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The time has come for Turkey to play big

Turkey, which rediscovered the political genetics of centuries and has been bravely carving its own path for the last 15 years, made the greatest revolution of its history on April 16th.

It solved its systemic chaos and ambiguity, made its own decision, identified its own road map. It carried the history-maker tradition of centuries to today and gained a central position in the world power domain.

The 20th century's frozen history has now come to an end; that bracket closed now, the new rising period has just begun. Re-establishment came true now. It is now time for Turkey to play big.

Turkey was long ready for this in terms of political perspective, will and leadership, but it was only able to overcome the internal and outside attacks now.

It continued its great journey through fighting, struggling and overcoming the obstacles and took another gigantic step on April 16th.

A new era has started for Turkey!

There is no doubt that this step will take its place in the pages of history as “the day of great transformation.” Because a door has opened and both our country's political future and its regional and global effects will take shape based on this new situation.

In other words, a new history has begun.

The will that overcame the heavy attack on July 15, 2016 aimed at destroying and tearing this country into pieces, that managed to hold the country and nation together and fought an independence war in one night, the support and enthusiasm given to that will by the nation, has guided Turkey once more.

This is the 3rd rising period after the 3rd shock

The national axis, the homeland axis triumphed once more and again, our nation's history-maker destiny is on the world stage.

The rising period post-World War I has started now, just as it started after the Crusades, just as it started after the Mongolian invasion. This is the third rising period after the third shock.

Turkey, which has been putting up a relentless fight against the global tutelage system, which has been displaying an example of “relentless resistance,” overcame the intervention of almost the entire world, “counter-revolution” scenarios and has now managed to draw a hard-to-intervene path for itself. This has thus triggered that “rising period,” the period of “Turkey's becoming a star” that we have all been waiting for.

The era of being trapped into Anatolia is over.

Hence, the “yes” decision that resulted from the referendum is not only an election preference. The April 16 referendum is not only an internal politics decision. It is a history, a struggle for power, the plan to become centralized in the world that is being newly established.

Its effects will not merely be limited to solving Turkey's system problem. It is going to lead to the deep impact in the region and determine the color of world power blocs.

Turkey can no longer be forced in to a kind of “Turkey Baathism.” It can no longer be trapped into Anatolia and be controlled through instructions from Western capitals. It will not be a country where economic tremors can be caused through minor interventions. It can no longer be taken under influence with the comments/analyses made by the hired hitmen of certain intelligence companies.

Covert intervention and Soros leftovers

Turkey has now closed the era of being disciplined through terrorist organizations. It cannot be made to kneel through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), forced in to doing things it does not want to do through Daesh or weakened in the face of plans to change the regime through groups like the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ).

Turkey is no longer a country that can be directed through Soros leftovers. It cannot be stressed out through the exhaustion campaigns carried out by Western media through Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, through their covert operations within the country. Turkey will no longer pay attention to plans of being wasted in the rising racism of the West.

Those who play small will not be able to remain standing.

We are not acting heroic when we say, “History has taken a turn and the responsibility of that history-maker destiny is back on our shoulders.” We say this looking at Turkey, looking at the developments in the world, looking at the course of humanity, looking at the new pursuits and tendencies of center states.

We are in a period which those who play small will not be able to remain standing, the power map is rapidly changing, top organizations like the European Union are beginning to collapse and new power axis are forming.

The game-setters of the campaign against the presidential system know all this. It is because they know that they did everything they can to “stop Turkey.” Yet certain circles in Turkey did not refuse to become players in this game. They could not see that game and those that did see took part in the same treachery anyway.

New street terrorism plans will be perceived due to July 15.

However, from now on, it will not be easy for the “apparatuses” that will be used to carry out operations on the inside under the “opposition” identity. Such a period is coming that no country will show any tolerance toward these kinds of apparatuses. Those who are planning new street terrorism, mobility against the “yes” decision need to be aware of this reality.

Such Soros-like “colorful revolution” operations, Gezi Park-like street terrorism attempts will be considered as outside interventions, because that is what they are anyway.

A new anti-Turkey attack controlled by the EU that is wanted to be conducted through the Republican People's Party (CHP) right after the referendum is being sensed. It should not be forgotten that all such bids will be perceived, like the July 15th attack. Because it is now clear that these provocations have nothing to do with Turkey's political identity and internal politics.

The world has entered a very rough international climate.

Pay attention to the new world trends. We have entered a very rough international climate in which big words are spoken, big steps are taken and big claims stand out. This is true not only for Turkey but for the whole world. We have entered a world of open interventions and rough fights.

Hence, no country will be tolerant toward such terrorizing methods. Everyone needs to pull themselves together and think, prioritizing Turkey.

Turkey is entering this new climate by rebuilding its history, political identity, strengthening its hand, reinforcing its power. It would not be possible to remain standing any other way. Following this stage, it needs to make the utmost investment in power. And that is what it will do.

It is now time to talk big. Turkey will stand out with its big claims. It will not tolerate the terror corridor on its south border or the terrorist extensions on the inside or the myriad West-based impertinence.

The Great Walk: A new history has started

A new history has started and everybody needs to read this new situation well and take position accordingly. A new Turkey reality will stand out with the political identity of our past, our efforts on the inside to be free and our new global-scale road map.

The visits by President Erdoğan on April 17th were filled with messages showing where we stand, how we fortify the state and our direction in the world.

The message is clear: Both Yavuz and Fatih are here now.

This is the new Turkey. This is the new establishment. The flow of our political history has re-found its course.

This is what we call the “great walk” and from now on, that walk is going to continue with bigger steps. Turkey will now play big.

Now, Erdoğan is accompanied on this path by Yavuz, Fatih and Kanuni as much as by Necmettin Erbakan and Turgut Özal. The message is clear.


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