The storm to break out before 2019: Who is hiding what, where do they stand?

For a while now, I have been talking about “a new coalition,” a radical change in the regional equation, “a new formation” that will soon shake the entire region and leave deep traces. I am actually trying to draw attention to something.

What I am trying to discuss under the headlines, “The 2019 coalition,” “Will they set their sights on Hatay too?” and “The biggest threat in the history of the Turkish Republic,” is an extremely operational storm that rapidly approaches Turkey’s shores and will shortly be felt within the country.

 New attack wave after July 15

The new “map plan” formed in northern Syria, which aims to completely close in on Turkey and suffocate it, and this storm will join to form the “new attack wave after July 15.” Hence, I believe that storm has neared, that certain groups are working to hide this and to confuse the country’s political mind, trying to draw Turkey’s attention elsewhere.

 What kind of a regional axis is shaping?

So, what is happening? Look well at what is happening on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Muhammad Dahlan, Palestine and Iraq line. Pay attention to the rapport, the partnership between a Shiite leader like Muqtada Sadr and Saudi Arabia. There is activity in the Arab world spanning from Egypt to the Iranian border, and a new front is taking shape. This front targets Iran; it targets Iran’s expansion map.

Tehran is being pushed into a corner from the south for the first time. It had endeavored on winning Syria, but now it faces the risk of losing Iraq. Tehran, which has severed its emotional ties with the Muslim world through the Aleppo massacres, and Iran, which with amazing self-confidence struck Saudi Arabia from Yemen, seem, for the first time, to have difficulty in the face of a strategic move.

This project, simultaneous with U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans aimed at Iran, might gain further strength. This “new axis,” which has even affected a group like Hamas and managed to pull it close, is the most serious political wave since the Arab Spring to turn regional plans upside down.

 The Turkey leg concerns me

Regional rapport is something we need to support under every circumstance – this is clear. But the project’s Turkey leg concerns us very closely. As a matter of fact, it also increases our distress.

Because as Iraq is being pressured from the south of Iraq, Turkey is being sieged from the north of Syria. We need to see the picture correctly without paying any attention to those who consider the matter based on the “Iranian axis” or the “Saudi axis.”

The only reason I have called the new regional formation “The 2019 coalition” are my predictions about what may happen in its Turkey leg. I see that this coalition and the map draft in northern Syria are the same project, and that cutting off Turkey’s ties with the Arab-Islamic world is on the new coalition’s agenda.

July 15, PKK corridor, the new ‘axis’ are projects of the same mind

What’s most important is that the mind behind the new coalition and the July 15 civil war and invasion attempt that targeted Turkey are one and the same. The mind behind the new axis and the mind behind northern Syria and the map draft to siege Turkey are the same. Doesn’t anybody in this country see this fact?

I will repeat: The powers behind July 15, the powers behind the new regional axis and the powers behind the new map plan formed through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Syria are the same. Thus, the concern we have for Turkey is not something to be taken lightly.

 The next front will be Turkey

How is it that those who spend time, day in day out, taunting by means of television, newspaper columns, those who talk big but say nothing do not see the approaching storm, how can they not warn the people and mobilize to create a public opinion?

The Syrian war is no longer an issue of the Syrians. It is no longer a regime issue or Assad’s issue. Those who invaded Iraq are now invading Syria. They have already started preparations for the next front in accordance with the plan to complete this invasion. The new line spanning Iran and the Mediterranean, which they are carrying out through the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria, is the “Turkey front.” Hence, this is “The biggest threat in the history of the Turkish Republic.”

 Breaking that zone is a national struggle

Therefore, breaking this zone, destroying it, deactivating it, is saving the Turkey of the future; it is a national struggle. Our neglects, inertia, or inability to grasp the severity of the situation, will in the very near future lead to regret. Once that zone is completed, the war will be moved into Turkey and this what we need to focus on.

For a while now I have been trying to create public awareness against this threat. But the situation is one of obscuring, diverting attentions elsewhere, carelessness, acting as if such a matter is non-existent, taking lightly those who admonish, labeling people as so and so’s man and conveying confusion rather than the truth to the public.

They have partners in the terror corridor

I am worried that this situation is also a policy, a plan or project. It is as if someone is keeping Turkey occupied, confusing it, putting it to sleep. The project implemented through the PKK in Syria is being hidden from Turkey. The way the new equation in the region will reflect on Turkey is being kept hidden from Turkey. On both subjects I believe that the “partners on the inside” are “crucial.”

To put it more clearly: The map formed in the north of Syria has partners inside Turkey. There are those who secretly work for that project. There are those working with the multinational circles that are setting a huge trap for Turkey. There are those who replaced the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), who took their role and task and are trying to immobilize the country.

The Turkey leg of the new axis and new opposition wave

There are those waiting, preparing to form the Turkey leg of the new regional formation. There are those who are in expectations from this new axis for a new opposition wave in the country. Is it possible for those designing the project to reshape the entire region, to leave its “Turkey leg” vacant? Otherwise, this plan cannot be implemented, it will go down the drain. Hence, the Turkey leg of the new axis will lead to very serious mobilization of the partnership located on the inside.

I suggest to consider the new map in northern Syria and the new political activity expected on the inside concurrently. It is likely that the completion of the map, the political activity on the inside will be ensured through the Turkey leg of the “axis.”

Conservative opposition… Who is trying to hide what?

This is what I mean when I talk about the storm to break out before 2019. This is not a plan to be carried out through the Republican People’s Party (CHP). Of course there will be operations conducted through the CHP, of course the atmosphere will be prepared through it. But be sure to make a note; we will be discussing the term “conservative opposition” very much in the upcoming period.

Why is it that when such warnings are made, some immediately take action? What are they trying to hide with strange, weird, superficial definitions such as the Iran axis, the Russia axis, and unionism? From what danger are they trying to divert attentions?

I do not sense good intentions here. I am curiously waiting to see what kind of roles those who are vocal, those trying to camouflage the danger, will undertake a while later in the new coalition’s internal operations.

 We have a single ‘axis,’ everywhere is Turkey

July 15 was not enough to clear their minds. Or rather, it’s something else, but I won’t go that far, for now.

I will conclude with a statement from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speech yesterday: “Alliances, diplomacies, trade all become obsolete where our future is in question. Yes, our future is in question. This is the fundamental axis.

We need to pay attention to who is standing where and with whom.

Our sole axis is Turkey.