The West is no longer omnipotent… Will Turkey side with the ‘old West’ or the ‘new East’? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The West is no longer omnipotent… Will Turkey side with the ‘old West’ or the ‘new East’?

For more than a decade now, I have been writing about the world’s “middle zone.” In 2006, I wrote that Turkey would stun the world with a great power breakthrough in this very zone.

I used every opportunity to broach the subject that Turkey needs to rapidly prepare for the new power shift in the world, and adopt a new geopolitical stance through the world’s middle zone.

Countries are shaking to their core! 

 Back then, all this was considered “imaginary.” They were not taken seriously and considered figments of the imagination. We were all focused on our own personal affairs, the conflicts within, and thus had difficulty interpreting the future. 

As the West had won world wars I and II, as well as the Cold War, it was believed that they would once more shape the new world. Anything else was simply out of the question! 

But it did not work out that way. Unprecedented power shifts shook every country over the centuries. It was the most untouchable, the world’s center, the West that was affected the most – and continues to be affected. 


The 21st century: A nightmare for some

The West is still very powerful, but it is not the sole sovereign of the world. This is happening for the first time. Several groups still struggle to wrap their heads around this. However, this is the reality now. The 21st century is full of surprises, and will continue to shock. 

Every country that believes this and invests its power in it will win. However, countries that remain fixated on archaic mindsets will face serious dangers. They will be caught in the middle and be scattered. The 21st century will become a nightmare for them. 


The middle zone is the world’s center, its imperial zone

The middle zone is the world’s center. It is the earth’s main axis. Forget that it lost power, it was divided, plundered, exposed to bloodshed and destruction for a century, enslaved, and kept at bay through consigned regimes after the Ottoman Empire’s collapse. 

This region, which encompasses an entire zone spanning North and Central Africa, the Atlantic coasts, Indonesia, the Pacific coasts, and is identified as Africa, the Middle East, Asia Minor, Central Asia, and Asia Major, is the origin of civilizations. 

It is a zone of empires. 


The ‘middle zone’ is Muslim

Most importantly, this region is Muslim. The map of Islam’s dissemination has become the earth’s axis. Islam became the homeland of almost all of humanity. It is the origin of Abrahamic religions. 

All geopolitical theories, all civilization/identity theories, all ideologies, and cultures are identified based on this zone. All power surges are cultivated from this region. 

Great storms on the horizon

Returning to the present, the earth’s energy resources are located here. Energy transport corridors are located here. Maritime trade routes, straits are here. Highway trade routes have been in this zone for centuries. The new China-Europe trade corridors are taking shape on this zone as well. 

The uprising against the West’s unilateral bigoted system, the dynamic population is here. The questioning of the global system, the labor pains of the 21st century are all held within this zone.

Thus, wars and invasions are all unfolding here. Thus, great storms occur here. Whenever the construction of power is in question anywhere in the world, it can measure its power in accordance with the share it holds in this zone. 


Turkey is the center of all civilization

Turkey is right at the center of the “middle zone” map. It is the center of all civilization, identity, and power struggles. It is the center of the new separation of powers, the power shifts in the world, and all global projects aimed at the world of the 21st century. 

Turkey is the center of the energy equilibrium, trade corridors, and new geopolitical plots. Turkey is no longer a “bridge,” a “front,” but the center of the 21st-century world. It is at the center of all map operations. 


Turkey represents an imperial mind! 

The world divided once again as the East and West drove us and our central region to make a fatal choice. We were either going to side with the “old” West, or the “new” East. 

Both of these options would cause Turkey and the region to lose another century, subjecting it to exhaustion, plunder, and destruction for yet another century. 

Turkey is an imperial mind. It represents a powerful history-making, region-building political tradition. This “central power domain” that was interrupted with the Ottoman Empire’s collapse, has taken action again today. It made a comeback in the 21st century with grand claims. 


If Turkey changes, the region will change. This is their sole fear

Turkey’s mind positioned itself in the center of the world’s economic field, political field, questioning the established global system, while it established a balance between the East and the West. It transformed the state, its foreign policy, and regional policies. It prepared and continues to prepare them all for a great future. 

All these new constructions were extremely painful. The heavy attacks both from abroad and within were fought off. Because this was not about Turkey’s innovation alone. 

If Turkey changes, so does the region. This was considered a great threat for the West. This is the sole reason behind all the inside and foreign attacks today, the pressures, the coup attempts, and the “siege from abroad, collapse from within” plans. 


The hard part is over and done with

This is the only reason underlying the current “Topple Erdoğan and stop Turkey” plan. This is the sole reason behind the project to build a political front within, and bring together this front under a single roof with terrorist groups. 

However, Turkey has left behind the toughest part. It needs to overcome one more obstacle for the home stretch. The global power inclinations and trajectory will afford it this opportunity. The imperial mind within will overcome this obstacle as well. 

Regardless of what happens within, Turkey’s march cannot be stopped. Regardless of all the foreign pressures, it cannot be stopped. This is the course of history and it cannot be altered. Turkey’s rise cannot be stopped with these petty games. 


 A decade later, where does the US stand? Where is China? Where is Turkey? 

 Turkey is the shock of the 21st century.

Turkey is building a new polestar, calling on the region, and once more turning the “middle zone” into the earth’s axis. 

Those who branded these ideas “imaginary” when I wrote them a decade ago should take a good hard look at the world’s power map today. Look at how far we have come. Look at where the West stands, where China stands, where Europe and the U.S. stand, and where Turkey stands. 



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