The West’s outposts have launched their last onslaught. Stand by Turkey. Lend it strength through your support - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The West’s outposts have launched their last onslaught. Stand by Turkey. Lend it strength through your support

Regardless of the reason, do not ever permit anybody to break, weaken, or destroy your faith in Turkey.

Do not allow any political stance, narrow-minded interest relations, hostilities, or grudges to tarnish your idea of Turkey.

Do not allow any social plot, burning waves at home and abroad, or political and social discourses used to provoke weaknesses to alter your thinking.

Do not hold any political agenda or identity above Turkey. Do not give any opportunity to those dooming you to confined and vicious conflicts. Never forgive those who doom you to ideological myopia.

The World has been divided into the East and West. Where will Turkey stand?

It is now high time to ponder upon, produce, and strive for “Turkey’s ideology,” “Turkey’s axis,” and the perception of Turkey in our region and the world.

Never forget the fact that those who attempt to veil and atrophy this truth are not well-intentioned; they act in accordance with personal ambitions and foreign agendas, and that their aim is to weaken our common struggle for Turkey.

The world is dividing into two camps: the East and the West. We were made to believe that there are two options only: East or West. Similar to the 20th century, we were forced to adopt a position on the Western axis. Our balanced relations with the rising East were perceived as a threat.

Option number two was to oppose the West and become dependent on the East, to accept an Eastern tutelage. Whenever we turned to the East, we were considered a threat to the West; and whenever we turned to the West, we were considered a threat to the East. It does not end here. They formed fronts, power domains in our own region, and pitted them against Turkey.

West’s outposts launch last onslaught

All the political opposition movements in Turkey today are designed based on these two options. They want to condemn us to one of these options instead of committing to “Turkey’s ideology,” “Turkey’s rise.”

Structures that were cultivated and had their mentalities formatted within Western mechanisms for decades are launching their last onslaughts. Out of their fear that Turkey might build its own power domain, all of their political, economic, and social areas of influence are on red alert, and attacking with all their might.

Every day, we are served discussions, implications, and accusations as meticulously and elaborately processed and planned projects. Meanwhile, you think these are normal, everyday, ordinary discussions. They are not.

Designed lies: Efforts to corrupt our minds, thoughts

They are presenting perfectly designed lies. The whole country is then distracted for days with these lies. It is made to appear as though the entire globe is engrossed in the same discussions, as though there is nothing else happening around the world.

They are working towards corrupting our minds, our future, our thinking. We are being pumped with rage, fury, and animosity. They are spreading evil, poison at full throttle. This is a enormous trap; it was used during the Istanbul municipal elections; it was used to gather political parties and terrorist organizations under a single umbrella under the leadership of Turkey’s main opposition, the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP). They are now using a more systematic format than ever in efforts to hamper Turkey’s 2023 objectives.

Pull your head out of the sand! We are under a mental embargo

They are striving to prevent us from pulling our heads out of the sand and seeing what is really happening around the world, where it is headed, where Turkey should stop, what it should do, and what actions it should take.

We are under a great mental embargo. Operations are being conducted to establish tutelage over our minds, our thoughts. How aware are we!

Turkey started to implement a project that will last a thousand years in the 21st century, which the world divided into two camps as East and West. It virtually resurrected itself, recovered, and took action in every field.

It launched a game-changing power rise in the region as a central country, and disrupted the world order. It triggered a strong political language, a motivation, a pursuit, an awakening on the earth’s axis, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.

World caught unprepared, unable to digest Turkey’s rise: How did Turkey spoil plans?

This was uncalled for. Nobody could foresee that this would happen. It could not be predicted that Turkey would make such a call to such a vast number of nations, from the Caucasus to the Persian Gulf, from North Africa to the Red Sea, to Central and South Asia. Nobody could predict that Turkey would step up for this task and courageously mobilize its centuries-old political legacy.

This is why the world is flabbergasted now. It was caught unprepared for the emergence of a new equation, a new power, as it was in the process of taking position according to the East-West division. Thus, it cannot digest the current situation.

Turkey is one of the central countries that will shape the world of the future. It will not be easy, but the world will eventually accept this truth. Every intervention they made aimed at “stopping Turkey” resulted in failure.

The CHP, its partners, its municipalities, agencies, dark rooms… Are they ready for an epic defeat!

Today, the CHP, its partners, its municipalities, its agencies, and all the forces and groups involved in this incursion plan will encounter the same failure once again. The West’s final great attempt to intervene will be yet another futile effort.

Turkey became one of the few countries to gain economic power during the coronavirus pandemic. However, it topped the list as the country that gained political power. It took incredible and intelligent actions. It strengthened its hand, boosted its strength, and concluded every struggle in victory.

A power like Turkey now stands alongside countries such as the U.S., Russia, China, and Germany. Turkey is also now among the founding countries of the global architecture. From now on, no force can stop Turkey’s rise.

World media discusses Turkey: Extraordinary dimming campaign within is ongoing

Look at U.S. media, European media, and Asian media. Turkey is one of the world’s primary topics of discussion. All these discussions follow President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s geopolitical interventions, Turkey’s strong rise. They are trying to make sense of it.

All discussions explore subjects such as, “Is a new Ottoman Empire being built,” “Turkey: Eurasia’s big player,” “The central country of the great game,” “What is on Turkey’s mind,” and “The country making the best moves on a global scale,” among many others. Every discussion includes extraordinarily grand statements regarding Turkey. None of these statements are being mentioned locally.

So, why are you unaware of these discussions? Why do you not hear them in our media, in our circles, among our intelligentsia, among our intellectual cricles, in our opposition, or in our civil society organizations?

Frankly, because an extraordinary dimming campaign is being conducted. There are those who are trying to isolate Turkey from the world, make it withdraw, and doom it to fight forever.

Anatolia has always been the homeland of political ascension...

This is what we are trying to convey. Despite being entitled to do so, we are not yet making those grand statements. But at least stop preventing us from hearing them.

Regardless of how sly and despicable the attacks of the front they established within, this threshold will be overcome. We are determined to follow the path we have set out on. This century is going to be the century of Turkey’s rise. In spite of all global calculations, Turkey will stand out as the “Region’s Central Power.”

Anatolia is the homeland of political ascension. Similar to its rise after the Crusade Wars and the Mongols, Turkey will be host to the Third Great Rise after a third great shock, like World War I.

Stand with Turkey. Give it strength with your support

Turkey now represents the entire region. Though it was appointed as the battle zone of global power showdowns, it has altered all these plans. We have a reality that transcends political parties, religious movements, and vested interests. Those supporting this axis and striving for its cause will build a great future.

They, on the other hand, are trying to steal our future. They are forcing this country, this nation to surrender again, to be another’s gunman with their lies, plans, evils, and animosity.

You must take absolute care to avoid getting caught in the storms of evil being whipped up in our country. “Turkey’s ideology” has mentally set in. We are now going through a time that requires us to fight for this.

Stand with our country. Give it strength with your support.


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