The West-centered 'global ideology' has collapsed. Then don’t complain, don't hang about, come to the main 'front'... This is the struggle of the century!

The matter we need to discuss and debate the most is what great tremors the earth has experienced on the power map, the kind of power map being shaped, the kind of changes this power struggle will cause in the political maps, and how central and medium-sized countries – including Turkey – will keep pace with these major power shifts and build a future.

If we want to make strong statements about the future of this country, we have to start deep discussions and take major political and intellectual steps in this area. We have to produce a mind that will fulfill the political undertaking regarding Turkey and the world; we have to produce a background. As we call our historical codes to today, ask for their help, reform our claims, we are also obliged to do what is required of us today and draw a future path.

Don’t hang about or hide in the corners, come to the center, the main front!

We are required to understand and know the nature of the internal power struggle in the U.S., why the EU project was shattered, where center European countries are being dragged toward, how Asia’s rising powers will change the global power domain, the kind of future planning that the disposals and interventions aimed at the "disintegration" that has been ongoing continuously for three decades in our region are, where this planning may drag our country and how we can resist against it.

While most of us are stuck on everyday topics, get caught up on the details, hang around the sidelines, waste Turkey's most productive era with cheap discourses, follow a course that is thousands of leagues behind the political leadership, taking action with a great responsibility, in a period of one of the sharpest turns in history, is a duty we cannot shake off. We can no longer delay this.

If you only look at what is in front of you, you will get stuck, become blind

Turkey has spent the last two decades dealing with this struggle, this position determination, and battling with the traumas caused by power shifts. Coups and interventions, and the terrorist card were all used for this reason and put in front of us. While both the power map in the country and the world power map changes, Turkey, which is living in the toughest geography of the world, has put up an extraordinary struggle, and continues to do so.

Now, we can understand these struggles solely by interpreting and comprehending what may happen with respect to the future of our region, the future of the world. We cannot understand anything by taking Turkey alone into consideration; we would be blinded.

We would not be able to build the Turkey of the future, we would get stuck looking at what is in front of us, be pushed outside of history and miss this century. All of the attacks conducted all this time are to this end. Because they want to exclude us from the new global power map.

Eurasia is rising while the Atlantic loses…

The world's political and economic center is shifting from the Atlantic toward Eurasia, and this is going to become more distinct. Land and sea trade routes are leading from the Atlantic toward the dominant control of Asian, Eurasian powers, and this is going to become even clearer.

The unilateral global control over the technology and defense monopoly is also shifting from the Atlantic and spreading to the world's new rising regions and powers; new centers are standing out, and this is going to become even more evident.

Manpower and natural sources stand out as the fields which the Atlantic lack the most, and they will suffer the pain of this a lot more in the upcoming decades. Asia and the rest of the world have started to gain the overwhelming superiority in these areas as well, and this is going to become even more dominant.

Global awakening: The West's idea of a unipolar world has been shattered…

What's most important is a global-scale awakening; a political language is gaining power in connection to this awakening. The West's unipolar world idea is shattering. The Western ideology has, in this sense, been shaken to its core. That proud state is turning into excessiveness and belligerence with the pain of defeat, and the more the belligerence increases, the more the alienation with the world deepens, which confines the West into even narrower spaces.

Upon the collapse of the monopoly over the economic and political control they were running in the last century, after the classic colonization era, the period of plundering resources is also coming to an end with the global economic awakening. This is what is happening today. The West has lost all its methods of possessing resources, apart from military power.

The US's real thuggery is just starting: The conflict will spread to the whole world

This is the new path the U.S. has taken in foreign policy and in economy policies. Introversion, refusing to integrate with the world, disregarding supra-national structures and all out aggressiveness. This is a kind of thuggery and it reveals the course the U.S. and the world's relations will take from now on.

Some EU countries follow the U.S., and they will continue to do so. We are headed toward a world in which terrorism can no longer be separated from the state (the U.S. and Israel are leaders in this area), where investments are entirely made in power, values are pushed aside, countries strengthen their central power domains, and in which resources and defense supersede all.

In such a world, almost every state is involved in the conflict and showdown. Even though it seems like there is no clear, great struggle against the U.S.'s trade and political aggressiveness, this is the direction Asia's rising powers in particular have taken. Not only China, even the countries that are U.S. allies today, will in time take an anti-U.S. position, and the economic war, the political power struggle veiled with economic war, is going to spread to all regions of the earth.

New trade routes, the Muslim Middle Zone, and a pitiful situation!

China's Silk Road project, the new trade route opening from the North Sea that joins Europe and Asia while excluding the U.S., is one of the clearest fronts of this war. Resources in Africa and conflicts in the Middle East over geopolitics are also part of these great struggles.

Strangely, the overwhelming majority of the world’s land and sea routes are in the Muslim Middle Zone. Being a mere spectator to the power struggle of others in our region is a pitiful situation.

The project in east of the Euphrates is the 'Big Game'

Relations between Turkey and Russia and the problems between Turkey and the U.S. are a part of this conflict and disintegration. The rapport between China and Russia, some countries inside the EU getting close with China and Russia, the fact that stances taken against U.S. sanctions in general are increasing, and Germany trying to escape U.S. tutelage are all because of this.

To say something more micro: the garrison map wanted to be formed in the east of the Euphrates in northern Syria is part of this showdown. As Turkey's intervention plans in the region intensify, we will see all together how some groups will activate terrorist organizations. Even these are signs of the kind of Big Game we are in.

Now, no matter, in neither Turkey nor the world, is independent or local. Therefore, we need to study the covert plan extremely well and understand that both our country's future and what it is experiencing today are part of this showdown.

All maps are on the table: They cannot blind us again, never!

A greater crash than World War I is taking place. Power maps and political maps are going to undergo a greater change than in that period. I suggest we look at Turkey and the world through this perspective. Those who fail to do this won’t be able to have any foresight and always be caught off-guard and unprepared.

This is the wisdom behind us recalling our historic claims to today, putting our own maps on the table, while some place a new "map of Turkey" on ours.

This is the struggle of the 21st century. Rather than wasting time with everyday complaints, caprice and personal ambitions, we are obliged to focus on this great struggle, and grasp that even the smallest struggle put up on the inside is the formation of a resistance against those global power shifts.

Let us never allow them to blind us again, ever


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