented towards our country, the reason for Western attacks and cries for revenge. This is also the basis of the July 15 coup attack, the terrorist attacks, and attempts to siege Turkey from the south.

We have the showdown of centuries ahead of us. Yet, we see in full detail in this showdown that Turkey does not consist of Turkey alone. We receive these signals from Africa, the nearby region, India and the Malay world.

It’s time to change topic. This language, this mind is going to change the world

It is high time to change the topic. It is time to see what the staggering changes in the global power structure offer us, how we are trying to fill that void, how the deep-seated historical mind led by Turkey and the new political discourse it established are changing – and will continue to change – the world. Unfortunately, some of those heading our institutes consider this as irrational. They are hence the ones who both fail to comprehend Turkey’s great fight, and do not share it. Unfortunately, such people and groups are slowing Turkey down, putting the great march in jeopardy. It is an obligation to overcome this “lack of comprehension.”

Turkey gave up hope a century ago, a century later it’s consolidating power

After the Ottoman Empire’s political authority collapsed with World War I, after the region was divided into pieces, the entire “middle zone” from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts underwent great destruction. They lost their hopes, their faith in the future. All territories home to Muslims were invaded and colonized.

Hence, the struggle for independence that rose from Anatolia produced a beacon of hope for territories situated between two oceans. This beacon continued to burn throughout the 20th century. The struggle has also been ongoing for a century.

However, we are in a new stage now. Hope is being tested and fueled with power. Still, in the first quarter of the 21st century, Turkey continues to influence the entire region to which it spread hope with the fight for independence in the early 20th century – and furthermore, it suggests a solution, a method, a political discourse.

A revolt similar to the one in Africa against colonialism is starting to spread in every area today. Especially in France, everything from the national currency to the anthem is being changed; the institutes and organizations established during the colonial period are being changed. This change in Central and Western Africa is noteworthy.

The Arab world has been taken hostage once more through Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt

From Pakistan to the Malay world, there is great activity in non-Arab Muslim countries. They are re-evaluating their relations with the West, showing interest in new rising powers, and trying to gain influence through the power vacuum that has formed.

The Arab world has been taken hostage. Especially after the Arab Spring was sabotaged, a harsh and ruthless intervention period was started through Saudi Arabia, the Egyptian administration, and the UAE. A new type of colonialism was applied through these countries. Yet, the buildup of intense stress in the streets, Arab people and countries cannot be hidden. I do not believe they can foresee how this wave will explode.

The West is attacking the region, Turkey through these three countries

The West is dividing Libya, staging a coup in Sudan, dividing Yemen, and taking steps that will drag the region into new invasions, civil wars, all through these three countries. Most importantly, it is carrying out a covert regional attack against Turkey through these three countries.

The reason behind the attacks is to prevent the rise and localization of the new political discourse led by Turkey, to prevent it from spreading throughout the region. Everyone is on the same side they were a century ago. Everyone who was fighting for freedom and independence a century ago, whoever was mobilized for the colonialists are all in the same place today.

We’re building ‘fortresses’, while they build ‘buffers’

Yet, history has changed its course; the power map is radically changing. As will the region. Turkey is building its own fortresses, while they build buffers in both the country and the region. The same applies to the entire region we refer to as the “middle zone.”

Those who had overtly invaded and colonized in the past, later started to do this through proxies. This sort of administrative style remains solely in the three said countries.

When this method started to fail in the other countries, they established terrorist organizations using the “Islamic identity,” and carried out interventions through them. While doing this, they were using liberals and those lecturing about democracy among civilians.

Now, terrorist organizations are also of no use. The wave drawing strength from Turkey and the region has gained so much power that they started to seek new methods and useful circles to break the wave of freedom.

This wave cannot be stopped. Regardless of anything, they can’t do it. Those two crown princes can’t do it either!

Colonialists are no longer able to infiltrate the region using old methods. However, they had to do one thing or another to break this wave of freedom, of rise.

Therefore, they started activating certain “conservative” groups. They are using them as buffers against the fortresses of defense. They are setting up the last big game. But the winds are blowing strongly, and Turkey is leading such a great change that it is not possible to be stopped or prevented through the UAE, through Saudi Arabia, through terrorist organizations, through Mohammed bin Salman or Mohammed bin Zayed, through the coups and interventions conducted through them, or through the conservative groups that are being used.

Beware, we’re speaking in the language of victory, not destruction. Do not compare Erdoğan to Sultan Abdulhamid II

This time in history is being shaped through President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s leadership. Turkey is shattering the global power domain. We are now speaking in the codes of the rising period, not the codes of the era of collapse. Hence, there is grave problem in comparing President Erdoğan to Sultan Abdulhamid II. Abdulhamid II was a leader of the dissolution period of the Ottoman Empire. We are talking about a rising period. Therefore, we need to identify history and leaders accordingly. Erdoğan is the leader of a rising period. Some may have difficulty grasping this, but the revolution of the region and the process that is reversing history are taking place under his leadership.


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