The Yavuz drillship is a warning to the South, as the Fatih vessel is to the West! They are messages sent against an internal and foreign siege of Turkey. The Syria war has transformed into a Northern Cyprus issue. It is now time for the ‘Turkey axis’ and ‘Relentless Resistance’!

Turkey’s second drillship, Yavuz, departed yesterday for Cypriot waters to join its predecessor, Fatih, in the East Mediterranean. These vessels are each an element of Turkey’s national struggle. They are Turkish fleet. They are part of a massive Mediterranean struggle.

Do not consider them solely as an energy issue. Do not view them as a natural gas or oil issue either. Consider them an Ottoman frigate, a Barbaros vessel, the protection of an empire, the protection of the Republic of Turkey.

A millennium-old political legacy has been brought to the present

Consider it as part of a great showdown. Think of it as Turkey’s game-changing legacy being propelled into action once again, the reconstruction of the multinational front aimed at eliminating this, and every location within our reach becoming battlefields of this showdown.

Think with the destinies of the battles of Preveza and Leponto in mind. It is as though the millennium-old political history has been carried over to the present and squeezed into a few years. This is the kind of struggle we are putting up.

Vastest coalition after Çanakkale. This is not a party issue but a Turkey issue!

Not only the activities happening around Turkey, every activity, every intervention, every defense from North Africa to the Persian Gulf, from the Red Sea to the coasts of the Caspian should be considered a global intervention aimed at “stopping Turkey” and an area of resistance against it.

The vastest international coalition after the Çanakkale war is surrounding Turkey. The Atlantic alliance is taking action, conducting overt interventions to push Turkey outside of history for a second time after World War I. This is neither a party nor a governmental issue. This is a matter of Turkey, a matter of these lands, our legacy, claims and political legacy.

On whose behalf are you attacking this country?

Everybody, every political movement, every leader that gives strength to this legacy will be on their target board. Everybody, every leader, every political movement in the country that stands against this legacy, that takes position in others’ lines will receive intense support from them. Hence, the situation in Turkey these days is as clear as this. It is obvious who is fighting on which front, and on whose behalf they are attacking Turkey.

Even if you do nothing, say nothing, have no claim, this intervention will continue – so will the resistance against it. Because this is the design of a region; it is a matter of making new decisions thorugh Turkey within this great design, it is an attempt to implement plans aimed at shrinking Turkey within this context. This is solely a matter of Turkey’s rising, strengthening, growing, or being divided, shrinking, surrendering once again.

Dirty plans veiled behind innocent words

A Western siege spanning the Syrian border, Hatay province in Turkey’s south, and the East Mediterranean, from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Aegean to Romania is surrounding Turkey step by step. An intention that has been made public is being implemented step by step.

Radical steps are being taken globally on the path to isolating Turkey. An extremely powerful political discourse is being used, an extremely powerful mental operation is being carried out to this end. Efforts are made to make it seem like Turkey’s political stance and attitude are the reasons for this.

The pro-mandate circles in the country are producing materials to punish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his team, his friends, the millions standing behind him, the political legacy spanning back to the Seljuk Empire. Extremely dirty plans are being veiled by innocent words. New political formations, fronts are being established. Those closing in from abroad are intervening within as well.

The Syrian war essentially broke out to open a Turkey front

The most ordinary stance, alliance, separation, enmity or friendship within is either among these groups or against them. What is essential is where you stand, on which page you take place in this transitional period in history, not which party you follow, or which movement you are in, or which political circle you are from. This is the true political identity.

We saw that the Syria war essentially broke out to open a Turkey front. They built a hundreds-of-kilometers-long front. They established military buildups large enough for entire armies at the zero point of our border. We intervened on the west gate – they are trying to implement incredible tactics both within the country and from abroad to prevent our intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria too.

The Syria War is an East Mediterranean war, it is a North Cyprus issue. North Cyprus is a Mediterranean shield.

We saw that the Syria war is an East Mediterranean war. Western fleets gathered in the region; now they are seeking new opportunities from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border to intervene again. As they flock to the great energy resources in the region, they are trying to expel us from the region.

We also saw that the Syria war turned into a TRNC issue. The buildup in the East Mediterranean signifies a siege around the TRNC. We saw how the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation was a geopolitical move, how it was preparation for today, how we formed a protection shield through the TRNC. Now, they are trying to weaken and disable this shield.

The Cyprus case is closed for us. There will no longer be a negotiation table

Then the Northern Cyprus case is closed. Negotiation is off the table. It is not a U.N. or EU issue.

The TRNC is not a trump card, it is an independent state, an extremely powerful presence in the East Mediterranean. The EU process is dead. The U.N.’s global influence has been eliminated. Since Greece and South Cyprus have openly taken up a position against Turkey in the Mediterranean and Aegean, and the U.S., Israel and EU countries have done the same in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the nature of the Cyprus matter has completely changed for us.

We are in a time in which force spoils the game. All countries that have authority in the global power domain – primarily the U.S. – are closed off to negotiations. This power struggle has spread through the whole world; there is no supranational organization left to balance this.

Understanding multi-front fights, and an extraordinary defense preparation are mandatory

Then there is no option other than to strengthen Turkey’s hand and make extraordinary defense preparations. The age of seeking solutions under U.S. and EU patronage is over. Because the threat is coming directly from the West and targeting Turkey’s existence. Sieging Turkey from the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the north of Syria, building fronts within the country are all preparations for a strong wave, an intervention.

Turkey should prepare for spherical interventions. The area from the Iranian border, Syria and the Mediterranean to the Aegean and Balkans is being set as the outer front line. We need to prepare for the waves that will approach from the south and west. Drillships Yavuz (south) and Fatih (west) should also signify something in a symbolic sense.

A tough struggle awaits the ‘Turkey axis’

Yet the most important front is being built within; the biggest struggle is inside the country itself. Fighting against the internal invasion is going to be the greatest of struggles. The perpetrators of the July 15, 2016 attack received dozens of life sentences. They were native agents attacking Turkey on behalf of the U.S., Israel and the West. It did not end.

As long as the siege from abroad continues, so will the inside attacks. They are both running in perfect harmony. But the “Turkey axis” is also entering a very keen fighting period.


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