The Velvet Revolution and Arab Spring are over. So what is this new wave? A new rage from Latin America to Iran: Innocent demands, secret evils. What’s happening, where’s the world headed to? Turkey post-July 15: A ‘psychological atmosphere’ is being prepared for a new type of intervention - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The Velvet Revolution and Arab Spring are over. So what is this new wave? A new rage from Latin America to Iran: Innocent demands, secret evils. What’s happening, where’s the world headed to? Turkey post-July 15: A ‘psychological atmosphere’ is being prepared for a new type of intervention

Mass reactions, protests are swiftly rising in random countries and regions, from Chili to Bolivia, Lebanon to Iraq, Hong Kong to Iran and, as a matter of fact, to France, where they are fast transforming into a serious social wave.

Like the countries, the reasons for their breakout also seem to differ. Masses are pouring out onto the streets based on a vast range of justifications, such as claims that elections were manipulated, the hike in oil prices, Whatsapp tax, while some were triggered by increased subway fees, and others by increased water and bread prices, as well as political problems.

A new wave, new picture, new rage; who’s controlling it?

The issue transcends the borders of the country or region; it is not limited to economic or political matters alone. There is a new situation, a new picture, a new wave. The timing of these demonstrations and the similarity of methods are quite interesting.

This new wave needs to be recognized; we need to be able to interpret the rage that this global trend has led to. Mass demands, the showdown of powers, anger and the exploitation dreams are the prominent factors.

How did the CIA’s Velvet Revolution project end in a fiasco?

The Velvet Revolution got its name from the student and public uprisings in Czechoslovakia that took place between Nov. 17, 1989 and Dec. 29, 1989. Several attempts were made to replicate the success of this revolution after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the global power balance.

These mass operations, which are also called the Color Revolution, were carried out in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and tried in Lebanon. All of these trials that received great media support, equipped with popular sayings and slogans, failed. Those countries were never again able to maintain stability. Leaders of the Velvet Revolution were later ousted and left isolated. It was later revealed that they were all projects of U.S. intelligence. The project implemented was nothing other than the U.S. clearing the ground for the new world order.

The wave of the Arab Spring: Who started it, who managed it, how was it sabotaged?

This was followed by the Arab Spring wave. The anger that the 20thcentury’s order was about to reach boiling point – and boil, it did. That rightful rage was directed at regimes, with the power of the masses gaining victory. The whole region, from North Africa to Syria, was shattering. Masses wanted welfare, freedom, justice; they were refusing the oppressiob of decades and demanding control over their resources.

The Arab region was going through radical change, and the status quo developed by the West was being destroyed. The regime in Egypt, one of the most powerful countries in the region, was changing, and the threat was nearing Saudi Arabia.

Yet it did not last long. Western intelligence organizations that directly designed and directed the Velvet Revolutions, as a matter of fact, clearly and openly, states, intervened in the Arab Spring. This intervention was not openly opposing, but taking place in it and controlling it.

What sort of tyranny did they produce from the Arab Spring?

Rightful demands, natural rage was being controlled and deviated from their aim. Freedom operations were manipulated, diverted and doomed to failure. The trap was set against the masses seeking freedom, and the calls for freedom made through “civilian” organizations affiliated with intelligence were turned into calls for coup and civil war.

The Arab Spring was put an end to by breaking out conflicts in Libya and Syria, followed by the reverse of the Tahrir revolution in Egypt. The wave was stopped before it could harm the regimes that had good relations with the West. Those who had invented the Velvet Revolutions had done it again.

Turkey’s Arab Spring: An awakening against 20th century destruction

Turkey approached and supported the Arab Spring in terms of freedom. Doing the right thing, it identified the Arab Spring as a new awakening. While doing this, it showed serious resistance against foreign intervention. As it was advocating the utmost expansion of freedoms, it produced a political discourse in relation to preventing this from being sacrificed for security and power relations.

It is the sole country post-Ottoman era that presented a project and formed a political discourse for its region. Turkey wanted this process to be a local awakening against the destruction of the 20th century. In this aspect, it became a game-changing country that deconstructed the plots of foreign forces.

A country such as this would of course be considered a threat by most, giving rise to the desire to confine and take control over it.

