The US has become the ‘sick man.’ Turkey is now unstoppable, because we have been working on the ‘Big Game’ since the Seljuks

The one who loses Turkey will lose the region.

This is a fact that has not changed for a thousand years. From now on, this theory, this discourse, this reality is going to become stronger and more distinct. And that statement will change to: No country in this region can make any disposal without Turkey, against Turkey. They cannot draw maps, collapse states and establish them, make war or peace, or establish an order.

Turkey is the world’s fastest rising power; it is making the world’s most surprising leap. This is not only an economic rise; Turkey has rediscovered and activated its political gene that dates back centuries and and this is a history-changing power.

That psychological threshold has been overcome. You are now going to digest it!

All center countries of the world that have an imperial past understand very well what this change means, what it will change, what kind of “new situations” it can cause. This is why the fight is so big.

The bigger the claim is, the bigger the fight, the bigger the showdown will be.

But that psychological threshold has been overcome. The 20th century’s tutelage psychology has been overcome. All evaluations that see Turkey as a “front country” or a “substitute country” have failed. Because this country has become a lot more powerful and most importantly, a country that is more effective than the majority of countries that see it as a front, that are trying to keep it as a substitute.

 All of those who thought ‘what will the US say?’ are left ‘jobless’

The discourse of, “What will the U.S. say about this?” “What will the European Union say?” “What will NATO say to us?” no longer has any meaning for the Turkish public. Using methods such as scaring, intimidating the masses in this way, threatening the government and state, bringing it to line in this way have become meaningless.

All those who promoted this discourse have been left “jobless.” It is obvious that those who presented lies such as “fighting terrorism” in the name of the U.S., “democracy and freedom” in the name of the EU have all become disreputable. Because they have become estranged from this country; they have missed Turkey’s rise.

All three of these circles with which we took joint action in the entire region since the 1950s, have started to pose threats to Turkey with their current disposals and actions.

It lost Turkey, ‘isolated’ itself

The U.S.’s tendencies in our region are aimed at shrinking and dividing Turkey. Forming partnership with all the terrorist organizations in the region and targeting Turkey is a brand-new situation for the world too.

Washington has isolated and marginalized itself with the passion to limit Turkey and has become a destructive threat not only for Turkey, but also the world. It has lost its reputation and reliability. The U.S. is rapidly moving away from being a country that will contribute to the world’s future, the common good of humanity.

Hence, it has become a “dangerous” country not only for Turkey or China and Russia which are competing against it, but for all countries worldwide, including Europe. Even though some may not say it openly, they are seeking ways to distance themselves from the U.S.

 The biggest lie of the 21st century: ‘The US is strong enough to overcome everything’

The statement that “The U.S. is strong enough to do everything” perhaps rung true in the second half of the 20th century, but today and in all plans aimed at the 21st century, it is the greatest lie. Those who invest in this statement will lose. When the Cold War ended, the world had lined up behind the U.S. A world order was going to be established under its leadership. They even called this the “American century.”

But even before the second millennium, it became obvious that this was not possible. It was seen that the U.S. does not have the moral maturity, economic power and military power to lead the world alone. And that project collapsed.

This was the first phase and it ended. New powers, new economic and political capitals formed around the world. And they all rejected the U.S.’s leadership role. The second phase came. The domain of economic and political power would be shared. Center powers were ready for this. Together, they proposed an order based on the distribution of power. However, the U.S.’s ambition, pride and greed eliminated this option as well.

 Period of regression: Not even internal forces of influence can save it

And hence the second period ended. After this stage, the world started to abandon the U.S. The third period, the period of the U.S.’s regression, being buried in its own fights, shrinking its impact on the world, and its withdrawal started.

At the time the U.S. was going to become a world leader, Turkey gave it full support. Full dependence was in question. Its tendencies in our region during the second period started to disturb us, but the internal U.S. forces of influence like the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and others prevented Turkey from acting independently and drawing its own path.

