The Qatar crisis, Tehran attack, preparation for Mecca wars

Plans in the Middle East get reset overnight, fronts change daily. Neither friendships, nor hostilities are eternal. Betrayals have no limit. Neither does treachery.  The only thing that is ongoing is tutelage and slavery. Countries are brought to line through instruction, orders, and commands and are pushed to the front. Sometimes this front is your next door neighbor, sometimes it is your own citizen.

They can even convince you that fighting against Muslims is “fighting in the name of Islam.” Political power is gained in return for oil and natural gas and countries’ wealth are made available. Tributes are paid every year to those who say, “You are standing thanks to us.” The region’s honor, sources, and dignity are disregarded.

 The only thing that remains unchanged is invasion, infamy

This region is run by the U.S. and U.K. They are the ones who make the decisions, they are the ones who have the authority and instructions come from them. Most of the administrators are “appointed.” Countries that appear independent are actually under occupation. The region we call the Middle East is under invasion. Countries are made to clash, they are divided, communities are separated and all identities are used for conflict.

There is only one thing, one front that remains unchanged: All countries are being collapsed, dissolved and divided into a few pieces like Iraq, like Syria, like Libya, like Yemen. This is the script being staged ever since the day the Cold War ended. Countries have been made systematically unstable, step by step, some have been invaded, some dragged into civil war, while some have been made unlivable by occupation armies’ leading forces and terrorist organizations.

Qatar crisis, footsteps of the Iran-Saudi war

All countries are next: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Africa. They, those planning the global invasion aimed at our region, have a plan for every country in their books. It doesn’t matter who is the U.S.’s friend or not; there is an agenda for them all. Both the U.S.’s ally and enemy are losing; nothing is going to make a difference anymore. According to them, one day, every country is going to disintegrate, collapse and become divided like Syria, Libya and Iraq and the region is going to be turned into city states.

Before the Syria issue could be ended, the Qatar crisis started. U.S. President Donald Trump’s first action is going to be the Iran-Saudi Arabia war. Orders must have been given, the front must have been shaped in his first visit that the “Arab traitor” was declared in the instant. It has been blockaded by land, sea and air. It is almost as if the atmosphere has been created for its invasion.

The Tehran attack is a complete intelligence operation

Daesh attacked Tehran before it could understand what was happening. Two symbols were chosen as targets for the Iranian people: The Iranian assembly and Khamenei’s mausoleum. Anti-Iran Daesh, which never attacked Iran and Israel, which usually massacres Sunnis, was suddenly raising terror in Tehran.

What happened in Tehran is a complete intelligence operation. Following the Qatar crisis, certain circles have taken action for the Iran phase, started to conduct covert operations and provocations to pit Iran against the Arab world. Through the Tehran attack it has become clearer by whom Daesh is controlled and which countries’ intelligence operations are being carried out through terrorist organizations.

 Tens of new organizations are going to be released on the ground for the big battle

We are not foreign to this. We know how the U.S. attacked Turkey through the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ), through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). We are aware that it is up to no good in Syria through the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Just wait, those who divided Syria through Daesh and the PKK are going to release 10 more organizations on the ground for the Arab-Iran war.

The same hand is behind the Qatar crisis and the attacks in Tehran. They are parts of the same operation. Both the Sunni Arab world and Shiite Iran world are going to be provoked and made ready for all kinds of operations; this is the aim. The atmosphere is going to come to such a state that nobody is going to have any option other than submitting to the criteria they choose, the criteria they determine as right and wrong. Because this is how they did it all the time. We have always been obliged to determine position and take sides according to their rights and wrongs.

These are actually for the big sectarian war

The U.S. made the first outburst of the operation against Iran; it shot its first bullet. It convinced a Sunni Arab front led by Saudi Arabia and including Egypt to fight against Iran. Qatar must not have been convinced to this war that it was thrown out of the front. Iran’s attacks, brattishness, provocations aimed at Shiite expansion have, to date, drawn reaction in the entire region. Now, the same reactions may be directed to Saudi Arabia.

This time the attack is coming not from Iran but the Saudi Arabian front. They are eager to fight Iran. We do not know what the U.S. promised them, but such a war will be a regional war in the complete sense. It will be the endless sectarian wars the West has been dreaming of for years. No state is going to be able to stay outside this conflict; perhaps the region will not be able to recover for 50 years.

There will be terror attacks that will make everybody mad

This war will start the moment the Riyadh front invades Qatar. Nobody will leave that massive natural gas fortune to anyone. This will be followed by the invasion of other Gulf countries. That is when Iran and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait will become inevitable. Turkey needs to create serious pressure through Iran and Saudi Arabia and close the doors that lead to this regional doomsday war.

Iran especially needs to give up its stance against Turkey’s security concerns in Syria and make way for Turkey’s quest for peace.

Soon, terrorist attacks that will make Iran, Saudi Arabia and countries in the region go insane will start. A terrorist storm may be started through enmities to prepare the public for war. Everybody needs to be really careful.

Saudi Arabia was set up

I personally believe that this new situation started jointly by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. to stop Iran is a trap and that the greatest of traps is set up against the Riyadh administration. The actual aim here is to divide Saudi Arabia into a few states. Of course, later, the same plans are going to be activated for Iran and Turkey. Call it whatever you want – the Arab civil war, Islamic civil war, the Iran-Saudi war – the West is planning the preparations. This may lead all the way to Mecca wars. This is the big plan.

Preparations for the Mecca war

We discussed this danger on many occasions and made numerous warnings. The statements, “Muslims are going to fight among themselves,” “The war is going to settle in the heart of Islam,” “Islamic civil war” were all the footsteps of this great showdown. I said, “The Gulf is going to be stirred within two years,” and the Qatar crises broke out before two years passed; Trump started to drag the entire region toward danger.

I said, “The moment the Syria war is over, those cursed waves are going to head toward the Persian Gulf and Gulf countries are going to have to face an extremely serious Iranian threat. The war settling into the Gulf will be the Iran-Saudi Arabia war.” It all started before the Syria war could end. I think that Tehran’s final showdown is going to be with the Riyadh administration and that Iran’s tanks will perhaps beat on the Kaaba’s doors. This is the great disaster they call civil war.

Before the tanks reach the Kaaba

For the last few years I have been sharing my concerns on the preliminary preparations for this great plan, on the preparation of the infrastructure of this great clash. Because we can see a disaster approaching step by step. Unless an urgent intervention is made, I believe Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries will also be turned into Syria, that everything sacred will be disregarded, that Turkey will also suffer heavy wounds from this disaster. There is a lot to be done before the tanks reach the Kaaba. As long as we grasp the gravity of the situation.

Those tanks are going to be either Iranian or American tanks. The missiles that hit the Kaaba are going to be Iranian, Houthi or American missiles. Those preparing the regional doomsday, preparing the ground for this through the Qatar crisis, have made all preparations for this too, you can be sure.

I am afraid they are going to get the people of the region itself to destroy the region.