The West regresses, the East rises, Turkey strengthens, the fight intensifies

The fight of great powers is also great. Their anger, love and compassion accordingly is also great. The effects of their doings exceed the country borders. The decisions they make leave global traces and ruin plans.

They have great claims, theories, calculations, plans and attempts. They don’t follow instructions, cannot be controlled with commands; they will not be the contractor of alliance relations; they even hold good intentions subject to a meticulous investigation; they are scrupulous and always on alert.

Because they are global actors, they are not supporting elements, they are not the representatives of a different country, power or alliance; they are the decision centers, they are of the main elements of the global power domain.

A very rough storm, an unexpected battle approaches

This where the winds blow strongly and storms take place.

There is no friendship there, no permanent enmities, no pity, no compassion, no tolerance. Everyone is the other’s rival, demarcator and equal. Games are set here, operations start here, and power showdowns happen here.

It is this class that surrounds the world; that shakes nations and countries. Especially at a time of void like today in which the global system has collapsed and a new power map cannot be formed, the fights are just as relentless.

There is no such reconciliation, friendship, union today as it appears between power groups, founding elements such as the U.S., China, Russia, the U.K. and EU – and there won’t be either.

In the upcoming term, the separation between these powers will turn into a more severely profound clash of powers. Every one of them is going to fight with the other in a few regions of the earth and will be in a never ending fight in this horrific war of sharing.

The West regresses, the East rises, Turkey grows and turns into a star

This is exactly what Turkey is experiencing today. Turkey is now a large-scale country; it is one of the star countries of the future world. It has entered a surprising, rising period, ruining the plans of some, which has led to a historical showdown, a power struggle. Turkey has carried its historical claims to today. This has shaken the hegemony theories over the region and stood out as the intervention on the areas of hegemony of some countries.

All political, economic theories and predictions aimed at the year 2050, indicate that the East will rise and that Turkey will become a star. The authorities and countries that prefer to have a conflicting relationship with Turkey are actually in a fight with the Turkey of the future, not today.

Turkey no longer the US’s strategic partner, now it’s rival in the region

The separation with the U.S. in Syria and the region is the reason Washington is trying to restrain and restrict Turkey through open partnership with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations, the reason it makes attempts to spread the war into Turkey.

Turkey is no longer the U.S.’s strategic partner, it is its rival in the region. July 15, 2016 is the biggest suicide attack by the U.S., which hits Turkey externally, from its vicinities, from the south. The U.S. tried to strike a blow to our country internally, but failed. Based on the shaping of the new global power map, the U.S.’s plans to siege, to close in externally are also going to result in failure.

Regardless of how many weapons it supplies to the PKK today, regardless of its number of buildups to fight with Turkey, regardless of how much it prepares to hit our country from the south; the U.S. is never going to succeed in this plan. Because this threat has been, in some way, identified.

 When they couldn’t control it, they became blatant enemies

This is why we parted our ways with the EU, this is why we are experiencing conflict with Germany. It is now a reality that Turkey is not going to be an EU member; that it is not going to take orders from the EU’s core countries; that it is not going to take cover under their guardianship and mercy. Turkey has grown, it has grown strong and it doesn’t need the EU, it doesn’t need Germany’s or the U.K.’s protection.

The era of keeping Turkey under control by stalling it with the EU is over. And since Turkey has closed this page, the majority of EU countries, mainly Germany, have chosen to become open enemies against Turkey. Their current tactic is based on frightening, terrorizing and intimidation. Indigestion due to the inability even to scare when controlling it, is felt in every way.

Berlin’s maneuver to push Turkey into a corner through the PKK and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) turned futile with Turkey’s harsh reaction. The era of some groups, certain circles on the inside attacking Turkey with the EU has ended. From now on there are power games and Turkey is going to play this game.

The UAE, bids, network of dirty business

The anti-Turkey covert operations of regional countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), terrorist organizations and certain circles in Turkey are a part of this big showdown. They have accepted bids in dirty businesses with the aim of restricting Turkey. Central powers and their contractors attack everywhere that Turkey reaches out to, destabilizes those places, trying to restrict our country’s  maneuvering area.

This is a major project. They have even risked destroying the values and honor of the Muslim world.

The traitors in the region sold Masjid al-Aqsa

The terrible situation in Syria and the things that happened at al-Aqsa are a part of this big conflict. A major void has formed in the region because the powers in the region are busy with the fights among themselves and the tasks distributed to them by central powers. The Masjid al-Aqsa provocation was prepared intentionally, the UAE and some powers in the region have sold Jerusalem.

Because they, with their masters' instructions, have pointed all their weapons at the region, at one another, at their own people and countries. It is during this void that Israel started the invasion of Jerusalem and part of Syria. Some regional countries were released to the front for a new colonial wave and have been turned into an invading power.

The biggest most powerful enemy, the lowest betrayal

Turkey is once again face to face with the biggest and most powerful enemy, the lowest of betrayals. It has been like this since the Crusades. It was the same in World War I. History, once again after a century, repeats itself.

But this time, it is not a regressing country, a collapsing state; a rising and history changing country is in question. And since it is known how this rise will shake the region, how it will affect the global power map, intense pressures have been initiated both externally and within the region.

This conflict will become extremely severe, this showdown is going to leave its mark on our century. Because Turkey is now a central power, it is setting up games, ruining calculations, drawing a new path for the region. The New Siege Century started by the West at the end of the 20th century is turned into a Showdown Year by Turkey, and it is clear that the next step is going to be a Year of Challenge.  

The struggle of the century, no kneeling!

What we are experiencing now is a new Crusade attack aiming to stop this great march. This is why the struggle is the struggle of the century; it is the fight of the geography, not only the fight of Turkey. We need to be aware of the treacherous circles on the inside, of the treacherous groups in the region. Because as of July 15, the next plan is going to be implemented through them.

Turkey is in a fight of major powers, it is putting up a rough struggle. Nobody can attribute any fault or deficiency to our country in this battle. Those who want to surrender, be taken hostage, those who want to be enslaved cannot determine a role for Turkey. These circles, the extensions of July 15 are the internal invaders of the threats that come externally.

Because to surrender is to be divided

If we are going to find a new rise in our millennium-old history in this region, we have to overcome this fight. Our country, nation and tradition is the holder of this claim and we are not going to give it up. Hence, we will overcome this fight. The opposite of this is to kneel, to surrender, to diminish, and to be divided.

We will never accept this. They are attacking us because we are on a rise, because we have claims, because we have faith in ourselves. There is no other reason for this fight.

We won’t be the ones running from the fight

Looking at the changes and tendencies in the global power map, we see today the powers that hit us the most are in a period of stagnation, that some are in a period of collapse. Then, we have no other choice but to resist against this transition period, to become stronger, to amass extraordinary military power.

We won’t be the ones running from the fight.