The south’s funds, the West’s agenda: The plan to ‘topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’ blew up in their faces again

Turkey has big projects, very big plans, great causes, great struggles and dreams. It is a country that is continuing on its path with extremely determined and bold steps. It thwarts the attacks against it and does so quite successfully, and while dealing with these, it never loses sight of its mission as a “star country.”

The challenges Turkey has encountered in the last five years alone would be enough to destroy many countries of the world. If these had not happened, if these obstacles had not emerged, if we had not faced such attacks, our efforts and determination would have been enough to make us one of the world’s leading countries.

The south’s funds, the US and Europe’s agenda: No room for supporting actors

This country is trying to make a place for itself in the world of the future that will be established with the plan and gene of the centuries. It is trying to be strong, to avoid going under tutelage again, to close off the areas of foreign intervention and cultivate the new rising history following the period of the Ottoman Empire.

This country no longer has the luxury to waste time on small games and supporting actors. It does not have the luxury to deal with personal whims, ambitions, lack of vision that will push the country into tight corners. Nobody has the right to trip, shove, to weaken the resistance of Turkey, which is trying to prepare in the best way possible for the approaching global storm, that is obviously going to collapse the moment it stops, that constantly needs to gather strength; nobody has the right to market the Turkey projects of their pro-tutelage bosses.

These are ‘topple Erdoğan,’ ‘stop Turkey’ scenarios

Nobody has the right to play games with this country through dark alliances, partnerships under democratic covers; through covert operations under the name of “innocent opposition,” through southern countries’ funds, and through the U.S. and European countries’ agendas. Nobody has the right or the chance to assume a role in the “topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,” “stop Turkey” scenarios, which have now become a global game which has turned into consecutive interventions, and accept tenders and try to fool the country that this is clean politics.

Nobody, no circle that feels that it belongs to this country should get into political plans that will harm it – it cannot. Of course, this is a democracy race. But things have become a state much beyond this point.

A ‘foreign hand’ is causing disarray everywhere

Alliance meetings, partnership projects, the selection of the candidates to run for president are all being done by certain people/groups. Candidates are being selected by others; multinational projects are numerous. The “foreign” hand in the pre-election alliance models has now reached such an extent that it cannot be hidden.

While this country has been under heavy attacks for years, there is no fault or flaw in the respect toward democracy, election, opposition and values of freedom by those objecting to this “foreign hand” while under heavy attacks for years. They only have concerns, worries and fears. There are the incidents this country witnessed in the last century and the pain of the attacks of the last five years.

That “foreign hand” is, in some way, pushing us all to defense; it is gathering us all in the same front, uniting us on the homeland axis. Those who carry this concern are standing in all their vitality in the right place, despite all the scenarios and mind confusion. Because they are protecting this country in fear that it may be harmed.

We can’t deal with your greed, fury, resentment

History is filled with examples of how great ideals and fights were lost with small ambitions, personal ambitions and treachery. Let alone the past, how much of these examples have we experienced in the last five years in our political history? We have been under a global siege and pressure for five years, and this is going to continue.

Then, we have no other choice but to create a central force domain, to create defense shields, and to keep this country strong to be able to deal with these. We are not going to stand back from this great struggle due to the ambitions, greed, fury and resentment of some. We are not going to be fooled again by the games they and the forces behind them are playing. We won’t be fooled by their covert, sneaky operations or their foreign supporters.

This is how I have always seen the opposition’s search for alliance. My personal interpretations regarding Turkey and the region, and my foresights on the future of the world all support this. Endeavors aimed at our region, my concerns about the Turkey leg of these attempts all support this.

Trying to get a place in the operation area of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Daesh and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is no different to an outside tender. Activating the country’s fault lines, partnerships that will expand the areas of conflict are all aimed at creating this area of intervention.

Why are they all targeting Erdoğan together?

Why are all these circles targeting Erdoğan? Why are they all trying to bring him down, weaken him, injure him? Why is Erdoğan the sole target of all alliance attempts and candidate elections? While there should be a better administration, better projects, stronger Turkey suggestions, why do all efforts on the inside and scenarios on the outside always unite on anti-Erdoğan sentiment?

Why are some, now, trying to bring to the fore this anti-Erdoğan sentiment that reached the extent of killing him on July 15 as “weakening, injuring him”? Why do they articulate nothing to the world, to the nation other than their hostility toward Erdoğan? Why do they have no promises? Why do they consider toppling him as the goal rather than being elected?

