The Turkey effect: How were their plans in Libya foiled? The UAE, Saudi, Israel, Iran gathered on a single front in Libya. What happened to an Arab-Iran conflict? Is Turkey the common enemy? Where does the ‘native front’ stand? But Turkey changed the game. The Mediterranean map has also changed. Mohammed bin Zayed may attempt assassinations in Libya, Turkey - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The Turkey effect: How were their plans in Libya foiled? The UAE, Saudi, Israel, Iran gathered on a single front in Libya. What happened to an Arab-Iran conflict? Is Turkey the common enemy? Where does the ‘native front’ stand? But Turkey changed the game. The Mediterranean map has also changed. Mohammed bin Zayed may attempt assassinations in Libya, Turkey

Critical developments have been taking place in Libya in the last few weeks. The “Turkey effect” has ruined all plans in Libya. Not only in Libya but in the entire Mediterranean; the natural gas negotiations and projects in the East Mediterranean, West Mediterranean, and the Aegean.

The developments in Libya are a summary of everything happening and that will happen in the Mediterranean.

Victory for us in Libya means victory in the whole of the Mediterranean. All the groups that are against us in Libya will be sorely defeated in the Mediterranean. This is truly the situation.

Stopping Turkey:On whose behalf is the native front attacking?

Hence, we must pay the utmost attention to the “native front” that is concerned with Libya and the region. We need to pay attention to who is arming them and on whose behalf they are fighting.

We need to understand that the alliance, the partnership within is not an internal political matter but rather a regional matter, an organization that is set on stopping Turkey.

Thus, they gathered political circles that would normally never be caught dead together under a single umbrella. They brought political parties and terrorist organizations under the same roof.

Turkey’s defense is no longer within, at the zero point of its border

The showdown in Libya is regional. This showdown, in fact, encompasses the whole region; it is in every corner of the region. Soon, it is going to become widespread. Turkey’s footsteps are going to ring even louder.

From now on, as the voice of the “inside front” diminishes, the development of a regional power is going to become more prominent.

Therefore, we need to have a much stronger grasp on the developments in Libya, the anti-Turkey alliance, as well as Turkey’s struggle.

Turkey spent decades fighting internally. Then, it fought for years at the zero point of its border. Now, that fight has evolved into a regional struggle. With partnerships and alliances much beyond our borders, it turned into a matter of the region’s liberty and honor.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran gathered on a single front in Libya

The more Turkey’s military support is established in Libya, the more the plans of terror baron Khalifa Haftar and the countries supporting him are going to come crashing down – one by one. Those who tried to take over the capital Tripoli only yesterday are now struggling to maintain their positions.

Turkey, in destroying Haftar’s headquarters, supply convoys, military bases, air defense systems, asserting its power in the Mediterranean, especially through its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), is about to foil a major plan in Libya.

Whose plan? Of course, that of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Russia, and France.

What happened to the Iran-Israel conflict? What happened to an Arab-Iran conflict?

How did they unite? For example, who got Saudi Arabia and Iran together in the same front in Libya? Or how did Israel and Iran end up on the same front?

What happened to the conflict between Iran and Israel? What happened to the Arab-Iran conflict?

Who is transporting Shiite militias from Syria to Libya? Russia or Iran? Who is sending Iranian UAVs to Libya? What power is uniting Saudi, Egyptian, UAE, and Sudanese elements on a single front with Shiite militias? Who is their common foe? Who is this alliance or solidarity against while Iran-Saudi clashes are ongoing in Yemen?

There are groups seeking war between Turkey and the ‘Arab bloc’

The Arab bloc was supposedly established against Iran. Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries were preparing for a defense against Iran. What happened?

The U.S. and Israel were spooking certain Arab countries to take action, saying that “Iran is going to invade Arab lands.” What happened to all that? They are buying hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons against the “Iranian threat.” Who are they going to use them against?

Turkey? Unfortunately, yes.

While once upon a time the Arab world was mobilized against Israel, we need to pay great attention to the power that is mobilizing Arab regimes against Turkey now. We need to pay attention to how some Arab countries are cooperating with Iran – the country they branded as their arch enemy – in Libya against Turkey.

Gulf wave: After Libya, chaos is going to reign in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco

Libya is not the sole issue. The Arab world is being shaped for the second time around. A new tutelage status quo is being developed through the UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman.

The whole region is being redesigned through these countries. Arab regimes are being reshaped for a second time since their founding. A coup is being staged in Sudan through Gulf countries. Following Libya, they want to invade Tunisia and drive the country into chaos, after which they will be targeting Algeria and Morocco.

Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco need to know that they will be the next targets of the waves of invasion coming from the Gulf countries, that the Persian Gulf countries, which are unable to protect even themselves, are going to want to shape the Arab world, and that this is a new invasion wave. Hence, they should already start establishing their defense lines in Libya.

Turkey’s presence on the ground changed the game: the UAE is panicking

They pillaged Libya. They are committing war crimes, conducting terror attacks, striving to destroy a sovereign, and divide it into two– as a matter of fact, into three parts.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Syrian regime, France, and Russia are hiding behind a terror baron like Haftar and attempting to divide Libya, while Turkey is giving overtly and strongly supporting the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is also recognized as the country’s legitimate administration by the UN.

The moment Haftar’s terrorist organization and the countries endorsing it had approached capital Tripoli, matters took a turn for the worse. Haftar started to pull back. In panic mode, the UAE is now sourcing weapons and mercenary soldiers from all over the world, and striving to save Haftar by activating a dirty traffic through Jordan.

Mohammed bin Zayed may attempt assassinations in Libya, Turkey

Helicopters from Africa, air defense systems from China and Russia, supplies from the black market, military boots from Malta, aircraft loaded with thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition, billions of dollars are all a part of the dirty traffic bin Zayed is conducting.

Some of his preparations today signal an assassination more so than a war. The likelihood of Zayed attempting an assassination on Libyan administrators and, as a matter of fact, on certain individuals in Turkey, should not be disregarded.

Turkey changed the game. The Mediterranean map changed. What is Israel’s message?

Yet, no matter what he does, he is going to face defeat. Turkey changed the game. More dominant military operations will follow. The change of climate also led certain countries to re-consider their positions. The NATO secretary-general’s meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the call to Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and declaring support is a sign of this.

Israel implying “full diplomatic relations with Turkey and cooperation concerning Mediterranean energy sources” is intriguing. Turkey’s agreement with Libya has changed the Mediterranean map. Soon, there will be similar activities in the Aegean as well.

A terrible end awaits bin Zayed

The UAE’s plans for Libya will crumble. Turkey’s claims are going to keep Libya united. This country is set to face a terrible end as a result of Zayed’s war crimes, terror traffic, assassination attempts and money laundering operations.

We are now beyond trying to keep our country and nation standing at the zero point of our borders or within Anatolia. Turkey is no longer a country where countries can come and conduct operations.

The entire region is our defense line now. Their plans to “stop Turkey from abroad” have failed. Together, they are now going to focus on the inside of the country. They are going to emphasize carrying out their business through the inside, the native front. This is what the UAE and bin Zayed are working on.

But this will not work either.

Yet, we should still be aware of the fact that the “inside front” is actually a foreign intervention operation.


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