The People's Alliance is the 'Turkey axis,' a 'counter-coup'... It may be targeted domestically and from abroad, but it will not collapse

Turkey’s national solidarity line, national consensus attempts, what we call the People’s Alliance, is not only an electoral alliance, a plan to gain the votes of provinces and districts, or a partnership against the Republican People’s Party (CHP). It is not just an alliance of the Justice and Development (AK) Party and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Even though this is how it seems today, its doors are open; it is the formation of a backbone open to those who consider this country as their homeland, and those who want to strengthen the national axis against regional and multinational attacks. Everyone who has mobilized for the state continuity the since the era of the Seljuks, everyone who is local and has the centuries-old history and gene, needs take place on this backbone.

The matter is not limited to conservatism, nationalism

I view it as the great march by those who have the stance of a Seljuk establishment, an Ottoman establishment, a stance for independence and a history-making Anatolian insight. I see the resistance of these territories against all kinds of attacks - regional and global - as part of a struggle to write history anew, not merely as a mode of self-defense.

I personally do not perceive this effort strictly in terms of conservatism or nationalism. Indeed, we have seen, that in our country, the "conservative" or "nationalist" identities are sometimes open to operations for multinational interventions, and can be used in this direction.

We have to produce a new political language, a new political identity, a new stance

We saw how conservative/Islamic groups can be turned in to the tools of multinational interventions, especially in regional countries such as Iraq and Syria. We saw how these identities were used as a cover for invasions and civil wars, as a tool to promote war. We saw the effects the events in these regions could lead to inside our country. We saw the overt and covert partners of many globally-planned interventions that happened in the region.

Then, we have to produce a new political language, a new political identity, a new stance, and an axis that go far beyond these terms. When shaping the future of this country and when forming our style of resistance against multinational interventions, we have to take action through such an axis. It is right at this point that we have to realize that some discourses are outdated, some fronts have lost meaning, and that some identities have become ambiguous.

Turkey has very big plans

Turkey has a very big plan. There are major preparations for after the local elections, aimed at the new threats we will encounter, aimed at our country's challenges, and aimed at regional and global quests for power. At such a fragile time in history, at a time of great claims, great showdowns, nothing is solely about domestic politics, and nothing is solely conjunctural.

We saw all this in the last decade in its most striking and staggering state. We put up great struggles in the country, we encountered almost every sort of "inside operation" plan. We were attacked from the south through terrorist organizations and "traditional allies" - and these attacks are still ongoing. Our region is being redefined, maps are being redrawn.

Countries are being divided; entirely foreign garrison maps are being drawn. Similar maps are being laid on the table for Turkey as well. New threats are approaching and Turkey is making counter-preparations. As much as defense preparations, internal security preparations and operations to eliminate the threats growing beyond our borders, the foundations of a very strong social solidarity is being laid.

There are two clear fronts: Either the Turkey axis or the multinational intervention

In addition to our country, the world as a whole has also entered a rough political climate. In addition to the Middle East, all fault lines from the Baltics/Eastern Europe to the Asia-Pacific region are becoming active. Thus, we have no other choice - and will have no other choice - in such a world but to be a strong Turkey. No alliance relations, no unilateral cooperation is going to carry us to the future.

Hence, taking ideological/political sides in Turkey has lost all meaning. We are now face-to-face with two options: we are either going to anchor in the "Turkey axis," or align with those who intervene in our country and the region from abroad.

The biggest intervention aimed at Turkey to date is the operation to divide this axis, to collapse it before it becomes strong. There is great effort to break the People's Alliance, or to at least limit it to being just an electoral alliance.

This alliance will not break, this axis will not collapse

We see both overt and covert efforts being made in this direction. We see those who are trying to cause chaos through certain connections and "ethnic identity" provocations. We also see how those who do not have the courage to raise their voice trying to muddy the waters, and cause confusion through indirect means and different formulas.

