The struggle of both Turkestan and Palestine is ours. For us the struggle of Enver Pasha and Sheikh Yasin is one and the same. We know very well who’s doing whose bidding - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The struggle of both Turkestan and Palestine is ours. For us the struggle of Enver Pasha and Sheikh Yasin is one and the same. We know very well who’s doing whose bidding

We are going through history that was written from Turkestan, from Far Asia to the depths of Africa, from the Atlantic coasts to Anatolia and Mesopotamia written in pain, we are going through a great regional showdown. Just as much as Palestine is in our hearts, the tragedy of the Syrian people is also ours. As much as east Turkestan is ours, the tragedies in the Caucasus are part of our history. The pains suffered in every corner of this region a century ago, each one of them is in our memory and hearts.

Just as much as the history of everyone who set off from the Balkans to take shelter in Anatolia, who were slaughtered, who embraced this country once they reached Anatolia is ours, the tragedies of those who departed from the Caucasus to Anatolia, who lost their lives in the Black Sea, the families that came from Trabzon all the way to Sakarya after losing relatives on the way, are ours.

Sheikh Ahmed Yasin is no different to Enver Pasha because the struggle is one and the same

The sorrow of the children of Anatolia, who lost their lives in Yemen, Red Sea’s coasts, in the Canal, in Gaza, in Syria is no different to us than those who lost their lives in all fronts of the War of Independence in Sarıkamış.

Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, whose body was torn up to pieces by an Israeli missile when going to the mosque for Morning Prayers as he took part in the resistance for Palestine, and Enver Pasha, who coordinated the Turkestan resistance and lost his life in Tajikistan both have the sane significance for us. Anatolia’s long history of resistance, Bosnia’s history of struggle are one and the same as east Turkestan’s resistance history.

Our memories, recollections, emotions and beliefs are for a vast geography, a great nation.

If our hearts do not beat for the heart of the land, which spans the Atlantic’s coasts, Pacific coasts, the Indian Ocean and the Great Wall of China, if it does not beat for our region which we call the middle zone, we cannot possibly develop an awareness or identity.

Characterlessness, cowardice, subservience: We are never going to be like you

I have never been - and never will be - one of those who sought shelter in the U.K. yesterday and the U.S. today, China yesterday and Russia today, Iran yesterday and Saudi Arabia today. This "subservience" in our mind, this cowardice, this characterlessness was the biggest enemy for our nation, region, past and future, and is the greatest threat facing us today.

Our region faced a great destruction a century ago. They wanted our people to be pushed outside the margins of history; the Muslim world was crushed so badly to prevent it from ever recovering again. The region was divided, minds were divided, families were divided, and history and identity were divided. After a stagnant century, a great opportunity arose, a door opened, a loophole in history formed to put the region together again.

This is exactly where we stand: We have lined up behind the 'Turkey axis' which keeps the region’s integrity

Turkey started a major mobilization to bring together the past and the future, to rebuild honor and dignity, to re-establish freedom and power. It first faced obstacles within. Then it faced the obstacles in its own region.

Anti-Turkey fronts were built both within and in the region. Those who destroyed the entire region a century ago were against Turkey once again. Whoever was against us in Çanakkale with their partners in our midst, their partners in the region are against us again today.

Whoever were their partners in the region back then are the same forces, circles and families behind them again now. Whoever had assumed roles as "native invader" back then are, the same artery, the same circles are taking on the same role again today. The same discussions, the same positions a century ago are taking shape today as well. The pro-tutelage groups of that period are assuming the same role today.

Nobody can take our struggle hostage, nobody can use us as weapons

It is right in this period that they are taking our pains hostage. They are inhibiting our spirit of resistance. They are using our fight in a very horrid way for their own global power showdowns. The U.S. or China, Russia, the EU or another central country are using Muslims as arms against one another for their own power maps.

While these countries are carrying on a global war against Islam, they are also establishing organizations through Muslims in preparation to destabilize target countries and make them kneel. All central countries are guilty of this.

The quake, the nightmare the U.S., the U.K. and Israel unleashed in our region for three decades is obvious. We lost millions of people. Our cities turned to ruins. China has been applying genocide on the Uighur people for years. India is carrying out massacres against Muslims. We know how Russia oppressed the Caucasians. We are generations surrounded on all four sides.

We were deceived and continue to be so

As Afghanistan was being invaded, they said Taliban and we believed them. As Iraq was being invaded, they said Saddam Hussein and we believed them. As Libya was being ruined, they said Muammar Gaddafi and we believed them. They always made excuses and we believed them and took stances accordingly.

We were deceived.

If Muslims can be both destroyed and used as weapons, we have to say something. The cause is our cause, the struggle is ours, this identity is ours, this history is ours, and the claim is ours. A discourse of freedom and building strength for our country is possible solely through our will and our rights - it will be based on our stance.

I am only saying do not shoot others' bullets, do not die for others' battles. If we are going to die, it will be for ourselves and on our path.

On a different note:

We know very well who is doing whose bidding

Those who visited the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ)'s mansion in Pennsylvania, those who have never been able to put together an original sentence in their lives and made it a habit to seek refuge in others based on the way the wind blows should not dare and try to correct me! Do not pay attention to their enthusiastic anti-FETÖ stance nowadays.

Also, I was raised with east Turkestan stories, the history of struggle. By the end of high school, I had read a majority of the books published on Turkestan. Those who once hated the flag of this country and those who would not even touch it should not dare try and promote east Turkestan to me today.

And nobody should dare try and conduct an operation on the country through these. It is known very well who’s doing whose bidding.

Our silence is not due to our lack of knowledge.


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