In the third period, both the dimension of the U.S.’s threat increased and their internal forces of influence weakened. It is during this period that Turkey entered a strong rising period. With Turkey, moving away from the U.S. turned into a political wave throughout the world. Having only a few small countries siding with it in the Jerusalem issue is an indication of this.

Complete mobilization must be declared in defense!

From this stage onward, not only the statement, “What will the U.S. say?” but all of the U.S.’s suggestions and partnership proposals are lies. After this stage, what the NATO will do is going to be one of the biggest questions for Turkey. The NATO alliance that has failed to take an open attitude toward any threat aimed at a country has become a threat for Turkey.

This dependency must be questioned and as a matter of fact, we must seek ways to escape this dependency. Defense alternatives must be activated; new pursuits must be sought; complete mobilization must be declared in the area of defense technologies.

Such a mobilization will strengthen Turkey’s full independence, and most importantly, it will render its rise unstoppable. Our definition of threats has changed entirely since July 15. Both the U.S. and NATO are no longer chains of alliance for us.

 Great revolution: Millennium-old political gene discovered

Its discovery of its millennium-old political gene is a great revolution for Turkey. In these 1,000 years, no country, no being has been able to build a future in the area currently known as the Middle East against the Seljuks, the Ottomans and the Republic of Turkey.

It will continue like this from now onward. Every country, whether it be the U.S., EU countries, Russia or countries in the region, those that try to take action despite Turkey, try to inactivate it, confine Turkey within Anatolia and set up games, will lose.

The U.S. is the first loser. After losing Turkey, its losses in the region have also started. It might be a coincidence, but in parallel to losing Turkey, it is becoming isolated in the world and regressing. Looking at the intra-system fights in Washington, these losses will continue.

The US flag has become the PKK pennant: This shame is enough for them

At this stage, especially while the Afrin operation is ongoing, the U.S. has no say on any matter in Syria – and it will remain that way. Who is it, why is it on those lands and with what legitimacy is it talking to Turkey or other countries through Syria?

The fundamental principle is the denial of its presence there. Apart from this, no other statement or approach has any meaning. There is nobody else other than a terrorist organization that accepts the U.S. being there. It cannot explain its legitimacy claim through terrorism to anybody – not even its own people.

Because the U.S. is, first and foremost, deceiving its own people. CENTCOM acting like an autonomous structure, like another state within the American state, is eliminating U.S. interests. This is hence globally turning the U.S. into a “worthless country.” The U.S. flag becoming the PKK pennant is the greatest shame; it is a country insulting itself.

The Washington administration must intervene immediately in this clique at the Pentagon. Otherwise, it is the one that will lose. This is why, in the current world, all countries treat the U.S. like a leper.

CENTCOM is an Israeli army. The US has become the ‘sick man’

CENTCOM has shifted to the terror axis, it has started a kind of banditry. This clique, this military structure is controlled not from Washington but from Tel Aviv. CENTCOM is acting like an Israeli army and conducting operations based on Israel’s interests. This is the most critical example of the division in power in the U.S. This situation, which will cause great damage to the American state structure, will carry the intra-system fight to enormous dimensions. The world now has a “sick U.S.” problem…

With this being the case, those that are still cooperating with the U.S. to try and steer Turkey, those promoting its regional perspectives, must understand that they will get nowhere through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in this region. That corridor is going to collapse; the U.S. is going to withdraw from northern Syria, including the east of the Euphrates; they must know this.

 We have been working on this ‘game’ since the Seljuks

Turkey is very different now and the flow of history has changed its course. All those trying to limit Turkey both internally and externally will lose this showdown. Therefore, the only way is for all to shoulder and strengthen this great march.

While there is a chance to align with history-makers, taking place on the side of the losers is not smart at all. We are going to continue to walk in the front lines of this path. Because we have known to always walk in the front lines in this region for a millennium. How else do you think we remained standing and changed global power maps?

If the map is the issue, Turkey is right at the center of the table. This is not a scenario that can be ruined through the PKK, through its Syrian affiliate the Democratic Union Party (PYD). This is a great game and we have been working on this since the Seljuks.


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