The whole world is becoming like Syria, how aware are we? A global front is forming against the US

Might makes right. Turkey’s Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations ruined the U.S. and its allies’ plans for Syria. Had these two operations not been conducted, a terror zone would have been formed from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, Turkey would have been sieged, and isolated from the region. All this would have been followed by attacks inside Anatolia.

Now, there is a plan aimed at bartering Manbij to protect the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) presence in the east, and to secure the east of the Euphrates. However, this is an unacceptable situation for us. Or, it is not an approach to which we have to bow down. If we remain silent on the east of the Euphrates, if we do not clear all terror elements along the entire southern zone until the Iranian border, if we do not take a clear stance against the foreign elements in those regions, the siege and destruction scenario will continue as is.

Afrin ruined plans, the corridor shifted south

They are making plan after plan, calculation after calculation. Now, they are trying to build a southern corridor that spans Deir ez-Zor and Golan Heights. They want to divide Syria into two right down the middle and actualize the southern corridor. Indicators point to the establishment of new terrorist organizations for this aim. The U.S. and Israel are once again establishing Islamic-identity organizations and making the preliminary preparations of a new invasion.

One intervention by Turkey changed the entire regional equation. I had written, “Afrin is small, but it will ruin multinational plans.” Indeed, it did. Let us look at the situation post-Afrin. The plan in northern Syria changed. Opening a new corridor and front from the south came to the fore. They activated scenarios such as Israel striking Syria, Iran and Israel clashing over Syria, the U.S. and France attacking from the south, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) restarting the Syria war.

But if we disregard the east of the Euphrates, if we settle for Manbij, if we see the agreement in Manbij as a win, the threat will shift north, to our borders again. Then, we will lose both Afrin and Hatay. Turkey will never make this mistake; the region will seriously heat up after the elections on June 24.

The world is becoming like Syria, are you aware?

Pay great attention to the power activity, alliances and enmities in Syria. What is happening in Syria is actually happening worldwide. The U.S. and Israel are trying to restrain Iran in the region through Saudi Arabia and the UAE. This is the conflict happening in Syria. In time, the same will happen in Lebanon, and the Lebanon front will open as well. The nuclear deal with Iran was annulled for this purpose. The deep crack, the conflict between the U.S.-Israel line and the China-Russia-Central Europe line has become all-out dangerous with this decision.

Germany did not recognize the U.S. embargo and decided to work with China and Iran; Turkey had already approved drawing away the U.S.; the Austrian prime minister said, “The U.S. is no longer a reliable ally”; and almost all of Europe opposed the U.S. decision, with a U.S.-Europe separation becoming prominent.

The global polarization today is no different to the polarization in Syria. The resemblance will increasingly grow. Hence, today, everywhere in the world has become a Syria. Most of us are not even aware, but regions, almost every political/military circle of the world have become like Syria.

Lone and dangerous US has become the primary threat

China, Russia, Turkey, central Europe, Latin America, a large portion of the Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia and the zone spanning Turkey and Indonesia have become anti-U.S. Those who say that Turkey is becoming isolated first need to look at this isolation. The U.S. is the one becoming isolated and this will further pick up pace.

Because the U.S. has, one way or another, harmed almost every country and nation on this planet. The U.S., whose belligerence increases as it gets lonely, has become the primary threat to the world. Many countries, powers, circles, alliances are contemplating how this power will be eliminated without causing a great destruction. Because the majority of regional and global problems existing in the world are the result of the U.S.’s existence and actions.

Merkel’s invite, Germany on alert:

Power volatility at dangerous points

We must draw attention to the newly forming global power map. We now know that the West, the U.S. are regressing, that the end of history has come for the West. Therefore, we must try and learn how the world’s future and our region’s future will shape.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel inviting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the June 24 elections points to an urgent situation. Germany, which has no doubt about the result of the elections in Turkey, is actually in a panic over a vaster, global power shift. Saudi Arabia put a ban on German companies. Berlin has started to act with Russia and the China axis. Turkey's partnership with Russia and Iran on Syria and Germany’s new position are overlapping. This is the real issue of the invitation to Erdoğan.

A global front is forming against the US

I will say something clearer. The whole world is on full alert against the U.S. It is as though a global front is being built against the U.S, which is becoming isolated, dangerous, which displays marginal attitudes far beyond its state authority and wisdom, and is rapidly becoming even more unbalanced.

Every country that acts with the U.S. is losing. This fundamental perception caused many countries to distance themselves from the U.S. axis. In this context, those who act with the U.S. in Syria will lose. Those trying to open a corridor from Deir ez-Zor to Golan will lose. Those who are conducting area expansion operations through the PKK will lose.

Let us take a good look at Syria. While the world is becoming like Syria, the global world map is taking shape based on the position every country takes in Syria. The most urgent mobilization for Turkey is to turn toward the east of the Euphrates immediately after the June 24 elections. The more Turkey increases its presence in Syria, the more it will increase its presence on the global scale. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to create an anti-Turkey wave that is funded by the UAE and covers the Arab world. Very soon, this project will also collapse.


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