'Stop Turkey' or you will lose the region’

That is exactly what happened. Color revolutions were tried in Turkey too. But they were extremely ineffective. Turkey’s resistance and dynamism was a lot stronger in many areas than that of those plotters. But they did not stop. The attempt to punish Turkey continued with the Gezi Park terror, the Dec. 17-25, 2013 intervention, and the July 15, 2016 coup attempt that was conducted to break out an invasion and civil war. When these proved insufficient, they resorted to sieging us from the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, and surrounding us through the terror corridor to be formed in north Syria. Turkey overcame all these too.

The main reason they wanted to punish Turkey was that it was a hub; it was building a region, it was able to make history, able to produce discourses capable of influencing every group in the region, and it was giving way to every freedom and local stance in the region. Thus, the fight in Turkey was a fight for the region and it had dimensions that transcended our country. The target of all showdowns in the region was Turkey.

Enslaving people all over again by ‘exploiting their most basic demands’

In a vast region expanding from Latin America to the Middle East, to Iran, it would be insufficient to perceive the new social incidents shaking countries through those states’ special conditions. If my predictions are correct, these reactions will become widespread and increasingly more systematic, which is when its real political discourse will emerge.

We are face-to-face with the exploitation of basic, the most humane demands. We are living in a time in which people’s living, water, electricity, justice, freedom demands are sacrificed to fights over power, the established regime, resources and markets. A total of a 3 percent price hike on oil in Iran will of course lead to mass rage.

But after a while, the bigger picture will be revealed: the demonstrations in Iraq that have been ongoing for weeks, the power wars between Arabs and Persians, the U.S.’s plans aimed at Iraq and Iran.

Evil hidden among innocence

Taking sides is different, seeing the truth and understanding it something else. Some will not be happy, but I believe that among all these incidents, there is a connection beyond those countries.

The velvet revolutions were direct intelligence operations. The Arab Spring was a natural uprising. But it was controlled and condemned by others, through which they produced a counter-coup. In the protests nowadays, it seems that we are going to face the exploitation of people’s most natural demands, hopes and dreams.

An agenda hidden among the most innocent demands of the masses can already be sensed.

They’re selling out religions, identities, values

We are drawing attention not to mass demands, but the projects promoted through these.

Politics has become as exhausted as global power structures and lost its credibility. Those using power domains have started to exploit religions, beliefs and basic demands. As this is the case, a while later, it might lead to the masses losing all hope. This would be a major collapse for humanity.

Will the wave reach Turkey? What sort of project has been implemented post-July 15?

Can Turkey be mentioned in this context? Yes, we can and we must. Turkey, which experienced coups, sieges, and a civil war scenario, one after the other, might face one last big attack. This is a serious possibility. It is impossible to implement any project in the region before stopping Turkey – this is a clear fact now.

Now, after the July 15 coup attempt, they are using a new organization. Political parties and terrorist organizations, certain nongovernmental organizations and some conservative groups are gathering on the same front. Political identities that have no relation whatsoever are being brought together for a single aim.

The operation being conducted on social psychology is mind blowing, with the construction of a social perception wave, in which the meaning of “truth” is lost. The result of the mayoral election in Istanbul is the first strong example of this. And the project is not limited to this alone.

A ‘psychological atmosphere’ is being prepared for a new type of intervention

Turkey presented a major global claim. In order to hamper this claim from within, preparations are being carried out right before our eyes and recklessly. The “psychological atmosphere” for such an “intervention” seems to have matured. Perhaps we are facing another extreme challenge.

Personally, I believe as much as we discuss the situation in Iran, we need to urgently focus on what might happen in Turkey, the sort of new project that might be attempted. As a matter of fact, this time, Saudi and UAE-backed conservative groups may also be involved.

Don’t say ‘How did this happen?’ Preparations for ‘last big showdown’ are in the works

I can hear some of you ask, “Where did this come from?” Those saying this in this country have always been “too late” for everything. I have no idea if heed will be taken and to what extent, but I am going to continue to dwell on this topic. Brand new approaches are going to be tried.

How will Turkey perceive this “third global wave,” what will it do, how will it stand against the threats targeting it? Will there be an attempt to strike Turkey like this wave? Will there be one last big showdown? Yes. For a while now, all research points to this. It is highly likely that it will happen.

Trust the people, devote yourself to the country. This is all we need. They are not going to be able to do anything again.


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