However, we also know that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a great marcher of history. We are witnesses to the years of struggle put up with this determination and will, and we are in the same struggle. We know that in almost all of his speeches he is drawing a path to building a future from this historical depth, and we see this. We know that MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli is giving strength to this path at critical times with critical interventions with these intentions and aims.

The march will continue

We know that the People's Alliance mindset is to build a local axis, that it has a plan to build a strong ground against the attacks and operations targeting Turkey both locally and from abroad.

Therefore, we are going to continue on this path. The backbone is going to further gain strength - and it should. The union of forces should be felt in the local elections. Because that backbone should be determining in every power domain. Groups and circles that have taken an anti-Turkey position in international operations becoming influential in power domains will be the omen of far more critical interventions.

This is a Turkey axis, a new 'counter-coup'

But remember, a new state mind, a new political language, a new historical rise, a new great march era has started. The People's Alliance will continue, the backbone will further strengthen, and operational circles will further lose strength. The "Turkey axis" will continue and further expand, during and after the elections.

Hence, the outcome from the meeting between President Erdoğan and MHP leader Bahçeli yesterday was as expected. The march will continue. This stance and determination is also a “counter-coup.”

Remember the June 7 elections. The project was to reduce the AK Party’s votes enough to prevent it from coming to power alone. The Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) would be strengthened, there would be vote transitivity between the main opposition, the CHP, and the HDP. The scenario plotted abroad was played out inside the country through Doğan Group publications and broadcasts. A spectacular public opinion operation was carried out, and the real goal was revealed. The outcome necessitated a coalition.

The second phase of the project was to force the AK Party and the CHP to form a coalition. This way, the political mind and cadres wanting Turkey to localize, nationalize and stand out would be taken hostage through the CHP. Fortunately the elections were renewed and this multinational project collapsed.

Locals agents, collapsing the country internally

Had that project succeeded, the project implemented through the July 15, 2016 coup attempt and the terror corridor would have also been successful. A massive trap was set against Turkey.

It was the plan to divide the country from the inside and make Turkey surrender. Now, if you notice, they are now trying to do what they could not do on the inside from abroad. As for us, we are thwarting these threats with extraordinary determination, and by assuming a position of offense, rather than defense. The Afrin operation is such an intervention and it will continue.

Those who are left outside the national axis, the Turkey axis, and those who do not support Turkey in this great showdown are going to be used as the local agents of new multinational intervention attempts.

CHP is being turned into a national security problem

The CHP rapidly taking on an identity resembling the HDP, it being turned into an identity-based front party, its marginalization, and it no longer being a party of Turkey signals a new project. The transitivity between such a CHP and the HDP will destroy this party.

The political groups outside the alliance will lose the power of discourse in the major fights of the future. Because the showdowns approaching are so great that those parties will quickly diminish amid the fights in question.

Be warned: some are trying to gain power, come to power by embarking on a quest along the lines of that multinational intervention. These may largely become "national security issues." Circumstances may render such a definition essential.

Tomorrow’s Turkey is under construction, beware!

The era of adjusting Turkey with June 7 projects, with July 15 attacks, and with "terror corridor" threats is over. This country is the country of much greater claims. Forming a rapprochement with Germany, the U.S. or another power to find ground on the inside, to seek power is impossible. If there are those who have plans other than these, if there are those who seek the tenders of new multinational scenarios in Turkey, let us warn them: it would be suicide.

The "Turkey axis" is strong and will become even stronger. The partnerships that started out in the form of an electoral alliance will also further strengthen the foundation. Our country is getting ready for the world of tomorrow.

Choose your side, we are on the homeland axis

Everybody who thinks along the lines of the homeland axis, the axis of history, and the national identity axis must take their place on this line of solidarity. Because we have the construction of a region, and a reckoning of history ahead of us.

The founding generation, founding cadres are taking big steps. This is an opportunity that came a century later. Those who get caught up in trivial plans will get lost in the wrong pages of history.

We have taken our places, we are on the front most line of the battlefront. We are not going to hesitate for a moment about this. The upcoming election is no different than the Afrin operation. After that, the cause of shouldering the great Turkey is the same. Everybody should choose their side.


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