The third wave of the past millennium: This is our starting point I speak of a major plan, a great goal…

We are going to turn abroad now. Our gaze, our horizon, our efforts are going to be focused overseas. We are going to build a Turkey whose voice is heard abroad, whose strength is felt more externally than internally. We are going to strengthen a country that speaks globally not locally, and support and invigorate that country.

We are going to focus on our region, the West, the East, the world. We are going to focus carefully not only on the West, the Atlantic circle but on all details of the earth’s power map, from Africa to Latin America, from Central Asia to South Asia and the Pacific; we are going to look carefully in all corners of the source map, on every page of the culture and identity atlas, read, learn, and draw new paths for ourselves accordingly.

Our nation that has been flowing toward the West for centuries, that has been insistently and ceaselessly moving toward the West, transforming themselves as they go, increasingly improving themselves, increasingly gaining power, increasingly transforming history, is, from now on, going to focus on all corners of the world.

This is the ‘new situation’ that radically changes the entire understanding of the century

As the West has reached the end of its four-century-long sovereignty, as we witness the rise of extraordinary power in the East, we are re-assuming that history-changing mission.

We are becoming the Seljuks, the Ottomans again. We are shaping a new rising period for the 20th-century Turkish Republic and laying the foundations of the third great wave in this region. This is what we witnessed at the presidential complex on Monday, this is what extraordinarily excited all who are aware of this. This is the “new situation” that radically shook, changed the entire understanding, perception, definitions of the past century. What President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s foundation, leadership consists of is nothing other than the re-shaping of the centuries.

The world is going to redefine relations with this ‘new Turkey’

This is what we are going to understand; we are going to grasp what it is, and where and how we are marching. Then, we are going to see what kind of a march this country has set off on. We are going to be the first ones to notice how Turkey is perceived in Europe, Asia and Africa from now on. We are going to redefine our faith, our confidence in this country, in addition to its value.

The world’s center countries will now be discussing a totally different Turkey. They are going to have to work with a completely different Turkey. Its friendships, hostilities, partnerships and differences are all going to be reshaped, reformatted based on this new situation. We are going to see radical changes in the attitudes of many countries. We are going to see changes in the hostility many countries have toward Turkey – while some soften their attitude, others are going to become harsher.

Nobody should dare pursue new internal operation tenders!

Because this country not only gives strength to the state’s central power domain, it is building a brand new system, a brand new structure, it is laying the foundations of a brand new establishment, reshaping the entire details of a systemic change, and preparing for the centuries to come with the experience of centuries.

Turkey is now going to be a country that has resolved the issues that have blinded us, wasted our energy and resources on futile debates for years; it is going to be a country that has pushed all these aside, that has closed the doors to intervention through these, and that has all foreign elements and influences under control.

No political circle or political identity will be able to be designed and put on the field as “internal operational structures” any longer.

Armed or unarmed elements of intervention…

Armed or unarmed elements of intervention such as the July 15 coup attempt, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorism, and intellectual mechanisms of terror will no longer be able to find the area of movement they seek. Those begging for power from Europe and the U.S. and who turn toward Turkey with this power, as well as the project movements and package networks will no longer be able to cloud our nation’s mind.

Because the community as much as the state, the public domain as much as the civilian domain, the media as much as institutions, as well as all common areas of communication are becoming local. The state is not the only source of resistance, it is now in every layer of the society, in every corner of the country.

We are first freeing our minds, giving prominence to the mind of the state and community, our comprehension, our foresight, and setting off on a great march for the future. This is why we are now going to leave the petty fights, debates, plans, expectations, their cookie-cutter molds of what’s right and wrong, and their definitions of good and bad.

Adjusting ourselves to Turkey:

There is no greater cause, no greater struggle

We are not going to determine an ideology, a political stance based on these. All of us, everybody, every political circle, every religious movement, and every nongovernmental organization is obliged to adjust themselves to Turkey. They are required to adjust themselves to this great march. They are obliged to adjust themselves to this rising period. There is no other cause, goal, area or subject of struggle greater than this.

From now on, our economy, our politics, our human affairs will all be on the global and regional scale. Our statements, our marches, our projects, plans and dreams will also be global-scale. Our quests for peace, our searches for defense, our pursuits for supra-national alliance, our self-perception, our faith in our nation and the heights to which we are going to ascend this country and state to will also be global-scale.

I am talking about a major plan, a great goal

The view questioning who was appointed to which position, who is whose guy, who was given an opportunity and who wasn’t will become insignificant in the new period. We are talking about a very superior plan, goal and ideal. Any attempts that will weaken this aim, this plan must be avoided. Those who still position themselves there, based on those morals are going to be stranded, miss the wave and fade into oblivion.

This is how I personally see Turkey’s great change; this is how I understand it, this is how I interpret it. This is what I see when I look at the new establishment in Turkey and the simultaneous change in the world. I know that great opportunities, great struggles are going to determine and shape the upcoming centuries.

The third wave of the past millennium:

This is our starting point

This is why I am positioning myself here. I believe that the more I support, the more I contribute to that vision, and the more I am involved in the struggle, the more I will contribute to the history and future of our nation.

This is my personal area of struggle and this is how it will continue to be. I suggest such a mobilization awareness, such an identity to our country’s youth for a struggle like this, for them to take place among the new founding generation.

Regardless of what anybody says, Turkey is going to complete its great transformation and there will be no turning back. The third major rise of the past millennium in our region has started, and it will continue. We are all obliged to join in on the struggle from where we stand. This is what everybody is responsible for.


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