The world’s super powers are against us! There is no time to waste with puppets. You are openly telling this country, ‘Don’t defend yourself.’ You will be utterly disappointed. We will not allow those who work tirelessly for Turkey and paid dearly to be sacrificed - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The world’s super powers are against us! There is no time to waste with puppets. You are openly telling this country, ‘Don’t defend yourself.’ You will be utterly disappointed. We will not allow those who work tirelessly for Turkey and paid dearly to be sacrificed

Do not make petty statements. Do not waste time with frivolous claims. Do not be fooled by small dreams. Do not respect those who weaken Turkey’s great march. Do not believe those who belittle our country, undermine and present it as hopeless, and those who try to conceal their own plans by criticizing Turkey’s progress.

We have great claims. We have plans that have been ongoing for centuries. Our pride was wounded in the 20th century but our hope springs eternal. We have extraordinary patience, which we endured for a century.

The world’s greatest are against us! There is no time to waste with supporting actors

We have a silence we buried deep within. We also have a joy that we decided to set free today. There are spherical attacks that started following this decision. We have a fresh showdown on our hands.

Today is no time to make petty statements. Today is not the time for infighting. Today is not the time to waste our country’s energy with insignificant interests or jealousy.

We have no time to waste with small steps and substitutes today. It is no time to be blinded by ambition and small roles assigned by others.

The world’s greatest are standing against us and threatening us, because we have great claims. The bigger your fight, the bigger your claim. This is what it means to be a game-changing nation.

We have a cause so great that it is imprinted in this nation’s genes. It’s time to release the fire within

The greater you are, the greater your enemy. While we shake up game-setters today, while we reckon with them, while Anatolia has assumed the role to write history one more time, we have no time to waste with puppets.

Because we have inspiration and a spirit stemming from the past, we have responsibilities given to us by the cities in our region, we have commitments aimed at the future. We have a cause so great it is imprinted in this nation’s genes.

We are shouldering the griefs of our region, which has been burned down, our cities that have turned into ruins, our criticized values, and the millions that have been slaughtered. There are bare pages that have opened before us in this new intersection of history. There are sentences to be written on these pages. There is a fire within to be set free.

We will not allow those who work tirelessly for Turkey and paid dearly to be sacrificed

We will not and cannot allow those who are unable to say anything directly to our country, those who are not brave enough to directly oppose Turkey’s fight – those who know that if they do this, they will be judged and condemned by the people – to internalize multinational plans and promote them as if they are their own claims, to sabotage a nation’s historic march with fanciful terms such as “equity and justice.”

We will not and cannot allow those striving for Turkey’s future in the east, west, south and north, those who have paid dearly and those who have faced injustices to be sacrificed. If we allow this, future generations will condemn us all.

Just as we are judging the mistakes of the past, analyzing how we were fooled, the Turkey of tomorrow will also perceive the present the same way. It is the blindness of today, not Trojan horses, that will cause harm when that time comes.

A siege and the simultaneous establishment of a front inside the country’s borders: A plan is being implemented.

If there is a gigantic front being built against us in the north of Syria today, the showdown approaching will be colossal.

If the Western fleet is assembling in the East Mediterranean today, this signifies a serious threat for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

Equipping the Aegean islands with missiles, and the military buildups in Balkan countries reveal a true siege.

If coups are happening in countries with whom Turkey has a close rapport, if it is being dragged to the a civil war like Sudan, then the foreign aspect of the siege has also been revealed.

If command-like calls are made and Turkey is being threatened as, “Do not build an air defense system, do not buy the S-400s,” and “If you do buy them, we will slam you with sanctions”; if decisions are made with respect to this, if certain groups within are being activated within this context, then there is a plan targeting this country.

If the siege is ongoing and efforts are being made to sabotage our efforts aimed at defense; as a matter of fact, if these efforts are being made via overt threats, this means that there is an imminent threat targeting this country.

This is the second project targeting Istanbul post- July 15: Do not hand over this city to FETÖ terror group

We saw these plans on July 15, 2016. This was the first open attack following World War I. It was an attack directly targeting the country’s integrity, adjusted to divide Turkey in the event that it could not be stopped.

If the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral election is turning into “an international problem,” if everybody from the U.S. to Israel and EU countries are becoming involved, if an international front is supporting the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu, if there is an arrangement behind it – from choosing him as candidate to his campaign – then there is an apparent plan that transcends the election.

If those who implemented the July 15 project are carrying out another Istanbul project, if the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) has been mobilized again, if the siege from the south and west overlap with this project, if a joint resistance line that conforms with all this is being formed, if those who have no ideological association are in this front no questions asked, my mentioning a local invader group should not be considered odd.

Those attacking Erdoğan and friends: Disregard political identity, look at where they stand

If the fury against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his friends is being reflected with the same statements both locally and abroad, if all criticisms have become part of a political project, then the foreign siege and the joint front within is a single project.

All this is that great historic showdown itself. We witnessed this in the World War I and during the Battle of Independence as well. Those following the path of those in the past who cooperated with the tutelage circles in our region and within, are standing in the same position today.

Do not pay attention to the political identity of people, but at who stood where in the breaking points of history and significant transitional periods. Because the pro-tutelage mindset is an identity much beyond political identities.

What can this country do? Should it surrender, be oppressed? Is this what you want?

So why is this happening? Did Turkey commit acts of evil? Was it our country’s rise in the 21st century that was so wrong? What should Turkey have done? Should it have surrendered and waited another century? Should it have declared complete dependence to the U.S., Europe and Israel and secure itself?

Be careful. Let your conscience be your guide. Look carefully. Unbiasedly analyze the fury and criticisms aimed at our country locally and from abroad. What did Turkey do wrong? And against whom? Is all this happening as a result of Turkey’s “belligerence”?

We did not attack anybody. We did not meddle in anybody’s internal affairs. We did not siege anybody. We did not attack anybody with terrorism. We did not make military buildups on anybody’s border. We did not stage coups. We did not say, “Do not buy missiles. Do not buy ships. Do not buy aircraft, weapons.”

We did not target country leaders, we did not attempt to assassinate presidents, we did not bomb parliaments or fusillade people on the street.

What was this country to do? Those nationals who blast the country, what should Turkey do? Should it surrender, be oppressed, or not defend itself?

You’re openly trying to tell this country, ‘Don’t defend yourself.’ You will be utterly disappointed

Do you openly want to surrender this country? Are you trying to tell this country, “Do not defend yourself”? While such a major threat and struggle exist, weakening all this and muddying minds is a initiative of “internal invasion.” This is the actual project.

But you are mistaken. Those fighting for a front apart from the “Turkey axis,” those leaving our country isolated in this showdown, those cooperating with others and presenting this as “advice,” those targeting those who form a resistance in every area of the country are going to be disappointed.

Listen to Istanbul, Anatolia. May the multitude of betrayal boost our resistance

Plans to stop Turkey are going to be negated once again. Listen to Istanbul, Anatolia, the region, our ancient cities. Listen to the sound of the centuries. It is saying such powerful words to us all.

Then keep your fists clenched, and minds vigilant. Never let your tongue be tied. Never be silenced. Never allow your legs to shake. Never let your heart grieve. Never lose hope. May the multitude of enemies strengthen us. May the multitude of betrayal boost our resistance.


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