The West has formed an ‘Atlantic Perestroika.’ A Turkey storm is brewing... Turkey’s youth must resist against the native agents!

The U.S. and Europe’s unilateral global reign is over. The U.S. role as a global gendarme is now history. Its power to intervene in all corners of the world has been shattered. Its power to control states and change their government/regime is no longer as vast as it used to be.

Its ability to control the world’s economy, its respectability and influence over nations and states has diminished. Its global systematic colonial policies have been replaced by vulgar plundering. This indicates that U.S. existence has transformed into a form of simply plundering and that it is on the verge of withering away.

Countries that break away from the US will strengthen; those who remain tight with it will weaken

We are witnessing the gradual collapse of an empire that is fighting within itself. They themselves are saying, “We no longer have the ability and strength to rule the whole world.” They are saying, “Let’s at least sustain our influence over part of it.” The world has taken such shape that those who break away from the U.S. are winning, while those continuing to keep close ties are getting weaker.

The concept of the European Union is dead. The EU’s “One Europe” idea has lost its appeal. The only thing remaining is the German imperialism ideology. East and south Europe are moving further away from this idea by the day. Europe’s economic power – with the exception of a few countries – has started to fade.

The ‘Atlantic Perestroika…’ Great powers weakening, star countries rising

The world is undergoing the transformation of centuries, and it is neither short term nor conjunctural. The tremor unfolding transcends the power structuring during World Wars I and II or the Cold War. While great powers, powers of welfare are regressing, new stars, the empires of the past, ambitious nations are taking to the stage.

This is the first time in centuries that the U.S. and Europe are facing such a great showdown. They already seem to have accepted that they will not be able to get the best of this showdown.

Hence, they have started to implement a sort of “Atlantic Perestroika” aimed at abandoning a significant portion of the claims presenting it unilateral global power, and maintaining its power in a smaller area.

Turkey’s intellectual breakthrough put the West on red alert

Turkey is one of the few countries pioneering the transformation of centuries, and taking to the stage with their claims and a mentality that is shocking all. It overcame its hesitation and ambiguity in the early 21st century and rapidly, dynamically took to the stage of the powerful.

It became the country that shocked both the East and the West, as it was closely monitored and curiously discussed. Turkey’s intellectual breakthrough, its power leap caused panic, mostly among its Western allies.

With the time-old reflexes of Western tutelage, they are now on red alert, which has been ongoing since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, and throughout the 20th century. They attempted to intervene in Turkey with archaic statements, outdated shows of power, trying to threaten it, build fronts around it to close in on it from the ourside, and build fronts inside Turkey to strike it from within.

The Turkey storm: The West activated all its weapons against us

They activated and unleashed on Turkey all the political identities and groups they designed throughout the 20th century, as well as their affiliated power structures.

We saw this in northern Iraq. We saw it in Syria, in the East Mediterranean, and in the Aegean. We saw it in Libya and Karabakh. In fact, we saw it most “within Turkey,” and that inside intervention attempt is still continuing.

As the West, the Atlantic Alliance, the U.S. and Europe are forced to withdraw from the unilateral global power domain, it is unable to accept the emergence of a brand-new power against it in our region, “which it has been trying to keep under its control.” It sees the rising threat.

The rise of a force in this region that restricted the West’s spheres of influence may brew into a storm that could wipe out the West’s entire presence on the world’s main axis. They see this. They are seeing the rise of a Turkish storm.

Western political mind defeated by Turkey. No intervention could succeed

But this is not something that can be prevented. Turkey’s comeback is not a political wave that can be stopped. No intervention, threat, blackmail, pressure, blockade, or siege from within to date produced any results; they all failed.

Turkey’s mentality produced much more effective results than the Western political mind, its military mind and security mind in all the fields listed above. The West lost against Turkey in these fronts. It was defeated with respect to terrorism; it was defeated in Libya; and in Turkey’s major defense ventures. They established fronts in Arab and Muslim countries; even they did not work.

While they were busy building ‘invasion fronts within’, Turkey expanded across the whole region

Despite building a sort of “invasion front within” based on U.S. and European rotes, interests, and priorities, though this front is continuing with the ruthless attacks, it has not yet been possible to stop Turkey. It does not seem possible in the future either.

Turkey is making incredible geopolitical breakthroughs from Iraq and Syria to Somalia, from Qatar to Central Africa, from the Balkans to Afghanistan. Every issue it overcame in all these locations, sometimes through diplomacy, sometimes through military power, and at other times through economic and humanitarian communication, it had the world’s central, greatest countries standing against it.

Turkey expanding as Western influence shrinks

Turkey sees and understands very well how the Western mind and influence is shrinking, the trajectory global power shifts are taking, the opportunities this great change is presenting it, and is accordingly taking extremely intelligent and calm steps.

It is meticulously calculating not only how political and military power but also economic power is slipping away from Western monopoly, how it is being divided, and how much of it falls to Turkey’s share.

As resources, markets, economic corridors are switching hands, Turkey is positioning itself at the center of these corridors. It is making massive investments in these fields, and preparing itself for the world of the future.

A new power hub forming outside of the East, West

Prioritizing vital matters such as intelligence, knowledge, technology, security, and consolidating power, Turkey is also laying the foundations of a political network, a partnership, as well as a power ascension in an extremely vast region.

It is developing a brand-new network, a brand-new power basin outside the East and West.

Canal Istanbul is a part of this chain of preparations. Those who are launching internal attacks as they receive instructions to stop the project, consist of those who, as mentioned earlier, are unleashed on the field to stop Turkey’s rise.

They are native agents

They are raining bullets over their own country in efforts to repel Turkey on behalf of the U.S. and Europe.

The front established within is in no way innocent politics. There have always been those standing against Turkey’s historic march, since the Seljuks, since the Ottomans, since the founding of the Republic.

They sometimes acted on behalf of the Vatican, sometimes on behalf of Europe, sometimes on behalf of Russia, and sometimes on behalf of the U.K. Now they are acting on behalf of the U.S. and Europe. We know them very well. Thus, they are “native invaders.”

They waged war against the history-making, region-building political gene

“Native invaders” appearing on the stage once more as Turkey makes the comeback of centuries has no relation to any internal political agenda. It is a war waged against the history-making, region-building political gene. It is the greatest treachery imaginable.

But that great mind is going to overcome all this. It will best it, and they will go down in the wrong pages of history. We have plenty of pages of shame in our history as well.

Everyone who believes in Turkey, in our nation, in these lands, in the great fight of centuries must fight against the native invaders. Regardless of our political identity and background, this is the highest identity.

Turkey’s youth must resist against the native agents

Our youth in particular, know very well who is trying to destroy our country, and their future. Never heed their lies, fiction, mental obscurations, and despicable acts.

Unite for this great rise, which we identify as “Turkey’s axis.” Act faster, join forces, and clench your fists.

Never forget, regardless of how much both those within and abroad attack, it is no longer possible to stop Turkey. They will never be able to achieve this. No matter the cost!

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The West has formed an ‘Atlantic Perestroika.’ A Turkey storm is brewing... Turkey’s youth must resist against the native agents!
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