The 'three men' that will change the world and the Erdoğan-Trump meeting

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's May visits are historic in terms of Turkey's central position within the network of new international relations. Because they have significance beyond bilateral relations; they are aimed at not only the present time, but also the world of the future. At a time when nations are preparing for the future with claims of the past, Turkey, with its advancing, shows that it is not only Turkey to the central power output.

I don't know how much we were able to understand, interpret or discuss it, but as far as I can see, a new world order is being built on a very small scale and these visits are aimed at taking place on that table. Erdoğan's efforts are aimed at creating ground in the domain of this core power. Regardless of what anybody says, despite all obstructions, Turkey is going to take its place at this table – as a matter of fact, it has already taken its place.

Erdoğan-Trump meeting and Turkey's concerns

Erdoğan's meeting with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump is, in this context, a successful one. The success is the start of a strong relationship between the two leaders, the discovery of a language through which they understand each other. Both Erdoğan and Trump are leaders who do not hesitate to speak their mind, who choose to speak directly and prefer determined methods aimed at getting results. The messages given by both leaders, the parts of the meetings reflected in the public also confirm this.

Yet, the deep trust crisis between Turkey and the U.S. could not be overcome. It wasn't expected to be overcome in a single meeting anyway. Turkey's concerns in particular were not appeased and the threats to our region as a result of the U.S.'s actions have not decreased. However, we know that this is more due to the U.S.'s established system than to Trump. The issue here is who will win in the conflict between Trump and the established system.

The real conflict is happening within the US

In this aspect, the real conflict is taking place within the U.S. We will see in time whether the system will tame Trump or Trump will change the system. At the present state, it is obvious that the U.S. president is not included in numerous institutes and has no control over them. How realistic guarantees given by such a president can be, whether they will yield results is debatable. It will help to relate the lack of sound and concrete outcomes from the Erdoğan-Trump meeting a little to this too.

The aspect of the meeting that has been reflected to us is quite clear. The U.S. military, its intelligence and institutes are threatening the entire region, dividing countries and implementing a plan to siege Turkey through the north Syria corridor. There is no longer any doubt about this and Turkey has clearly determined its position.

Open partnership with terrorist organizations, declaring the Democratic Union Party (PYD) an ally, unlimited arms support, negates all the guarantees given by the White House regarding the “fight against terrorism.” They are not sincere on this matter and never have been. They have now reached the point of using the terror card – which they used against other countries in the past – against Turkey this time.

No relationship of alliance can whitewash this threat

This is the naked truth. The U.S.'s Iraq and Syria policies are threatening Turkey and, as a matter of fact, they include a plan to divide the country, like we saw in the July 15, 2016 intervention. The U.S. administration is ill-intentioned in this matter. No alliance relationship, no conjunctural partnership has the power to whitewash or hide this truth.

Trump's thoughts on this matter may not have “matured” as yet, but this is the primary goal of the U.S.'s established system. The reason they continue to support the PYD despite Turkey's insistence is not Daesh or terrorism, it is the map plan for the region.

How much can the dialogue between Erdoğan and Trump overcome this? If the U.S. president thinks differently, if he is well-intentioned, then only one problem remains: How much will Trump be able to rule the U.S.? How much will he be able to keep the promises he made? How much will he be able to apply his own decision? It seems that overcoming the lack of trust between Turkey and the U.S. is directly related to who will win in the showdown between the U.S. established system and Trump.

That's when they are going to open the 'Turkey front'

So, what is going to happen as this showdown continues? Let's leave aside the U.S.'s own discussions. How much will Turkey be able to tolerate this process? If we follow the president's statements, Turkey will become involved the moment it senses threat. This threat is clear, it is close, it is felt in the depths and intervention will be mandatory.

Therefore, from now on, we are going to look at what Turkey is going to do against the map plans applied in that region. Because we know that the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) Syrian franchise, the PYD, gathered its entire forces in Syria and is working to realize that map. The moment they are successful, they are going to attack Turkey from that 900-kilometer border with all their forces and open the “Turkey front.” That is when the PKK/PYD will not be the only one standing against us. Numerous countries, almost all “allies,” will take place in that front.

The three leaders that will change the world:

Putin, Erdoğan, Trump

What I really want to draw attention in this article is that a new world spearheaded, controlled and shaped by strong leaders is being formed. States, institutes, political discourse, political plans, the established system have all fallen behind the leaders. In the past, leaders used to take shape in accordance with the established system, while in the new period established systems are taking form in accordance with the leaders. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Erdoğan and Trump are the most striking examples in this regard.

Putin put together Russia after the collapse of the Soviets; he reshaped the state and re-defined the power structure within. He transformed the state and united the nation around the ideal of a new Russia. Once he completed the transformation within, he them started to setup world-scale games and twist many center countries around his little finger. After transforming Russia, he started to leave deep traces on the global power map.

Erdoğan declared victory on the inside: Now the showdown is on the outside

President Erdoğan struggled under the severe pressures of the established system. He put his life forward and reached today by fighting against the established system with his political discourse, understanding of power and the road map he drew. He took giant steps aimed at re-establishing and shaping Turkey. The more success he achieved in the transformation on the inside, the more he tried to take big steps on the outside.

He tried to carry Turkey to the future with claims of the past, transform the country from being the “front country” of the Cold War era to the “center country” of the 21st century. He overcame several internal and outside interventions – the most recent of which we experienced on July 15, 2016. The president won the great showdown on the inside with the April 16 referendum and declared his victory. Surely, Trump is carefully watching and taking lessons from the methods of Erdoğan's fight on the inside.

This is the reason why the referendum was taken under the heavy pressures of the Western world, rather than being a national issue. Because their areas of intervention on the inside have become extremely weak as of April 16. From now on, we will see and the world will see that Erdoğan will leave much clearer traces on the world-scale.

Of the three leaders that will change the world, Putin and Erdoğan were victorious over their own internal showdowns. Now, they are forming a map of world-scale activity. They stand as role models for the new world being shaped by leaders.

Trump winning the civil war will change the US's axis

The third leader is Trump. His battle is still ongoing. Plans to “discipline and tame,” which started with his candidacy for the presidential seat, have recently turned in to a violent fight. The showdown within the U.S. is going to grow bigger. It is going to take many lives and cause damage. Either the established system is going to take Trump hostage and waste him, or Trump is going to transform the U.S. and change its axis.

However, the U.S. established system may try some “extraordinariness” to neutralize Trump or force him in to something. The September 11 attacks were of this kind. This time it may not be through “terrorism,” but the last move they will try will be something like this.

Looking at the inclinations, Trump is going to win this battle.

The Erdoğan and Putin models will show themselves in the U.S. too. Other countries are likely to try and produce their own leaders. This is going to be a world in which leaders walk in the front with fast steps and states, institutes, political discourses try to catch up behind them.

I say we should plan and take position accordingly.