The PYD cryptos inside, Barzani’s intelligence network, and a hidden agenda

I have been talking for months about a great danger. In my own way, I have been trying to admonish about a threat that is getting closer to Turkey by the day, a development that is going to ruin our country’s future. As a nation that has experienced July 15, I am calling all to a state of vigilance. Because, I know that July 15 is not over, the intervention era is not over, the multinational attack aimed at Turkey is being prepared to appear in a new format.

We have to see the reality in our country’s south, openly and clearly, without being subjected to their public opinion operations, free from their influences. Because, for Turkey, the greatest threat in the upcoming years will come from the south and it is going to have the power to reset our country’s future plans. In other words, the danger is bigger and closer than we think. Turkey is being sieged, its southern gates are being completely sealed off.
Operation to suffocate Turkey, from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean
If we neglect to escape valor and sentimentality and take realistic steps as of today, immediately, right away, we may not be able to overcome that crisis. Because, major political and social chaos attempts will be made inside Turkey simultaneous with the attack from the south; Turkey will be faced with a severer trauma than July 15. I am guessing that they will introduce this crisis before 2019.
Masoud Barzani’s referendum attempt in northern Iraq and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Syrian Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) map operation in northern Syria are a single project. The rumor that the PKK and Barzani are opposites is as ridiculous, as occupying and confusing as the U.S.’s “the PKK and PYD are not the same” discourse.
That corridor, spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, which has taken Iraq and Syria’s north hostage, is a multinational project that is planned as an area of invasion that will lead to results as dangerous as foreign armies settling into the heart of Mesopotamia. 
PKK, Daesh, Barzani are secret partners of the same project
The center of the Muslim region is under invasion. This invasion is first being carried out through organizations. The organizations pave the way, provide the atmosphere for invasion, and local problems and justifications are used to legitimize invasion. Both ethnic and sectarian conflicts and identity disintegration at a more micro level are being specifically introduced to invade the region and tear it into pieces.
Therefore, every organization that calls the foreign forces to the region are invasion forces, they are their hitmen, they are an outside threat. We saw this in the PKK, we saw it in Daesh. At the point reached, when we look at the north of Iraq and Syria, we realize that the PKK, Daesh and Barzani are all parts, elements of the same project.
This is a 900-kilometer front against our country
The zone spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean is a U.S., U.K. and Israel project. Once they succeed in this zone, no country in the region will be safe; division scenarios will be given a start for the region’s most powerful countries. Once this zone is completed, the biggest front will be opened against Turkey; a 900-kilometer attack front will be activated.
Once this zone is completed, we will be doomed to a region of entirely foreign garrisons from Iran to the Mediterranean. All ties between Turkey and the Arab/Islamic world will be severed, with thick walls erected on Turkey’s southern border, confining our country to Anatolia once again.
They are making plans to downsize Turkey
Anybody who claims that all this is exaggerated need only briefly review everything that has happened since the 1991 Gulf War. A finely detailed plan has been worked step by step and no step has been taken back to date. All these plans were realized by keeping the countries in the region busy, diverting attention to other areas, keeping them occupied with problems that are specially caused on the inside and, sometimes, through their impassivity.
What we are facing today is not a Kurdish issue. It is the matter of the region being redesigned, powerful countries being diminished, maps being redrawn and the region being turned into little city states, garrison states and being taken under control – like in the time of the Crusades, like after World War I. It is a U.S./European invasion. Turkey is included among the countries they want to diminish and this is the real project.
Every way should be tried, including talks with the Damascus administration
Partners of this invasion in the region are common enemies for us all. Their fooling us into this major project by using the regimes in the region as a pretext, by using the unrest and disputes, by taking action based on local problems, is going to be one of the gravest mistakes in political history and we will have to pay one of the hefty prices.
Turkey should strengthen its ties with Baghdad and support the central government. Turkey should re-examine the situation in Syria and dispassionately re-evaluate all options– including talks with the Damascus administration. A country that paid the heaviest price of World War I should be able to understand that the greatest threat of the history of the Turkish Republic is approaching through Syria and should manage to take a step as prescribed by its centuries-old tradition of states and its political genetics.

The PYD cryptos on the inside, Barzani’s intelligence network, and a hidden agenda

Turkey must escape the influence of the PYD cryptos inside the country, of the Barzani organization and the intelligence network; it needs to realize now the hidden agenda that has taken hostage their state mind. That the U.S. works with that hidden agenda, that partnership also having partnerships with the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), that the will behind the July 15, 2016 coup attempt and the will controlling this hidden agenda are one and the same needs to be grasped now.
It should be known that those in Turkey who jointly work with Barzani and the PYD/PKK are the same ones working with them in the corridor in northern Syria, that they are responsible for the situation reached in Syria, that they have set a trap against Turkey and that after FETÖ they are the ones continuing a partnership with the U.S.
Back then there was FETÖ, so who has taken on this role now?
The reason we couldn’t intervene in what happened in front of our very eyes before July 15 was the FETÖ structuring along the border. Well, who is preventing Turkey now, who is stopping it, who is confusing the political mind, directing it and leaving it inactive by suggesting other proposals? This is the key point. This is where everybody becomes silent and does not say a thing.
Each neglected day is going to further narrow our area of movement and make it arduous. In the future, our hesitance is going to stand before us as a huge weakness. Our difficulty or neglect in understanding and perceiving the situation is, from now, going to endanger the Turkey of the future. In saying “the future,” I definitely do not mean years later. I am talking about quite a close time.
 Why is the media quiet on this matter?
Our media does not even publish any news on these matters. As if it is a taboo, a sacrosanct area. Our intelligentsia never discuss these topics, as if they are in a state of sleep. This cannot be considered normal. It isn’t normal. Who is silencing them, who is leaving minds inactive, who is keeping this danger away from Turkey’s attention?
If we cannot intervene in this threat, if we fail to break the internal resistance and turn toward Turkey’s future plans, very soon, the threat is going to be spread into Turkey, the war is going to be directed into Turkey. We will see how those local authorities that appear to be Turkey’s friends today will rise on that day, how they will challenge Turkey with U.S. soldiers and U.S. weapons.
I am not talking of enmity here. I am not talking about an ethnic issue either. I am trying to draw attention to a multinational project, a destruction project, a project aimed at sieging Turkey and attacking it internally.
Calculations for Syria should be redone
Therefore, Turkey should make every attempt to keep Iraq and Syria together. As a matter of fact, it should encourage this, it should lead it. 

Methods should be sought for reconciliation between the Syrian opposition and the Damascus administration. If it continues like this, there will be no opposition left anyway; they are going to sacrifice them all for that multinational project.

The Syrian nation are going to be the biggest victims of the war. Arab territories are going to be further invaded. Ancient cities are going to be alienated. An extraordinary demographic arrangement, exile is going to wreak havoc in the region.
Rapport between the region’s countries must be forced against the U.S.’s invasion map, against those who act with them, ways should be sought to cooperate, existing problems should not prevent such attempts.
The first target is going to be Turkey’s political stability
Turkey must be quick to activate its deep state mind, its political mind, without paying attention to the circles pressuring the political mind, and give prominence to its reading of the region that has been ongoing since the Seljuks and take steps not for today but for the future.
If Turkey fails to do this, if it does not do it, if it is prevented, if it is stopped from the inside, we will have to wait and see how the forces behind the July 15 coup attempt will utilize organizations like the PKK to weaken Turkey’s borders tomorrow. Perhaps that is when they will open the strongest front against Ankara, who knows? That day, the primary target is going to be Turkey’s political stability, its national stance and its axis.