Why are all of Europe, the U.S. and some Arab countries conducting operation after operation to bring down, to injure, and to weaken Erdoğan? Why do you take place in those fronts? Yet, this is now a global project, the plan of others. So then why are you headed toward political formations within the frame of those others’ plan? Do you have nothing to say to Turkey?

You all ran, you ran for the future and power

Of course not. Because this is what you were taught. This is what is wanted from you. This is what was given to you. You ran in hopes that you may gain their favor. You tried to hide this from the people without a care.

If Erdoğan is present, Turkey will invest in power and further rise and grow. They know this. You know this too. Then, you are bad-intentioned. You are in no way innocent. You are in no way local.

Who brought you together? This is a very innocent question

Regional power maps are changing. We are in the rising period of a century later. You know well who is disturbed by this. You see who is cooperating with whom on the inside, what kind of services they are conducting, and why their whole alliance pursuit targets this great ideal.

What is the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) plan? What kind of a Turkey project does it have? Does CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu have any great Turkey ideal other than organizations, ethnic and sectarian identities? Has he said a single sentence regarding this? Who is the will that is bringing together the CHP, Meral Akşener and the Felicity Party (SP) with these circles? Whose cause is the goal to reset all political identities?

The place everybody stands is going to be seen clearer after the election

If we produce an idea above all this chaos, these plans, covert relations and deals, we will prevent their plan to stop Turkey. If you look at the answer to the question of why the whole world is targeting Erdoğan, you will understand why some are targeting him on the inside, why they are personalizing the task of governing Turkey, and why they are “alienating” it.

When you see the kind of atmosphere the region and the world will be dragged into immediately after the elections, when you see the kind of storm approaching, we will all see much clearer what these scenarios mean. That is when the actions of today will all fall into place and be easier to identify. A political leadership and understanding that takes shelter under others’ protection, mercy and shadow will drag us off the cliff. We have grasped this; we know this now.

It is no longer about the party, it is now all about Turkey

But it is not going to work, they are going to fail. Those alliances and candidates that are imposed from the outside are not going to get anywhere either. After the election, Turkey is going to continue on its path with much stronger steps, more serious decisions and greater confidence. It is going to be much stronger against storms, and internal and external interventions.

That national state mind that we have been longing for for years is not going to be surprised any longer; that history-making backbone cannot be cracked. This critical threshold is going to be overcome and that mind, leadership, mass support is going to be preserved as is.

Because this country no longer has an internal political issue; it does not have a political party or candidacy issue. There is a country issue, a Turkey issue. There is a region, a future issue. In contrast to this, everything else is details. An affray is going to come and pass. Because the course of history has changed and there is no way to reverse this.

Destruction project… We are not going to forget

But whoever has taken whichever steps these days, whichever partnerships they have made, whoever has tried to bring some to the fore as a candidate, whoever has been released on the ground within the context of the plan to “topple Erdoğan,” to “stop Turkey,” they are going to remain there. They are going to remain in the wrong pages of history.

Especially those who come from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), who assume a role – who try to assume a role – in the “destruction project” with their personal vendettas, those who trip this country, those who are in covert plans to make some lose, not to win themselves, will also lose their existing reputability.

Like many, like many parties or organizations, they too are going to be used and thrown aside. And we are going to know this. We are not going to forget those who became the tools of which plans. We are not going to forget, in the name of Turkey and in the name of that great struggle.

This scenario is also going to blow up in their faces. It already did

This country is going to have a sound election period. Our nation, which has always supported the great struggle in the most self-sacrificing way is going to use that same common sense again and feed that historic march. Just as all the scenarios to date blew up in their faces, this too is going to blow up in their faces. It already did. Some are already left out in the cold. Those who are unable to understand this social inclination, those who are unable to grasp the direction of the great waves have already completed their political lifespan.

Those who have set themselves up within the context of the global intervention plans to be applied until 2019, those who panicked and took to the squares upon the decision for snap elections, those who have assumed roles for inside and foreign intervention scenarios for after the election have lost.

This is a great loss. This is the end of a political understanding, the end of political life for many. They bet on others, not Turkey, and lost. The struggle continues for those who are anchored on the “Turkey Axis.”


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