The US will withdraw from Syria as well. Why is the UAE cozying up to Turkey? Even bin Zayed has seen the light, it seems.

There hasn’t yet been a stoic evaluation made by analysts in Turkey of the U.S. scattering like flies from Afghanistan. Yet, a kerfuffle broke out; and all the facts were overshadowed by the distorted “Taliban perception” drawn by the U.S. and Europe.

That was the goal anyway. They wanted the world’s “superpowers to play out their game while Turkey’s hands were tied.” They mobilized their teams within Turkey to achieve this objective. They wanted to render us blind and deaf.

Through this event, we saw once more how the “21st century’s biggest lie,” which has been promoted as the “fight against global terrorism,” the reason the West has been using to invade countries for the last two decades, paralyzed minds.

West Roman Empire collapsing again in the 21st century

But this is not the case.

All countries are concocting fresh plans following the West’s and U.S.’s regression. They are trying to fill the voids, the countries, regions, and power domains left behind by them.

This is because they see that the West’s global sovereignty is at its end, that it can never again build a global order alone, that those who had set off for the “American century” have started to return to the Atlantic Ocean, and that they need to withdraw to their own borders.

The current power shift is much more staggering than the last two world wars. The West Roman Empire is collapsing once again. Former empires are making a comeback to the 21st century with great claims.

We wiped out West Rome; did they expect us to stay put?

Under these circumstances, those who want to keep Turkey, the continuation of the Ottoman Empire that wiped out the East Roman Empire from history, away from all this, are plotting one scenario after another, one scheme after another, both locally and abroad.

Fortunately, the political mind that has shaped centuries has stepped up once again. Otherwise, the world would be rebuilt, while Turkey loses the 21st century as well.

Let’s take another look at the map being drawn:

The U.S. was defeated in Afghanistan. It lost. This is clear. As a result, it withdrew two decades later. Afghanistan has been a graveyard for all empires of the world; it was the same for the U.S. Its regression will spiral following its “escape” from Afghanistan.

The US will flee Syria next. It will unexpectedly abandon them one day!

The U.S. and the West lost Central Asia. They will lose South Asia as well. They will not be able to maintain their foothold in Pakistan either. They will lose their influence over the entire south zone, all the way to Indonesia.

However, we will witness the most staggering withdrawals from the Middle East. Following Afghanistan, the second “escape” will be from Syria. We will see them unexpectedly leave hastily one morning. There are strong harbingers of this.

Those who are drawing maps with their hopes pinned on the U.S., those who are making plans for a buffer in the Mediterranean from the Iranian border, and those attacking Turkey from the south; all their efforts will be abandoned. They will need to seek new “destinations” for themselves.

They were commissioned to ‘stop Turkey’. They built ‘anti-Turkey fronts’ worldwide

The tremors caused by global and regional power shifts were quick to impact our region. Notice the activity in countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain.

The U.S. and Israel calibrated these countries as anti-Turkey “fronts.” The UAE has committed great blunders against Turkey, ranging from supporting the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to financing the opposition in Turkey, from opening anti-Turkey fronts in the whole region to plans aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Why is UAE now trying to improve relations with Turkey?

These countries assumed a regional role in the project to “stop Turkey.” However, the Afghanistan equation ruined all plans, driving them towards new pursuits. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE first started improving ties with Qatar. Then, they started to progress toward improving ties with Turkey.

In the last couple of weeks, we witnessed intense shuttle diplomacy in Qatar. They opened a door to Turkey through Qatar, with the UAE turning its sights towards Turkey. Yet, the UAE and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed are known to be devoted to a hostile policy when it comes to Turkey and Erdogan.

So, what changed? Why have they come crawling back?

All this is related to the damaged reputation of the U.S. These countries have now grasped that the U.S. cannot protect them, that its influence in the region will atrophy. 

Furthermore, these countries have realized that despite all their efforts, they can not force Turkey to retreat, and that Ankara is producing successful results in every field.

They realized that Turkey made an extraordinary power leap from the Atlantic to Asia, that it made fruitful gains from the power shifts, and that both its rise and impact are going to continue.

Furthermore, they realized that having good ties with Israel alone could not produce effective results in the Arab-Iran crisis.

Major victory for Turkey: The regional front has collapsed

The efforts made by regional countries to improve ties with Turkey constitute a victory. This is what Turkey has always desired, as it never responded to hostility with hostility. Some adopted a contrary stance. But it soon became apparent that this would not lead them anywhere.

The winds of change will open up new areas for Turkey in a very vast region, both economically and geopolitically. “Cautious optimism” will pave the path to mending these ties. We will certainly have an arena of influence in Afghanistan. Because having influence in Afghanistan and the Gulf front’s efforts to mend ties with Turkey are elements of the same whole.

Even the UAE, Zayed saw the light. When will Turkey’s opposition leaders, Kılıçdaroğlu, Akşener see it?

Let us be frank. They could not stop Turkey from the West. They built a Gulf front and failed yet again. They built fronts within the country, but they still will not be able to stop Turkey’s progress.

Turkey is the central country in the world’s 21st century’s power map. This cannot be prevented.

Everyone should base their plans on the facts.

Turkey’s opposition has the most to learn from the events at Kabul airport.

Even the UAE, even Bin Zayed has seen the light. 

When will Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Good Party (IP) leader Meral Akşener see it?

When will they understand that supporting FETÖ and PKK cannot yield any results, that it is not possible to come to power in Turkey with a signal from the U.S.?

They will neither realize nor understand it.

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The US will withdraw from Syria as well. Why is the UAE cozying up to Turkey? Even bin Zayed has seen the light, it seems.
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